Split -ddump-cmmz into many smaller flags.
[ghc-hetmet.git] / compiler / cmm / CmmCPS.hs
2011-05-15 Edward Z. YangSplit -ddump-cmmz into many smaller flags.
2011-05-15 Edward Z. YangGeneralized assignment rewriting pass.
2011-04-30 Simon Peyton JonesMerge remote branch 'origin/master' into ghc-new-co
2011-04-27 Edward Z. YangGive manifestSP better information about the actual...
2011-04-19 Simon Peyton JonesThis BIG PATCH contains most of the work for the New...
2011-04-15 Edward Z. YangRevert "Generalized assignment rewriting pass."
2011-04-15 Edward Z. YangGeneralized assignment rewriting pass.
2011-04-05 Edward Z. YangGive infinite fuel to required C-- transformations...
2011-01-24 Simon MarlowMerge in new code generator branch.
2010-10-07 simonpj@microsoft.comSome refactoring and simplification in TcInteract.occur...
2010-09-13 simonpj@microsoft.comSuper-monster patch implementing the new typechecker...
2009-07-24 Ian LynaghRemove GHC's haskell98 dependency
2009-07-07 Ian LynaghRemove unused imports
2008-12-29 Ian LynaghFix warnings in CmmCPS
2008-10-13 dias@eecs.harvard.eduBig collection of patches for the new codegen branch.
2008-08-14 dias@eecs.harvard.eduMerging in the new codegen branch
2008-05-29 dias@eecs.harvard.eduReplacing copyins and copyouts with data-movement instr...
2008-05-03 Norman Ramseyreplace Cmm 'hint' with 'kind'
2008-01-04 Isaac Dupreechange CmmActual, CmmFormal to use a data CmmHinted...
2007-09-07 Norman Ramseya good deal of salutory renaming
2007-09-05 Norman Ramseychange of representation for GenCmm, GenCmmTop, CmmProc
2007-09-04 Ian LynaghFix CodingStyle#Warnings URLs
2007-09-03 Ian LynaghUse OPTIONS rather than OPTIONS_GHC for pragmas
2007-09-01 Ian LynaghAdd {-# OPTIONS_GHC -w #-} and some blurb to all compil...
2007-08-20 Norman Ramseyput CmmReturnInfo into a CmmCall (and related types)
2007-08-09 simonpj@microsoft.comRename a constructor CmmForeignCall to CmmCallee, and...
2007-07-15 Michael D. AdamsFixed conditional branches to proc points
2007-07-15 Michael D. AdamsRemoved unused variable from compiler/cmm/CmmCPS.hs
2007-07-15 Michael D. AdamsRemoved unused import from compiler/cmm/CmmCPS.hs
2007-07-05 Michael D. AdamsAdded support for GC block declaration to the Cmm syntax
2007-07-03 Michael D. AdamsAdded support for update frames to the CPS pass
2007-07-03 Michael D. AdamsFactor cmmToRawCmm completely out of CPS
2007-07-03 Michael D. AdamsRemove dead code in the CPS pass
2007-07-03 Michael D. AdamsMinor formatting cleanup.
2007-07-03 Michael D. AdamsMoved 'continuationToProc' into a separate file, 'CmmCP...
2007-07-03 Michael D. AdamsFinished support for foreign calls in the CPS pass
2007-07-02 Michael D. AdamsMultiple improvements to CPS algorithm.
2007-06-28 Michael D. AdamsFix stack check amount for user declared continuation...
2007-06-28 Michael D. AdamsRemove unused parameter in force_gc_block for CPS
2007-06-28 Michael D. AdamsMake CPS account for on-stack arguments when doing...
2007-06-28 Michael D. AdamsComment and formatting updates for the CPS pass
2007-06-27 Michael D. AdamsImplemented and fixed bugs in CmmInfo handling
2007-06-27 Michael D. AdamsAdded stack checks to the CPS algorithm
2007-06-27 Michael D. AdamsFirst pass at implementing info tables for CPS
2007-06-27 Michael D. AdamsAdded an SRT to each CmmCall and added the current...
2007-06-27 Michael D. AdamsAdded pointerhood to LocalReg
2007-05-29 Michael D. AdamsAdded early draft of parameter passing to the CPS converter
2007-05-29 Michael D. AdamsMinor code cleanup
2007-05-25 Michael D. AdamsMove global register saving from the backend to codeGen...
2007-05-25 Michael D. AdamsFormatting changes for CPS code.
2007-05-24 Michael D. AdamsRenamed CmmCPSData to CmmBrokenBlock and documented it
2007-05-23 Michael D. AdamsMinor re-organizing of compiler/cmm/CmmCPS.hs
2007-05-23 Michael D. AdamsFactored proc-point analysis into separate file (compil...
2007-05-23 Michael D. AdamsRemoved an older version of selectStackFormat
2007-05-23 Michael D. AdamsRefined the handling of stack frame headers
2007-05-23 Michael D. AdamsMisc. cleanups to CPS converter
2007-05-23 Michael D. AdamsFixed CPS converter to preserve function names
2007-05-22 Michael D. AdamsAdded Proc-Point analysis to the CPS converter (not...
2007-05-21 Michael D. AdamsRenamed BlockExitInfo to FinalStmt and all its construc...
2007-05-18 Michael D. AdamsMajor cleanup of the CPS code (but more is still to...
2007-05-18 Michael D. AdamsSecond working draft of a CPS algorithm for C--.
2007-05-16 Michael D. AdamsFirst complete draft of a CPS algorithm. (Still hackis...
2007-05-10 Michael D. AdamsHooked the C-- CPS pass into the compilation pipeline