add Notations.v
[coq-categories.git] / src / Enrichment_ch2_8.v
2011-04-06 Adam Megaczadd Notations.v
2011-04-06 Adam Megaczremove reliance on General.v
2011-04-05 Adam Megaczflip around the pentagon to the opposite of Mac Lane...
2011-04-04 Adam Megaczmajor revision: separate Subcategory into {Wide,Full...
2011-04-03 Adam Megaczmajor revision: MonoidalCat is now a subclass of PreMon...
2011-04-02 Adam Megaczsplit MonoidalCategories into Binoidal and PreMonoidal
2011-03-26 Adam Megaczadd Retraction, SMME, make Enrichment a parameter
2011-03-11 Adam Megaczinitial checkin of coq-categories library