Fixed uninitialised FunBind fun_tick field
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2006-12-10 Pepe IborraGHCi debugger documentation
2006-12-08 simonpj@microsoft.comFix typo
2006-12-06 Ian LynaghAdd release note that Network.CGI.Compat uses XHtml...
2006-12-04 simonpj@microsoft.comAdd documentation for seq
2006-12-05 Ian LynaghMake a ghc/ghci manpage
2006-12-05 Simon Marlowadd Windows-specific GHCi information, and a FAQ about...
2006-12-05 Simon Marlowupdate the question about concurrent threads & GHCi
2006-12-01 wolfgang.thaller... Decouple -O from -fvia-C
2006-10-09 Ian LynaghUpdate library version numbers in release notes
2006-11-14 Ian LynaghDocument new -L RTS flag
2006-10-30 simonpj@microsoft.comMove --help, --version etc to 4.4 (modes) because that...
2006-10-11 basvandijk@home.nlFixed spelling error in compiler/ghci/InteractiveUI...
2006-10-12 Simon Marlowfix definition of fib in example code
2006-10-12 Simon Marlowfix definition of fib in example code
2006-10-11 simonpj@microsoft.comUse relative URLs when referring to libraries; push...
2006-10-10 simonpj@microsoft.comImprove documentation of concurrent and parallel Haskel...
2006-10-10 simonpj@microsoft.comCorrect id to linkend
2006-10-06 simonpj@microsoft.comMention that the module sub-directory structure for...
2006-10-03 Ian LynaghImprove the correlation betweens documented and existen...
2006-10-03 Ian LynaghDocument -dfaststring-stats
2006-10-03 Ian LynaghRearrange docs to have all the -ddump-* options together
2006-10-03 Ian LynaghRemove unused option -femit-extern-decls
2006-10-03 Ian LynaghDocumentation updates
2006-10-03 Ian LynaghFix typo
2006-10-05 Ian LynaghMore bootstrapping updates
2006-09-19 bjorn@bringert.netFirst documentation on stand-alone instance deriving.
2006-10-03 Ian LynaghFixes for the porting process for 6.6
2006-10-03 simonpj@microsoft.comFix scoped type variables for expression type signatures
2006-10-01 Ian LynaghLatin-1-to-UTF8 pre-processor example for docs from...
2006-09-29 Simon Marlowadd :edit to the release notes, and improve the docs...
2006-09-29 simonpj@microsoft.comAmplify scoped tyvar changes
2006-09-29 simonpj@microsoft.comUpdate release notes
2006-09-28 Simon MarlowAdd basic :edit support
2006-09-28 Simon Marlowtiny fix in porting docs I just spotted
2006-09-27 Simon MarlowRename -no-recomp to -fforce-recomp, and document it
2006-09-27 Simon MarlowMake printing of binding results optional in GHCi,...
2006-09-25 Ian LynaghVarious documentation improvements suggested by Bulat...
2006-09-25 Ian LynaghFix comment/code inconsistency spotted by Bulat Ziganshin
2006-09-25 Ian LynaghDocument -F in the flag reference
2006-09-23 sven.panne@aedion.deFixed DocBook XML once again, "make validate" is your...
2006-09-23 simonpj@microsoft.comImprove documentation of newtype-deriving (todo: check...
2006-09-15 bringert@cs.chalme... Fixed error in user's manual, gadt section, part about...
2006-09-12 simonpj@microsoft.comAdd postfix ops to the release notes
2006-09-11 simonpj@microsoft.comDocument postfix operators
2006-09-08 Ian LynaghTypo, spotted by Bulat Ziganshin
2006-09-08 Ian LynaghRelease note tweaks suggested by Bulat Ziganshin
2006-09-07 Ian LynaghDoc fix: generic classes are no longer broken
2006-09-07 bringert@cs.chalme... Fixed typo in users guide section about lexically scope...
