swap <[]> and <{}> syntax
[ghc-hetmet.git] / compiler / prelude /
2011-10-02 Adam Megaczswap <[]> and <{}> syntax
2011-09-01 Adam Megaczadd support for <{..}> and ~~> syntax as well as typing...
2011-06-18 Adam Megaczminimize impact on PrelNames
2011-06-14 Adam Megaczmerge upstream
2011-06-02 Adam Megaczadd support for flattening recursive-let
2011-05-31 David TereiRemove some old unused prelnames
2011-05-31 Adam Megaczadapt HetMet extensions to new GHC coercion representation
2011-05-31 Adam Megaczmerge GHC HEAD
2011-05-26 Simon Peyton JonesMerge branch 'master' of darcs.haskell.org/ghc
2011-05-26 Simon Peyton JonesTreat the (~) type constructor a bit specially
2011-05-26 Simon Peyton JonesMerge remote branch 'origin/master' into ghc-generics
2011-05-24 Simon MarlowAssign more accurate code sizes to primops, so that...
2011-05-24 Simon MarlowTweak sizing heurstics for case expressions (see comments).
2011-05-20 Jose Pedro MagalhaesMerge branch 'master' of darcs.haskell.org/ghc into...
2011-05-19 Johan TibellMake array copy primops inline
2011-05-19 Daniel PeeblesAdd array copy/clone primops
2011-05-12 Jose Pedro MagalhaesMerge branch 'master' of darcs.haskell.org/ghc into...
2011-05-10 Adam Megaczupdate flattener to use type-family-based GArrow classes
2011-05-09 Adam Megaczadd support for hetmet_unflatten
2011-05-09 Adam Megaczadd support for hetmet_flatten casting variable
2011-05-09 Jose Pedro MagalhaesRename `Representable0` to `Generic`.
2011-05-09 Adam Megaczupdate compiler using *->*->* as the kind of environmen...
2011-05-09 Adam Megaczthread wired-in names of GHC.HetMet.Private.* through...
2011-05-06 Simon Peyton JonesMerge master into the ghc-new-co branch
2011-05-04 Jose Pedro MagalhaesMerge branch 'master' of darcs.haskell.org/ghc into...
2011-05-04 Simon Peyton JonesMerge remote branch 'origin/master' into monad-comp
2011-05-03 Jose Pedro MagalhaesUpdate location of the CString stuff (from GHC.Base...
2011-05-02 Jose Pedro MagalhaesMerge branch 'master' of darcs.haskell.org/ghc into...
2011-05-02 Jose Pedro MagalhaesRemove the hasGenerics field of TyCon, improve the...
2011-05-02 Simon Peyton JonesMore hacking on monad-comp; now works
2011-04-30 Simon Peyton JonesMerge remote branch 'origin/master' into ghc-new-co
2011-04-29 Simon Peyton JonesSimon's hacking on monad-comp; incomplete
2011-04-28 Adam Megaczprimops.txt.pp: add missing type application in descrip...
2011-04-28 Jose Pedro MagalhaesMore code cleanup and removing old generics stuff.
2011-04-28 Simon Peyton JonesMerge remote branch 'origin/master' into monad-comp
2011-04-28 Simon Peyton JonesPreliminary monad-comprehension patch (Trac #4370)
2011-04-27 Jose Pedro MagalhaesMerge branch 'master' of darcs.haskell.org/ghc into...
2011-04-26 David TereiFix some small errors in comments
2011-04-19 Simon Peyton JonesThis BIG PATCH contains most of the work for the New...
2011-04-17 Adam Megaczmerge up to ghc HEAD 16-Apr-2011
2011-04-14 unknownSmall fixes to the generics branch to get rid of warnings,
2011-04-13 unknownMerge branch 'master' of c:/code/HEAD-git/. into ghc...
2011-04-12 simonpjInitial commit for Pedro's new generic default methods
2011-04-11 Simon Marlowadd casMutVar#
2011-03-29 Ian LynaghRenumber TH uniques
2011-03-08 Adam Megaczhandle stage-(n+1) literals properly by expanding them...
2011-03-03 Adam Megaczrebase to ghc main repo
2011-03-02 Adam MegaczInitial checkin of HetMet / -XModalTypes modifications
2011-03-01 Simon MarlowGHC.Prim.threadStatus# now returns the cap number,...
