fix haddock submodule pointer
[ghc-hetmet.git] / driver /
2011-04-04 Ian LynaghRemove dead code, now that -fvia-c is a no-op
2011-01-19 Simon Marlowupdate to mingw gcc 4.5.2
2011-01-18 Marco SilvaInclude kfreebsdgnu in the list of Target Platforms.
2011-01-06 Ian LynaghOn Cygwin, use a Cygwin-style path for /bin/install...
2011-01-06 Simon Marlowuse Win32 CreateProcess() rather than mingw spawnv...
2011-01-06 Simon Marlowupdate paths now that we upgraded gcc to 4.5.0
2010-09-05 Ian LynaghFix gcc wrapper for new mingw binaries
2010-08-01 Ian LynaghAdd a versions haddock binary for Windows
2010-06-22 Ian LynaghUse the standard C wrapper code for the ghc-$version...
2010-06-22 Ian LynaghRemove unnecessary C #includes
2010-06-22 Ian LynaghMake the ghci.exe wrapper call the right ghc.exe
2010-06-15 Ian LynaghAvoid using the new ~~ perl operator in the mangler
2010-06-15 David TereiAdd new LLVM code generator to GHC. (Version 2)
2010-05-04 Ian LynaghUse the in-tree windres; fixes trac #4032
2010-03-24 Ian LynaghChange how perl scripts get installed; partially fixes...
2010-02-19 Ian LynaghFix build on Windows
2010-02-18 Ian LynaghUse the shared C wrapper code in ghci.c too
2010-02-18 Ian LynaghRefactor gcc.c, pulling out the reusable code
2009-11-11 Simon MarlowSupport for DragonFly BSD
2009-11-05 Ian LynaghMake installation on *nix work for paths with spaces...
2009-10-29 Ian LynaghImprovements to the gcc wrapper
2009-10-27 Ian LynaghWrap gcc on Windows, to provide the -B flags
2009-10-02 Ian LynaghUse INSTALL_DIR, not MKDIRHIER, when installing
2009-09-11 Ian LynaghUpdate the URL in the usage info to point to the curren...
2009-08-16 Ian LynaghBuild fixes
2009-08-02 Ian LynaghFix permissions when installing
2009-07-06 Simon Marlowdon't create inplace/bin/ghc-<version>
2009-07-05 Ian LynaghUpdate driver/Makefile for the new build system
2009-06-16 Ian LynaghFix the ghci wrapper
2009-05-30 Ian LynaghQuote commands that we run, so they work if there are...
2009-05-24 Ian LynaghRemove unused variables
2009-05-24 Ian LynaghRemove unused variables
2009-05-11 Simon Marlowstub Makefile
2009-04-28 Simon MarlowAdd a header to all build system files:
2009-04-26 Ian LynaghGHC new build system megapatch
2009-02-18 Ian LynaghFix ghc and ghci wrappers on Windows
2009-02-17 Ian LynaghMake versioned ghc and ghci programs on Windows; fixes...
2009-02-11 Ian LynaghTweak the mangler; fixes trac #2871
2008-10-09 Ian LynaghInstall a versioned ghc-pkg script; fixes trac #2662
2008-09-24 Ian LynaghUse -f when making the runhaskell symlink
2008-09-19 Ian LynaghGix the ghcii script
2008-09-19 Ian LynaghCreate runhaskell as well as runghc
2008-09-18 Ian LynaghMake the ghci scripts point to the versioned GHC progra...
2008-09-12 Ian LynaghReinstate the driver/ghc directory, to create a version...
2008-09-08 Ian LynaghUse test -f rather than test -e
2008-08-25 Ian LynaghWhen making bindists, check that we know where we are
2008-08-25 Ian LynaghFix the ghci script; fixes trac #2485
2008-08-16 Ian LynaghComment fixes; trac #2468
2008-08-13 Simon Marlowmove INPLACE_DATA_DIR into mk/ and share it
2008-08-10 Ian LynaghRemove references to the files that the RTS no longer...