2006-09-07 simonpj@microsoft.comDocumentation for impredicative polymorphism
2006-09-07 simonpj@microsoft.comRemove result type signatures from documentation
2006-09-06 simonpj@microsoft.comDocumentation for lexically-scoped type variables
2006-09-06 Simon MarlowNow in the wiki
2006-09-05 Duncan CouttsCorrect the Cabal version number and remove features.
2006-09-05 Ian Lynaghnew RTS flag: -V to modify the resolution of the RTS...
2006-09-05 simonpj@microsoft.comAdd note about overlapping instances
2006-09-05 simonpj@microsoft.comRecord that TH doesn't support pattern types signature
2006-09-04 Ian LynaghFix typos.
2006-09-04 simonpj@microsoft.comRemove linear implicit parameters, and document in...
2006-09-04 simonpj@microsoft.comRelease notes should mention better newtype-deriving
2006-09-04 simonpj@microsoft.comDocumentation for bang patterns, and other improvements
2006-09-03 Ian LynaghAdd a hint on tab completion
2006-09-03 Ian LynaghAdd :main docs to ghci commands page
2006-09-03 Ian LynaghAmbiguities are now allowed in ghci command names
2006-09-03 Ian LynaghMore output updates
2006-09-03 Ian LynaghAdd docs for :main
2006-09-03 Ian LynaghMore doc output fixes
2006-09-03 Ian LynaghUpdate ghci output in docs
2006-09-03 Ian LynaghFix typo
2006-09-03 Ian LynaghUpdate ghci output in docs
2006-09-01 Ian LynaghFix error in release notes, spotted by Esa Ilari Vuokko
2006-09-01 Ian LynaghRemove changes in packages we don't build
2006-08-31 simonpj@microsoft.comAdd a pointer to the fundeps paper
2006-08-25 Ross Patersonincremented versions of arrows and X11
2006-08-25 Ross Patersonomit Control.Sequential.STM
2006-08-25 Simon Marlowvarious minor tweaks, and rearrange to put "important...
2006-08-25 Simon Marlowmention -fno-mono-pat-binds, since this is a diversion...
2006-08-25 Simon MarlowDocument SMP support
2006-08-25 Ian LynaghAdd the regex reshuffle to the release notes
2006-08-25 Ian Lynaghparsec is now a core library
2006-08-24 Ian LynaghRelease notes for GHC 6.6
2006-08-24 Simon MarlowUpdate for changes to packages
2006-08-24 Ian LynaghRemove duplicate documentation of -package flag
2006-08-22 Ian LynaghFix typo
2006-08-22 Ian LynaghFix typo
2006-08-22 Simon Marlownotes about which versions of GHC can be used to bootstrap
2006-08-18 simonpj@microsoft.comFix typo (fst --> head) in docs on implicit parameters
2006-08-15 simonpj@microsoft.comAllow class and instance decls in hs-boot files
2006-08-09 Simon Marlowremember that old FFI syntax has been dropped
2006-08-07 simonpj@microsoft.comAdd -fextended-default-rules and -fmono-pat-binds
2006-07-31 simonpj@microsoft.comAdd notes about unsafeCoerce
2006-07-27 simonpj@microsoft.comMake -fcontext-stack into a dynamic flag
2006-07-21 Simon Marlowfix bug in sample code
2006-07-14 simonpj@microsoft.comAdd a clarification about overlapping instances in...
2006-07-12 Malcolm.Wallace... document that -fglasgow-exts is needed for RULES to...
2006-06-21 Simon Marlowdocumentation for TH w/ profiling
2006-06-05 simonpj@microsoft.comRemove InlinePlease and add inline function and RULE
2006-06-05 simonpj@microsoft.comFix typo
2006-05-18 simonpj@microsoft.comImprove documentation of INLINE pragmas
2006-05-18 Simon Marlowa couple of additions
2006-05-18 Simon Marlowsomewhere to keep track of release notes for 6.6