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[ghc-hetmet.git] / compiler / vectorise / VectMonad.hs
2007-10-10 Dan LicataView patterns, record wildcards, and record puns
2007-09-04 Ian LynaghFix CodingStyle#Warnings URLs
2007-09-03 Ian LynaghUse OPTIONS rather than OPTIONS_GHC for pragmas
2007-09-01 Ian LynaghAdd {-# OPTIONS_GHC -w #-} and some blurb to all compil...
2007-08-31 Roman LeshchinskiyRemove NDP-related stuff from PrelNames
2007-08-31 Roman LeshchinskiyFix vectorisation of nullary data constructors
2007-08-30 Roman LeshchinskiyFind the correct array type for primitive tycons
2007-08-30 Roman LeshchinskiyAdd code for looking up PA methods of primitive TyCons
2007-08-23 Roman LeshchinskiyUse n-ary sums and products for NDP's generic represent...
2007-08-23 Roman LeshchinskiyInitialise PR dictionaries in vectorisation monad
2007-08-23 Roman LeshchinskiyAdd PR dictionaries to vectorisation monad
2007-08-23 Roman LeshchinskiyRead the package state after pulling in all built-ins...
2007-08-23 Roman LeshchinskiyMove all vectorisation built-ins to VectBuiltIn
2007-08-23 Roman LeshchinskiyMove vectorisation built-ins to a separate module
2007-08-22 Roman LeshchinskiyPR is an explicit record, not a class
2007-08-22 Roman LeshchinskiyAdd vectorisation-related built-in
2007-08-22 Roman LeshchinskiyUse NDP's own (:*:) and (:+:)
2007-08-22 Roman LeshchinskiyAdd built-ins to vectorisation monad
2007-08-22 Roman LeshchinskiyRename vectorisation-related stuff
2007-08-21 Roman LeshchinskiyUse functions from BuildTyCl for vectorisation
2007-08-21 Roman LeshchinskiyAdd a couple of built-ins to the vectorisation monad
2007-08-21 Roman LeshchinskiyRemove packPA and combinePA from vectorisation built...
2007-08-15 Roman LeshchinskiyUse lookupOrig to find built-in NDP-related names
2007-08-08 Roman LeshchinskiyMake the new functions accessible from the vectorisatio...
2007-08-07 Roman LeshchinskiyTrace more vectorisation failures
2007-08-07 Roman LeshchinskiyAssociate vectorised tycons with their PA dfuns
2007-08-07 Roman LeshchinskiyPA is now an explicit record instead of a typeclass
2007-08-07 Roman LeshchinskiySupport for using built-in PA dictionaries for some...
2007-08-07 Roman LeshchinskiyUtility functions for accessing the RdrEnv during vecto...
2007-08-07 Roman LeshchinskiyAdd RdrEnv to vectorisation state
2007-08-03 Roman LeshchinskiyAdd utility functions for accessing PA info during...
2007-08-03 Roman LeshchinskiyAdd PA dfuns to VectMonad state
2007-08-02 Roman LeshchinskiyRefactoring
2007-08-02 Roman LeshchinskiyThread lifting context implicitly in the vectorisation...
2007-08-01 Roman LeshchinskiyTrace vectorisation failures
2007-08-01 Roman LeshchinskiyNicer names for hoisted functions
2007-07-31 Roman LeshchinskiySimplify handling of variables during vectorisation
2007-07-26 Roman LeshchinskiyFix generation of lengthPA
2007-07-26 Roman LeshchinskiyCreate exported names in vectorisation monads
2007-07-25 Roman LeshchinskiyPA dictionary generation
2007-07-25 Roman LeshchinskiyUse emptyPA in vectorisation
2007-07-18 Roman LeshchinskiyAdd generated PArray instances to instance environments
2007-07-17 Roman LeshchinskiyHandle unlifted tycons and tuples correctly during...
2007-07-17 Roman LeshchinskiyInitialise global vectorisation environment properly
2007-07-17 Roman LeshchinskiyAdd vectorisation environment transformers
2007-07-17 Roman LeshchinskiyRefactor
2007-07-17 Roman LeshchinskiyRemove mapping from tycons to PA dictionaries from...
2007-07-17 Roman LeshchinskiyAdd datacons to vectorisation environment
2007-07-17 Roman LeshchinskiyAdd fixV
2007-07-16 Roman LeshchinskiyAbstract over all in-scope type variables when creating...
2007-07-16 Roman LeshchinskiyVectorisation of top-level bindings
2007-07-16 Roman LeshchinskiyStore hoisted bindings in the global environment during...
2007-07-16 Roman LeshchinskiyAdd support for name cloning to vectorisation monad
2007-07-16 Roman LeshchinskiyRefactoring
2007-07-16 Roman LeshchinskiyAdapt interface file code for vectorisation
2007-07-16 Roman LeshchinskiyCollect hoisted vectorised functions
2007-07-13 Roman LeshchinskiyAdd closedV
2007-07-10 Roman LeshchinskiyModify PA dictionary computation to work with the class...
2007-07-10 Roman LeshchinskiyClean up handling of PA dictionaries
2007-07-10 Roman LeshchinskiyPA is now a class instead of a record
2007-07-10 Manuel M T ChakravartyLookup of class and family instances in vectorisation...
2007-07-10 Roman LeshchinskiyPut vectorisation monad into a separate file