fix haddock submodule pointer
[ghc-hetmet.git] / ghc /
2011-06-09 Ian LynaghFollow Src{Loc,Span} changes in other parts of the...
2011-06-09 Ian LynaghRefactor SrcLoc and SrcSpan
2011-06-03 Simon MarlowTidy up the ic_exports field of the InteractiveContext...
2011-05-09 Simon Peyton JonesMerge ghc-new-co into master branch
2011-05-08 Ian LynaghMerge branch 'coloured-core' of
2011-05-02 Simon Peyton JonesMerge in changes from HEAD
2011-04-30 Simon Peyton JonesMerge remote branch 'origin/master' into ghc-new-co
2011-04-29 Ian LynaghWe no longer need to pass pgmc etc in the ghc.wrapper...
2011-04-21 Ian LynaghInitialise Settings before DynFlags
2011-04-21 Ian LynaghRename "extra-gcc-opts" to "settings", and start genera...
2011-04-19 Ian LynaghMake the compiler depend on unlit existing
2011-04-19 Simon Peyton JonesThis BIG PATCH contains most of the work for the New...
2011-04-12 Simon MarlowCleanup sweep and fix a bug in RTS flag processing.
2011-04-07 Thomas SchillingStart support for coloured SDoc output.
2011-04-06 Simon MarlowMerge branch 'trac_5025' of
2011-04-04 Ian LynaghRemove dead code, now that -fvia-c is a no-op
2011-04-04 Austin SeippTeach GHC to compile objective-c files; trac #5025
2011-04-02 Max BolingbrokePrefer builtin commands to macros in GHCi command resol...
2011-02-27 Ian LynaghImprove GHCi line numbers in errors
2011-02-26 Vivian McPhail:script file scripts in GHCi #1363
2011-01-27 Ian LynaghFix "make 1" etc following the build system changes
2011-01-23 Ian LynaghFix ghci in stage3
2011-01-21 Ian LynaghManually control more of the Cabal flags for the compil...
2011-01-21 Ian LynaghRemove some hardcoded makefile settings
2011-01-17 Ian LynaghAdd NondecreasingIndentation extension to ghc-bin
2011-01-16 Ian LynaghHandle dependencies of programs on libraries correctly
2011-01-16 Ian LynaghRemove some flags that are redundant now GHC gets confi...
2011-01-16 Ian LynaghChange some HC_OPTS var handling
2011-01-16 Ian LynaghRemove some unnecessary workarounds
2011-01-15 Ian LynaghBuild system improvements
2011-01-08 Ian LynaghRemove redundant import
2010-11-30 Michal TerepetaImprove error message of :set in ghci (ticket #4190).
2011-01-05 Simon Marlowfix up multi-line GHCi patch (#4316)
2010-11-05 Vivian McPhailmultiline commands in GHCi #4316
2010-12-24 simonpj@microsoft.comComments only
2010-12-21 Simon Marlowadd 'make re2' for rebuilding stage2 (similarly re1...
2010-12-18 Ian LynaghReplace uses of the old try function with the new one
2010-12-18 Ian LynaghReplace uses of the old catch function with the new one
2010-12-18 Ian LynaghCreate ~/.ghc/ if it doesn't already exist; fixes trac...
2010-12-15 Ian LynaghRemove more dead code now we require GHC >= 6.12
2010-12-09 Simon Marlowfix warnings
2010-11-23 Boris Lykah:unset settings support
2010-12-05 Ian LynaghClose .ghci files after reading them; fixes trac #4487
2010-11-23 Ian LynaghRemove references to Haskell 98
2010-11-15 pepeiborra@gmail.comFix bug #3165 (:history throws irrefutable pattern...
2010-11-03 Ian LynaghRemove no-longer-necessary withFlattenedDynflags
2010-11-03 Ian LynaghUse liftIO rather than io
2010-10-27 Simon MarlowRefactoring and tidyup of HscMain and related things...
2010-10-23 Ian LynaghRemove the need to explicitly flatten the dynflags
2010-10-03 Ian LynaghReplace an outputStr with putStrLn calls; fixes #4332
2010-09-30 Ian LynaghDon't show the loaded packages in ":show packages"...
