cmmTopCodeGen no longer takes DynFlags as an argument
[ghc-hetmet.git] / compiler / vectorise /
2011-06-03 Manuel M T ChakravartyHaddock fix in the vectoriser
2011-06-03 Manuel M T ChakravartyPropagate scalar variables and tycons for vectorisation...
2011-05-17 Jose Pedro MagalhaesMerge branch 'master' of into...
2011-05-12 Jose Pedro MagalhaesMerge branch 'master' of into...
2011-05-12 Ben LippmeierRemove scar tissue
2011-05-12 Ben LippmeierWibbles on modules imported by vectoriser
2011-05-12 Ben LippmeierFollow changes in DPH library: Repr module is gone.
2011-05-12 Ben LippmeierUpdate vectoriser now that PData instances have moved.
2011-05-12 Ben LippmeierUpdate vectoriser now that PRepr has moved
2011-05-12 Ben LippmeierUpdate vectoriser now that Scalar has moved
2011-05-12 Ben LippmeierUpdate vectoriser now that PData has moved.
2011-05-02 Jose Pedro MagalhaesRemove the hasGenerics field of TyCon, improve the...
2011-04-19 Simon Peyton JonesThis BIG PATCH contains most of the work for the New...
2011-03-05 Manuel M T ChakravartyCompleted the implementation of VECTORISE SCALAR
2011-02-20 Manuel M T ChakravartyAdded a VECTORISE pragma
2011-02-15 keller@.cse.unsw... Cleaned up Expr and Vectorise
2011-02-14 keller@.cse.unsw... Fixed two syntax errors
2011-02-14 keller@cse.unsw... Handling of recursive scalar functions in isScalarLam
2011-02-09 keller@cse.unsw... Added handling of non-recursive module global functions...
2011-02-02 keller@cse.unsw... (no commit message)
2011-02-02 keller@cse.unsw... Removed minor bug
2011-02-01 keller@cse.unsw... added handling of data constructors to vectLam
2011-01-26 Roman LeshchinskiyFix vectorisation of recursive types
2010-12-19 Ian LynaghFix warnings
2010-12-18 Roman Leshchinskiyvectoriser: don't always pass superclass dictionaries...
2010-12-18 Roman Leshchinskiyvectoriser: delete dead code
2010-12-18 Roman Leshchinskiyvectoriser: adapt to new superclass story part I (dicti...
2010-12-15 Ian LynaghRemove code that is dead now that we need >= 6.12 to...
2010-12-13 simonpj@microsoft.comFix recursive superclasses (again). Fixes Trac #4809.
2010-11-30 keller@cse.unsw... Fixed some 'unused vars' warnings
2010-11-29 keller@cse.unsw... vectScalarLam handles int, float, and double now
2010-11-15 keller@cse.unsw... Handling of lets, letrec and case when checking if...
2010-11-26 Ben Lippmeiervectoriser: fix warning
2010-11-26 Ben Lippmeiervectoriser: fix warning
2010-11-26 Ben Lippmeiervectoriser: take class directly from the instance tycon
2010-11-25 Ben Lippmeiervectoriser: comments only
2010-11-25 Ben Lippmeiervectoriser: follow changes in mkClass
2010-11-25 Ben Lippmeiervectoriser: tracing wibbles
2010-09-14 benl@ouroborus.netmkDFunUnfolding wants the type of the dfun to be a...
2010-11-25 Ben Lippmeiervectoriser: fix conflicts
2010-09-14 benl@ouroborus.netComments and formatting only
2010-09-09 benl@ouroborus.netComments and formatting to type environment vectoriser
2010-10-29 benl@ouroborus.netNicer error message for #3782
2010-10-27 Simon MarlowRefactoring and tidyup of HscMain and related things...
2010-10-19 Ian LynaghDefine setIdUnfoldingLazily, and use it in Vectorise
2010-09-15 simonpj@microsoft.comImplement INLINABLE pragma
2010-09-13 Ian LynaghFix build with 6.10
2010-09-13 simonpj@microsoft.comRemove two old junk files
2010-09-13 simonpj@microsoft.comSuper-monster patch implementing the new typechecker...
