add -fsimpleopt-before-flatten
[ghc-hetmet.git] / compiler /
2011-05-31 Adam Megaczadd -fsimpleopt-before-flatten
2011-05-30 Adam Megaczupdate submodule pointer
2011-05-30 Adam MegaczTcHsType: set the kind for tyvars that occur in explici...
2011-05-30 Adam Megaczextract_lty: remember to check the environment classifier
2011-05-30 Adam Megaczadd -fflatten and -funsafe-skolemize flags
2011-05-27 Adam Megaczdo flattening before simpleOptPgm so evaluation "order...
2011-05-16 Adam Megaczupdate submodule pointers
2011-05-15 Adam Megaczupdate submodule pointer
2011-05-15 Adam Megaczupdate submodule pointers
2011-05-10 Adam Megaczupdate flattener to use type-family-based GArrow classes
2011-05-09 Adam Megaczadd support for hetmet_unflatten
2011-05-09 Adam Megaczadd support for hetmet_flatten casting variable
2011-05-09 Adam Megaczupdate compiler using *->*->* as the kind of environmen...
2011-05-09 Adam Megaczthread wired-in names of GHC.HetMet.Private.* through...
2011-04-25 Adam MegaczMerge branch 'master' of
2011-04-24 Ian LynaghDerive some Typeable instances
2011-04-23 Ian LynaghFix warnings in DynFlags
2011-04-23 Ian LynaghRename "GCC command" to "C compiler command"
2011-04-23 Ian LynaghRemove now-unused compiler/Makefile.local
2011-04-22 Ian LynaghRevert "Output ELF .size directives for functions"
2011-04-22 Ian LynaghMove gcc's and perl's location to the settings file
2011-04-22 Johan TibellOutput ELF .size directives for functions
2011-04-22 Ian LynaghMove the opt* fields from DynFlags into the Settings...
2011-04-21 Ian LynaghInitialise Settings before DynFlags
2011-04-21 Ian LynaghSplit off a Settings type from DynFlags
2011-04-21 Ian LynaghRename "extra-gcc-opts" to "settings", and start genera...
2011-04-21 Ian LynaghFix typo in comment
2011-04-20 Adam Megaczmerge upstream HEAD
2011-04-20 Simon Peyton JonesTidy up SigTv
2011-04-20 Simon Peyton JonesFix Trac #5130: missed error report
2011-04-20 Simon Peyton JonesDont print "Constraint solver steps = n" if -dno-debug...
2011-04-20 Simon Peyton JonesAdd pprDefiniteTrace and use it
2011-04-20 Simon Peyton JonesFix Trac #5126: generate correct usage info in TH decla...
2011-04-20 Simon Peyton JonesMerge branch 'master' of
2011-04-20 Simon Peyton JonesPretty-print type variables that are operators correctly
2011-04-19 Ian LynaghDon't generate a prototype for cas
2011-04-19 Ian LynaghRemove use of -fno-asm-mangling flag; fixes #5134
2011-04-19 David TereiLLVM: Fix #5131. Add support for missing stg regs
2011-04-19 simonpjSlightly better tracing in the constraint solver
2011-04-19 simonpjFix Trac #5038 (missing free variable in ifThenElse...
2011-04-19 simonpjSimplify treatement of pragmas slightly
2011-04-19 simonpjFix typo in comment
2011-04-19 simonpjRemove unused function sigForThisGroup
2011-04-19 simonpjFix Trac #5045: add ticks to HsArrForms
2011-04-19 simonpjFix Trac #5041: parse the trailing '#'
2011-04-17 Ian LynaghMake ghc less keen to pass -v to gcc and friends
2011-04-17 Adam Megaczmerge up to ghc HEAD 16-Apr-2011
2011-04-15 Edward Z. YangRevert "Generalized assignment rewriting pass."
2011-04-15 Edward Z. YangGeneralized assignment rewriting pass.
2011-04-15 Edward Z. YangDisable check word address lint check, due to inlined...
2011-04-15 Edward Z. YangAdd GenCmmGraph, which is a generic version of CmmGraph.
