clean up demo code
[coq-hetmet.git] / src / HaskCore.v
2011-05-31 Adam Megaczupdate for new GHC coercion representation
2011-05-09 Adam Megaczsplit HaskLiteralsAndTyCons into two files
2011-03-15 Adam Megaczreshuffle definitions in an attempt to iron out inter...
2011-03-14 Adam Megaczmore formatting fixes
2011-03-14 Adam MegaczToString instance for HaskCore
2011-03-07 Adam Megaczgive HaskWeak its own type representation, fix numerous...
2011-03-07 Adam MegaczChanged WEBrak/WEEsc to store a CoreType
2011-03-07 Adam MegaczAdded WeakVar, a separate variable representation for...
2011-03-02 Adam MegaczInitial checkin of Coq-in-GHC code