2010-09-09 Ian LynaghFix warnings
2010-09-09 benl@ouroborus.netFinish breaking up vectoriser utils
2010-09-09 benl@ouroborus.netMove VectType module to Vectorise tree
2010-09-09 benl@ouroborus.netSort all the PADict/PData/PRDict/PRepr stuff into their...
2010-09-09 benl@ouroborus.netBreak out Repr and PADict stuff for vectorisation of...
2010-09-09 benl@ouroborus.netBreak out conversion functions to own module
2010-09-09 benl@ouroborus.netComments and formatting only
2010-09-05 Ian LynaghFix warnings on Windows
2010-09-08 benl@ouroborus.netBreak out hoisting utils into their own module
2010-09-08 benl@ouroborus.netBreak out closure utils into own module
2010-09-08 benl@ouroborus.netMove VectVar module to Vectorise tree
2010-09-08 benl@ouroborus.netBreak out vectorisation of expressions into own module
2010-09-08 benl@ouroborus.netBreak out TyCon classifier into own module
2010-09-08 benl@ouroborus.netBreak out vectorisation of TyConDecls into own module
2010-09-07 benl@ouroborus.netBreak out type vectorisation into own module
2010-09-02 Ian LynaghFix warnings: Remove unused imports
2010-08-31 benl@ouroborus.netFinish breaking up VectBuiltIn and VectMonad, and add...
2010-08-30 benl@ouroborus.netFix warnings
2010-08-30 benl@ouroborus.netBreak up vectoriser builtins module
2010-08-30 benl@ouroborus.netMove VectCore to Vectorise tree
2010-08-30 benl@ouroborus.netSplit out vectoriser environments into own module
2010-08-30 benl@ouroborus.netComments and formatting to vectoriser, and split out...
2010-08-30 benl@ouroborus.netFix warnings
2010-08-30 benl@ouroborus.netVectorisation of method types
2010-08-30 benl@ouroborus.netComments and formatting to vectoriser
2010-05-31 simonpj@microsoft.comRobustify the treatement of DFunUnfolding
2010-06-07 Roman LeshchinskiyTrack changes to DPH libs
2010-06-07 Roman LeshchinskiyTrack changes to DPH libs
2010-06-04 Roman LeshchinskiyTrack DPH library changes
2010-06-01 Roman LeshchinskiyVectoriser: only treat a function as scalar if it actua...
2010-05-24 benl@ouroborus.netComments and formatting only
2010-05-06 simonpj@microsoft.comFix Trac #3966: warn about useless UNPACK pragmas
2010-03-16 benl@ouroborus.netAdd sliceP mapping to vectoriser builtins
2010-03-11 benl@ouroborus.netComments only
2010-01-06 simonpj@microsoft.comImprove the handling of default methods
2009-12-03 Roman LeshchinskiyGenerate INLINE pragmas for PA methods
2009-12-02 simonpj@microsoft.comMore work on the simplifier's inlining strategies
2009-11-12 Roman LeshchinskiyRemove dead code
2009-11-09 Roman LeshchinskiyTrack changes to DPH library
2009-10-30 simonpj@microsoft.comMinor refactoring
2009-10-30 Roman LeshchinskiyAdapt vectoriser to new inlining mechanism
2009-10-30 Roman LeshchinskiyUse packByTag instead of pack in the vectoriser
2009-10-29 simonpj@microsoft.comThe Big INLINE Patch: totally reorganise way that INLIN...
2009-10-16 Roman LeshchinskiyFix bug in data type vectorisation
2009-10-15 simonpj@microsoft.comFix Trac #959: a long-standing bug in instantiating...
2009-10-15 Roman LeshchinskiyFix warnings
2009-10-15 Roman LeshchinskiyDon't hardwire PA and PR dfuns in the vectoriser
2009-10-15 Roman LeshchinskiyPA and PR from dph are now type classes
2009-07-13 Roman LeshchinskiyFix warnings
2009-07-13 Roman LeshchinskiySeparate length from data in DPH arrays
2009-07-07 Ian LynaghRemove unused imports