fix haddock submodule pointer
[ghc-hetmet.git] / libffi /
2011-04-23 Ian LynaghMake and use AR_STAGE[0123] makefile vars
2011-04-23 Ian LynaghMake stage-specific CC variables
2011-04-22 Ian LynaghTweak build rules for libffi
2011-04-22 Mark Lentcznerno need to set --build when configuring libffi
2011-04-02 Max BolingbrokeMark scripts executable (boot, and the ones the build...
2011-02-08 Sergei Trofimovichlibffi: backport incorrect detection of selinux
2011-01-24 Ian LynaghKeep separate linker flags, for when we want to link...
2011-01-18 Ian LynaghUpdate the location of libffi.dll.a
2011-01-15 Ian LynaghFix libffi build rules
2010-10-24 Ian LynaghMake the ffi.h->ffitarget.h dep a proper dep, rather...
2010-10-17 pho@cielonegro.orglibffi: missing dependency on ffitarget.h
2010-09-18 Matthias KilianEnable shared libs on OpenBSD
2010-09-15 Simon Marloweliminate clutter from make output
2010-09-12 Matthias KilianDon't fail with absolute silence
2010-07-23 Ian LynaghUse different CC/LD options for different stages
2010-07-09 Simon Marlowquiet some new spewage
2010-06-20 Ian LynaghCheck files are really created in libffi
2010-06-16 Ian LynaghRename some variables from FOO to FOO_CMD
2010-05-20 Ian LynaghDon't run "set -o igncr" before configuring libffi
2010-05-18 Ian LynaghSet more env variables when configuring libffi
2010-05-07 pho@cielonegro.orgFix makefile loop (#4050)
2010-05-08 Ian LynaghTidy up the "rm" flags in the build system
2010-05-04 Ian LynaghThe libffi patches are no longer needed
2010-05-03 Ian LynaghFix dynamic libs on OS X, and enable them by default
2010-03-29 Simon Marlowlibffi: install 'ffitarget.h' header as sole 'ffi.h...
2010-02-14 Ian LynaghDon't rely on tar supporting -z; trac #3841
2010-01-06 Ian LynaghPatch for shared libraries support on FreeBSD
2009-12-04 Ian LynaghLink all dynamic libraries with the correct install_nam...
2009-11-19 Ben.Lippmeier@anu... Windows DLLs: Slurp across the actually static version...
2009-11-18 Ben.Lippmeier@anu... Windows DLLs: add #ifdefery to turn off DLL import...
2009-11-18 Ian LynaghPut the libffi files to be installed into a dist directory
2009-11-18 Ian LynaghRemove redundant libffi/tarball directory
2009-10-23 Ian LynaghMake a mingw tree from mingw tarballs
2009-10-14 Ian LynaghRemove libffi tarball from the repo
2009-10-12 Ian LynaghInstall libHSffi_p.a
2009-09-17 Manuel M T ChakravartyUse CONF_CC_OPTS
2009-09-13 Ian LynaghUse _ rather than : for the builtin package filenames
2009-08-20 Simon MarlowAdd unique package identifiers (InstalledPackageId...
2009-08-06 Ian LynaghUpdate the libffi filenames to follow the new version...
2009-06-05 Ian LynaghUpdate to libffi 3.0.8; fixes trac #3119
2009-06-05 Ian LynaghFix the libffi Makefile
2009-06-05 Ian LynaghAdd a README saying where libffi tarballs come from
2009-06-02 Ian LynaghUse -w when compiling libffi, to stop -Werror failures
2009-05-30 Ian LynaghQuote commands that we run, so they work if there are...
2009-05-21 Ian LynaghPass CFLAGS and LDFLAGS to libffi's configure
2009-05-19 Ian LynaghUse SRC_CC_OPTS when making HSffi.o
2009-04-30 Duncan CouttsFix make for libffi again, properly this time
2009-04-30 Duncan CouttsFix parallel make for libffi.
2009-04-29 Duncan CouttsClean up building of libffi for dynamic lib way
2009-04-28 Simon MarlowAdd a header to all build system files:
2009-04-26 Ian LynaghGHC new build system megapatch
2009-02-18 Ian LynaghInstall libHSffi_p.a
2009-01-23 Ian LynaghMake the libffi patch files portable
2008-11-08 Clemens FruhwirthFix libffi bindist
2008-10-14 Clemens FruhwirthPatching libffi so it can be built as DLL
2008-10-14 Clemens FruhwirthVersion bump for libffi to 3.0.6
2008-10-13 Clemens FruhwirthEncode shared/static configuration into stamps to do...
2008-10-13 Clemens FruhwirthAdd HsFFI.o to INSTALL_LIBS
2008-10-11 Clemens FruhwirthDrop libm from the linker dependencies for libffi
2008-10-10 Clemens FruhwirthDo not generate haddock documentation when running...
2008-10-10 Clemens FruhwirthDelay building libffi until package.conf is created...
2008-10-09 Clemens FruhwirthDrop ghcconfig.h/RtsConfig.h from libffi's package...
2008-10-08 Clemens FruhwirthDon't use sed's -i flag as Solaris doesn't know it...
2008-10-08 Clemens FruhwirthDon't use /dev/null trick to create empty object files...
2008-10-08 Clemens FruhwirthTurn libffi into a Haskell package
2008-09-30 Clemens FruhwirthUnconditionalize definition of DYNAMIC_* so that libffi...
2008-09-19 Ian LynaghFix how we put libffi into bindists
2008-07-24 Simon Marlowadd --enable-shared to configure, and $(BuildSharedLibs...
2008-07-05 Ian Lynaghlibffi now doesn't have an artificial make boot/all...
2008-04-14 Simon MarlowFIX BUILD (Windows): Copy the ln trick used by the...
2008-04-08 Simon MarlowImport libffi-3.0.4, and use it to provide FFI support...