lots of cleanup
[coq-hetmet.git] / src / HaskKinds.v
2011-03-29 Adam Megaczlots of cleanup
2011-03-25 Adam Megaczadd Concatenable, LatexMath, and fix HaskProofToLatex
2011-03-25 Adam Megaczadd kindToLatex in HaskKinds
2011-03-15 Adam Megaczchange names of Kind constructors to be more informative
2011-03-14 Adam Megaczadd splitKind to HaskKind
2011-03-14 Adam Megaczfix ToString instance for Kind
2011-03-12 Adam MegaczMake the HaskStrong type representation Kind-indexed...
2011-03-07 Adam Megaczgive HaskWeak its own type representation, fix numerous...