2008-08-10 Ian LynaghWe don't need to generate driver/package.conf any more...
2008-08-10 Ian LynaghRemove driver/ghc; The Cabal package in ghc/ now makes...
2008-08-10 Ian Lynaghbindist fixes
2008-08-10 Ian Lynaghbindists are now some way towards working
2008-07-18 Ian LynaghSome "install" and "clean" fixes
2008-07-18 Ian LynaghMore build system changes; ghc-pkg is now built with...
2008-07-09 Ian LynaghRemove all references to -mno-cygwin
2008-06-11 Ian LynaghFix the splitter with perl 5.10; patch from Audrey...
2008-06-06 Ian LynaghEnable the mangler for netbsd/amd64; fixes trac #2347
2008-05-11 Ian LynaghTell the mangler how to mangle for amd64/freebsd; fixes...
2008-02-05 Simon MarlowFIX #2047: Windows (and older Unixes): align info table...
2008-01-16 Ian LynaghTweak the splitter
2007-12-17 Ian LynaghMake executable
2007-11-10 Ian LynaghUse INSTALL_SCRIPT, not INSTALL_PROGRAM, when installin...
2007-10-31 Simon Marlowclean ghci-inplace
2007-10-08 Simon Marlowcomment-out "use vars" in 3 places (see #1739)
2007-09-14 Ian LynaghFix copy+paste-o, spotted by Simon Marlow
2007-09-05 Ian LynaghFix bindist creation on Windows
2007-08-28 Ian LynaghUse DESTDIR when installing
2007-08-21 Ian LynaghRemove odd recursive call in the driver/ghci Makefile
2007-07-03 Clemens Fruhwirthwindres to use the gcc given as --with-cc.
2007-07-30* ghc-asm: Finally did away with $* in a way that works...
2007-07-06 Clemens FruhwirthFix -split-obj on Mac OS via -fasm
2007-07-12 audreyt@audreyt.orgRevert the $* patch for earlier Perls as it breaks...
2007-07-11 audreyt@audreyt.orgIn mangler, lift the multiline-match pragma to toplevel...
2007-07-11* Evil Mangler broke under Perl 5.9+ because $* is...
2007-06-14 Simon Marlowworkaround for #1421 (Solaris linker being picky about...
2007-06-02 Ian LynaghRemove now-unused files
2007-06-02 Ian LynaghFix creation
2007-06-01 Ian LynaghFix bindist creation
2007-05-31 Ian LynaghRework the build system a bit
2007-05-10 Simon Marlowimprove comments about x86-64 relative-offset hackery
2007-05-10 Simon MarlowFIX #1343: regex bug in the x86_64 mangler settings
2007-03-27 red5_2@hotmail.comsave two more FP registers on ia64
2007-03-18 red5_2@hotmail.commangler and runtime updates for gcc 4 on ia64
2007-03-08 wolfgang.thaller... Make constructor names in info tables position independent
2007-02-27 Ian LynaghFixes for the mangler on IA64
2007-01-08 Ian LynaghHave the splitter duplicate the .note.GNU-stack
2007-01-08 Ian LynaghHave the mangler keep .note.GNU-stack
2006-12-12 Simon MarlowFix the pattern for _hpc symbols: it incorrectly matche...
2006-10-06 Simon MarlowFix _module_registered bug for sparc linux.
2006-11-27 wolfgang.thaller... Initial support for x86_64-darwin
2006-11-20 wolfgang.thaller... Mac OS X mangler: follow some minor gcc changes
2006-10-24 andy@galois.comHaskell Program Coverage
2006-06-22 Simon Marlowfix for when path to GHC contains spaces, from #695
2006-06-02 Neil MitchellA better icon for GHCi
2006-04-07 Simon MarlowReorganisation of the source tree