2011-02-20 Manuel M T ChakravartyAdded a VECTORISE pragma
2011-01-26 Daniel PeeblesAdd sizeof(Mutable)Array# primitives
2010-10-27 Michal TerepetaOptimise comparisons against min/maxBound (ticket ...
2011-01-19 Simon Marlowtweak newArray# documentation again
2011-01-18 Edward Z. YangFix documentation bug: newArray# accepts word count...
2010-11-26 simonpj@microsoft.comTidy up the handling of wild-card binders, and make...
2010-11-16 simonpj@microsoft.comAdd warning for probable identities (fromIntegral and...
2010-10-27 simonpj@microsoft.comAdd strictness for raiseIO# primop
2010-10-24 Michal TerepetaFix whitespace and layout in PrelRules.
2010-10-23 Ian LynaghFollow GHC.Bool/GHC.Types merge
2010-09-19 Edward Z. YangInterruptible FFI calls with pthread_kill and CancelSyn...
2010-10-06 simonpj@microsoft.comFix test T4235 with -O
2010-09-15 simonpj@microsoft.comDocumentation for INLINABLE
2010-09-14 simonpj@microsoft.comMove error-ids to MkCore (from PrelRules)
2010-09-13 simonpj@microsoft.comSuper-monster patch implementing the new typechecker...
2010-09-03 simonpj@microsoft.comGive seqId the right type
2010-09-03 simonpj@microsoft.comRemove dead code
2010-07-27 simonpj@microsoft.comGive the correct kind to unsafeCoerce#
2010-07-20 Simon Marlowadd numSparks# primop (#4167)
2010-07-08 Simon MarlowNew asynchronous exception control API (ghc parts)
2010-06-25 Simon Marlowremove out of date comments; point to the wiki
2010-06-20 Ian LynaghRefix docs for sizeofByteArray#/sizeofMutableByteArray...
2010-05-06 simonpj@microsoft.comFix Trac #3966: warn about useless UNPACK pragmas
2010-03-30 David WaernAdd Data and Typeable instances to HsSyn
2010-03-01 simonpj@microsoft.comTidy up AnyTyCon stuff
2010-02-25 simonpj@microsoft.comComments only
2010-02-11 Simon Marlowdon't constant fold division that would result in negat...
2010-01-19 Simon MarlowFix docs for sizeofByteArray#/sizeofMutableByteArray...
2010-01-04 Ben.Lippmeier@anu... Refactor PackageTarget back into StaticTarget
2010-01-02 Ben.Lippmeier@anu... Tag ForeignCalls with the package they correspond to
2010-01-04 simonpj@microsoft.comSubstantial improvements to coercion optimisation
2009-12-02 simonpj@microsoft.comMore work on the simplifier's inlining strategies
2009-11-23 Ian Lynaghinline has moved to GHC.Magic
2009-11-19 simonpj@microsoft.comRemove the (very) old strictness analyser
2009-11-19 simonpj@microsoft.comImplement -fexpose-all-unfoldings, and fix a non-termin...
2009-11-12 simonpj@microsoft.comA radical overhaul of the coercion infrastucture
2009-11-06 simonpj@microsoft.comTidy up coercions, and implement csel1, csel2, cselR
2009-10-30 simonpj@microsoft.comMinor refactoring
2009-10-29 simonpj@microsoft.comThe Big INLINE Patch: totally reorganise way that INLIN...
2009-10-29 simonpj@microsoft.comWhite space only
2009-10-28 simonpj@microsoft.comRemove a redundant parameter for mkTupleTy (the arity)
2009-10-15 simonpj@microsoft.comFix Trac #959: a long-standing bug in instantiating...
2009-10-14 Simon MarlowFixes for cross-compiling to a different word size
2009-09-25 Simon MarlowAdd a way to generate tracing events programmatically
2009-08-10 simonpj@microsoft.comFix Trac #3421: a typo in TysPrim
2009-07-27 Simon MarlowRemove old 'foreign import dotnet' code
2009-07-24 Ian LynaghRemove GHC's haskell98 dependency
2009-07-22 Ian LynaghMake the Integer library used directly configurable...
2009-07-22 Simon MarlowthenIO, bindIO, returnIO moved to GHC.Base
2009-07-06 simonpj@microsoft.comTrim unused imports detected by new unused-import code
2009-06-23 Ian LynaghFix the GHCi debugger so that it can recognise Integers...