2011-04-14 Simon MarlowAdd a final newline to the link-time C file that we...
2011-04-13 Edward Z. YangFor BC labels, emit empty data section instead of empty...
2011-04-13 Edward Z. YangAdd adjustUFM, adjustUFM_Directly and joinUFM to UniqFM.
2011-04-13 Edward Z. YangAlways support optimization fuel.
2011-04-13 Edward Z. YangUpdate CmmRegOff shorthand for CmmMachOp.
2011-04-12 Simon MarlowChange the way module initialisation is done (#3252...
2011-04-12 Simon MarlowCleanup sweep and fix a bug in RTS flag processing.
2011-04-11 Edward Z. YangRemove debugging CmmComment from old code generator.
2011-04-11 Edward Z. YangFlag for defaulting the codegen GhcStageXDefaultNewCodegen.
2011-04-11 Edward Z. YangImplement mapUFM_Directly.
2011-04-11 Edward Z. YangUnsafe foreign calls (fat machine instructions) do...
2011-04-11 Simon Marlowtweak to cleanTempFilesExcept
2011-04-11 Simon Marlowadd casMutVar#
2011-04-10 Adam Megaczupdate for changes in hetmet Makefile
2011-04-09 Ian LynaghWhitespace only in main/Finder.lhs
2011-04-08 Simon MarlowForce re-linking if the options have changed (#4451)
2011-04-08 Simon Marlowbugfix for stub generation: create the directory for...
2011-04-07 Ian LynaghMerge remote branch 'origin/patch-4404'
2011-04-06 Edward Z. YangFix bug in X86 codegen: use GMOV instead of MOV for...
2011-04-06 Simon MarlowMerge remote branch 'origin'
2011-04-06 Simon MarlowMerge branch 'trac_5025' of
2011-04-06 Edward Z. YangRevert "Suppress dumpTcRn when -dno-debug-output is...
2011-04-06 Simon MarlowFix -split-objs: there was a bad interaction with the...
2011-04-05 Edward Z. YangCmmOpt cannot assume single assignment for hand-written...
2011-04-05 Edward Z. YangSuppress dumpTcRn when -dno-debug-output is enabled.
2011-04-05 Simon MarlowMerge branch 'master' of /home/simonmar/ghc-git
2011-04-05 Simon MarlowallocateRegsAndSpill: disable a panic for the time...
2011-04-05 Simon Marlowfix warning
2011-04-05 Simon MarlowMerge _stub.o files into the main .o file (Fixes #3687...
2011-04-05 Simon Marlowremove ^Ms; comment updates
2011-04-05 Edward Z. YangGive infinite fuel to required C-- transformations...
2011-04-05 Edward Z. YangFix linear register allocator bug involving read/write...
2011-04-04 Ian LynaghRemove dead code, now that -fvia-c is a no-op
2011-04-04 Edward Z. YangFix typos and add Outputable constraints to aid debugging.
2011-04-04 Edward Z. YangMinor documentation improvement about pointer tagging.
2011-04-04 Austin SeippTeach GHC to compile objective-c files; trac #5025
2011-04-03 Ian LynaghFix build
2011-04-03 Max BolingbrokeMake compilation of hscRnImportDecls conditional: fixes...
2011-04-03 Max BolingbrokeMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2011-04-03 Max BolingbrokeUse tcRnImports rather than rnImports with GHCi "import...
2011-04-03 Ian LynaghFix parsing constructors containing dots; fixes trac...
2011-04-02 Max BolingbrokeIgnore names introduced "implicitly" in unused-variable...
2011-04-01 Max BolingbrokePop OS X stack padding even if the foreign call is...
2011-04-01 Ian LynaghReally zap case-binder occurrence info: solves #5028
2011-03-31 dimitris@microsoft.comIntroducing a datatype for WorkLists that properly...
2011-03-31 simonpj@microsoft.comFix Trac #5048: location on AbsBinds
2011-03-31 simonpj@microsoft.comComments and variable naming only
2011-03-31 simonpj@microsoft.comRe-enable assertion now the new type checker is in
2011-03-31 simonpj@microsoft.comAdd a new static flag -fno-opt-coercion