improvements to examples/
[coq-hetmet.git] / examples /
2014-04-13 Adam Megaczimprovements to examples/
2014-04-13 Adam Megaczgot rid of GAS_const and GAS_merge!!!! hooray!
2014-04-13 Adam Megaczupdate to use Control.GArrow instead of GHC.HetMet...
2012-04-14 Adam Megaczadd commented-out demo
2012-04-14 Adam Megaczrewrite GArrowVerilog
2012-04-14 Adam MegaczGArrowSkeleton: add comment
2012-04-03 Adam Megaczbundle preview.sty to avoid versioning headaches
2011-10-31 Adam Megaczpartial implementation of KappaAbs/KappaApp in Coq...
2011-10-04 Adam Megaczsyntax update in KappaDemo.hs
2011-10-04 Adam MegaczDemo.hs: swap <[]> and <{}>
2011-10-02 Adam MegaczDemo.hs: swap <[]> and <{}>
2011-10-02 Adam MegaczKappaDemo.hs: add examples from hardware design paper
2011-10-02 Adam MegaczGArrowTikZ: improve rendering of ga_drop
2011-09-01 Adam Megaczadd examples of first-order (kappa calculus) terms...
2011-06-22 Adam MegaczAdd "atomic" component during optimization
2011-06-21 Adam MegaczGArrowTikZ: add ability to omit rendering of assoc...
2011-06-21 Adam MegaczGArrowSkeleton: improve optimizations
2011-06-21 Adam Megaczupdate Demo.hs
2011-06-20 Adam Megaczupdate for GHC.HetMet package renaming
2011-06-19 Adam Megaczuse CoreM monad to acquire known-to-compiler identifiers
2011-06-15 Adam Megaczmove to new normalization-based optimizer, add GArrowSk...
2011-06-15 Adam Megaczclean up demo code
2011-06-14 Adam MegaczGArrowTikZ: support ga_loopl
2011-06-14 Adam MegaczGArrowTikZ: draw input wires before first box, output...
2011-06-14 Adam MegaczGArrowTikZ: render more of the structural stuff in...
2011-06-04 Adam MegaczUnify.hs: propagate errors through the unifier
2011-06-04 Adam MegaczGArrowPortShape: add Show instance, use new Unify.hs
2011-06-04 Adam Megaczfix bugs in Unify.hs, store unifiers in fully-resolved...
2011-06-02 Adam Megaczvery rudimentary support for feedback in GArrowTikZ
2011-05-31 Adam Megaczfix bugs in BiGArrow
2011-05-31 Adam Megaczuse -fsimpleopt-before-flatten in sanity checks
2011-05-31 Adam MegaczMakefile: use a for-loop to compile sanity checks
2011-05-30 Adam Megaczadd "sanity" target to Makefile
2011-05-30 Adam Megaczadd -fflatten and -funsafe-skolemize flags
2011-05-27 Adam Megaczupdate Demo.hs
2011-05-26 Adam Megaczfix types of GAS_loop{l,r}
2011-05-26 Adam Megaczadd new Where rule, eliminate unnecessary ga_swaps...
2011-05-16 Adam Megaczcomplete rewrite of GArrowTikZ, update examples
2011-05-16 Adam MegaczGArrowSkeleton: add some more optimization cases
2011-05-16 Adam MegaczGArrowPortShape: add detectShape
2011-05-16 Adam MegaczUnify.hs: commenting fix
2011-05-15 Adam Megaczadd begin/end{preview} to tex output
2011-05-15 Adam MegaczGArrowTikZ: improve pdf page cropping
2011-05-15 Adam Megaczupdate demo for new more-efficient encoding of functions
2011-05-15 Adam Megaczupdate demo
2011-05-15 Adam Megaczadd GArrowPortShape
2011-05-15 Adam Megaczadd GArrowSkeleton
2011-05-14 Adam Megaczupdate examples
2011-05-10 Adam Megaczstart using type-family-based GArrow classes
2011-05-09 Adam Megaczadd Demo.hs
2011-05-09 Adam Megaczmake GArrowTikZ into a module rather than a standalone...
2011-04-26 Adam Megaczadd Makefile target for tikz demo
2011-04-26 Adam Megaczadd examples/Makefile
2011-04-25 Adam Megaczupdate GArrowTikZ.hs; still not finished, though
2011-04-24 Adam Megaczadd Unify.hs to examples
2011-04-10 Adam Megaczadd skeleton of GArrowTikZ
2011-03-29 Adam Megacztweak comments in examples
2011-03-29 Adam Megaczreorganized examples directory
2011-03-28 Adam Megaczfallback plan: turn all CoreSyn coercions into unsafeCoerce
2011-03-27 Adam Megaczuncomment more of the tutorial
2011-03-22 Adam Megaczupdate tutorial for new GArrow classes
2011-03-21 Adam Megaczcomment out portions of the tutorial which do not yet...
2011-03-19 Adam Megaczcheckpoint
2011-03-16 Adam Megaczexpand tutorial.hs, include justification for scoping...
2011-03-14 Adam Megaczadd tutorial to the repository