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[ghc-hetmet.git] / compiler / parser / Ctype.lhs
2008-06-21 Ian LynaghRemove special handling for character types of characte...
2008-06-13 Ian LynaghDefine and use is_decdigit for lexing escapes; fixes...
2008-06-10 Ian LynaghFix warnings in Ctype
2007-09-04 Ian LynaghFix CodingStyle#Warnings URLs
2007-09-03 Ian LynaghUse OPTIONS rather than OPTIONS_GHC for pragmas
2007-09-01 Ian LynaghAdd {-# OPTIONS_GHC -w #-} and some blurb to all compil...
2007-04-16 Simon Marlowtab, verttab, formfeed, and CR are not allowed in strings
2006-10-11 Simon MarlowModule header tidyup #2
2006-04-07 Simon MarlowReorganisation of the source tree