make StrongAlt a parameter rather than field in StrongCaseBranch and ProofCaseBranch
[coq-hetmet.git] / src / General.v
2011-03-21 Adam Megaczmake StrongAlt a parameter rather than field in StrongC...
2011-03-20 Adam Megaczremove vec2list_injective
2011-03-20 Adam Megaczget rid of a bunch of admits in HaskStrongToProof
2011-03-20 Adam Megaczadd mapOptionTree_extensional, leaves_unleaves, mapleaves
2011-03-20 Adam Megaczadd distinct_decidable, in_decidable to General.v
2011-03-19 Adam Megaczimprove HaskProofToStrong, although its messier now
2011-03-19 Adam Megaczadd mapleaves to General.v
2011-03-19 Adam Megaczadd UniqMonad
2011-03-19 Adam Megaczadd itmap and itree_to_tree
2011-03-19 Adam Megaczadd treeToString method to General
2011-03-19 Adam Megaczmove Prelude_error to General.v
2011-03-16 Adam Megaczadd crude Monad type class
2011-03-14 Adam MegaczGeneral.addErrorMessage, orErrorBindWithMessage
2011-03-14 Adam Megaczmove eol:string to General.v
2011-03-13 Adam Megaczrestore HaskWeakToStrong functionality that I broke...
2011-03-12 Adam MegaczMake the HaskStrong type representation Kind-indexed...
2011-03-07 Adam Megaczgive HaskWeak its own type representation, fix numerous...
2011-03-07 Adam MegaczAdded WeakVar, a separate variable representation for...
2011-03-02 Adam MegaczInitial checkin of Coq-in-GHC code