2010-09-24 Simon Marlowuse putStrLn instead of Haskeline's outputStrLn
2010-09-18 Ian LynaghAdd separate functions for querying DynFlag and Extensi...
2010-09-17 Ian LynaghBump dependencies
2010-09-09 Ian LynaghFix warnings
2010-09-01 lykahb@gmail.comRemove context completion
2010-08-28 Ian LynaghDisambiguate a function name
2010-08-27 Ian LynaghPass more -pgm flags in the ghc wrapper; fixes #3863
2010-08-16 simonpj@microsoft.comRefactor the command-line argument parsing (again)
2010-08-10 Simon MarlowDo the dependency-omitting for 'make 1' in a slightly...
2010-07-25 Ian LynaghFlatten flags for ghci's :show
2010-07-24 Ian LynaghAdd support for Haskell98 and Haskell2010 "languages"
2010-07-24 Ian LynaghRename "language" varibles etc to "extension", and...
2010-07-24 Ian LynaghSeparate language option handling into 2 phases
2010-07-24 Ian LynaghSeparate the language flags from the other DynFlag's
2010-07-16 Ian LynaghUse gcc to build C programs for stages >= 1
2010-07-09 Simon Marlowadapt to the new async exceptions API
2010-07-05 Simon Marlowrefactor import declaration support (#2362)
2010-06-25 amsay@amsay.nettrac #2362 (full import syntax in ghci)
2010-06-13 Ian LynaghIn ghci, catch IO exceptions when calling canonicalizePath
2010-06-02 Ian LynaghRe-add newlines to enable layout for multi-line input.
2010-06-02 Simon MarlowUse UserInterrupt rather than our own Interrupted excep...
2010-05-25 simonpj@microsoft.comRefactor pretty printing of TyThings to fix Trac #4015
2010-05-20 Simon Marlowthe 'stage=0' trick to disable all compiler builds...
2010-05-06 Simon Marlowadd the proper library dependencies for GhcProfiled=YES
2010-04-28 Simon MarlowAdd $(GhcDynamic) knob, set to YES to get stage2 linked...
2010-05-05 Simon Marlowrunghc: flush stdout/stderr on an exception (#3890)
2010-04-27 Ian LynaghFix "make 2"
2010-04-27 Simon Marlow--make is now the default (#3515), and -fno-code works...
2010-04-24 Ian LynaghMake sure all the clean rules are always included
2010-03-24 Ian LynaghPass the location of gcc in the ghc wrapper script...
2009-12-09 Ian LynaghEliminate mkdependC
2009-12-03 Ian LynaghFix column numbers used when highlighting :list output
2009-11-07 Ian LynaghTweak how shell wrappers are built
2009-11-07 Ian Lynaghghc-stage2 is now renamed to ghc when it is installed
2009-11-05 Ian LynaghMake installation on *nix work for paths with spaces...
2009-10-21 Simon MarlowGhciMonad.resume should restore the program's argv...
2009-10-23 Ian LynaghMake a mingw tree from mingw tarballs
2009-10-12 Ian LynaghThe -e flag now has a "SepArg" argument; fixes #3568
2009-10-12 Ian LynaghPrint warnings after doMkDependHS
2009-09-18 Simon Marlowremove encoding of output using Haskeline; the IO libra...
2009-08-17 Peter HercekFIX #3434 (improve vi tags: add non-exported symbols...
2009-05-12 Peter Hercekalow macros to redefine builtin GHCi commands (implemen...
2009-09-11 Simon Marlowmove hschooks.c to ghc/, and enable it
2009-09-11 Ian LynaghFix some makefile logic, and remove the now unused...
2009-09-08 Simon MarlowAdd -package-id, improve package shadowing behaviour...
2009-08-14 Ian LynaghMake our install variables etc compliant with GNU stand...
2009-08-02 Simon Marlowfast make omits dependencies in ghc/ too
2009-08-02 Simon Marlowremove unnecessary -#include options
2009-07-29 Simon Marlowfix warnings