Remove javaGen; part of trac #2243
[ghc-hetmet.git] / compiler /
2008-05-06 Ian LynaghRemove javaGen; part of trac #2243
2008-04-30 Ian LynaghRemove BitSet, FieldLabel, RegisterAlloc from compiler...
2008-03-09 Roman LeshchinskiyRemove ndpFlatten
2007-08-23 Roman LeshchinskiyMove vectorisation built-ins to a separate module
2007-07-31 Roman LeshchinskiyMove vectorisation-related smart constructors into...
2007-07-17 Roman LeshchinskiyMove type vectorisation code to a separate module
2007-07-10 Roman LeshchinskiyClean up handling of PA dictionaries
2007-07-10 Roman LeshchinskiyAdd vectorisation modules to package ghc
2007-06-29 Roman LeshchinskiyAdd vectorise subdirectory and dummy module
2007-06-13 Pepe IborraRemove now non-existant "Breakpoints" entry from packag...
2007-03-30 Pepe IborraAdd GhciMonad to the Modules list
2007-04-17 Simon MarlowRe-working of the breakpoint support
2007-01-14 Pepe IborraAdd TcGadt to package.conf
2006-12-10 Pepe IborraAdd the debugger related modules to package.conf
2006-10-13 Simon Marlowmore fixups to make a stage 3 build do the right thing...
2006-10-05 davve@dtek.chalmers.seMerge Haddock comment support from ghc.haddock -- big...
2006-08-04 Manuel M T ChakravartyMassive patch for the first months work adding System...
2006-05-05 Simon Marlowfixup for new source tree layout
2006-04-07 Simon MarlowReorganisation of the source tree