Deal correctly with infix type constructors in GADT decls
[ghc-hetmet.git] / compiler / ghci /
2006-07-26 Simon Marlowfix parse error (merge-o, I think)
2006-07-26 Simon Marlowfix DEBUG build
2006-07-25 Simon MarlowGeneralise Package Support
2006-07-17 LemmihUse a recursive error handler in case the exception...
2006-06-21 Simon MarlowAllow Template Haskell to be used with -prof
2006-06-01 Simon Marlowfix non-Windows build
2006-06-01 simonmar@microsoft.comWin32: set up the console code pages
2006-05-31 Simon MarlowstgMallocBytesRWX --> allocateExec
2006-05-09 LemmihDon't read ~/.ghci on breakpoints.
2006-05-09 Simon Marlowmake it possible to define an alias for :quit
2006-05-02 LemmihbreakpointCond
2006-04-18 LemmihFix minor bug in Linker.withExtendedLinkEnv
2006-04-18 LemmihExport 'insertSymbol' and 'insertStableSymbol'.
2006-04-11 Simon Marlowremove a trace
2006-04-07 Simon MarlowReorganisation of the source tree