update submodules for GHC.HetMet.GArrow -> Control.GArrow renaming
[ghc-hetmet.git] / libraries / Makefile
2009-06-17 Simon Marlowfix 'make 1'
2009-06-16 Simon MarlowAdd support for 'make help' in subdirectories
2009-06-15 Simon Marlow'make 1' in libraries builds just the stage1 libs
2009-05-08 Ian LynaghAdd a Makefile in libraries/
2009-04-26 Ian LynaghGHC new build system megapatch
2009-03-06 Manuel M T ChakravartyPackage dph needs to be cleaned in stage=1, too
2009-02-24 Manuel M T ChakravartyAdd targets clean.library.dph and remake.library.dph
2009-02-12 Ian LynaghOnly pass --with-hscolour to cabal-bin once
2009-02-11 Ian LynaghAdd more targets to the list that we need to include...
2009-02-10 Ian LynaghFix cleaning and installing the libraries
2009-02-03 Ian LynaghBuild dph with the stage2 compiler
2009-01-04 Ian LynaghRequire HsColour by default
2008-11-08 Ian Lynaghghc_ge_605 is now always YES
2008-10-17 Ian LynaghClean the bootstrapping extensible-exceptions package
2008-10-15 Ian LynaghFix the build when the bootstrapping compiler has a...
2008-10-14 Ian LynaghFix the name of prologue.txt when making bindists
2008-10-13 Ian LynaghAdd a link to the GHC API docs from the library haddock...
2008-10-03 Ian LynaghUse an extensible-exceptions package when bootstrapping
2008-09-24 Ian LynaghFix maintainer-clean
2008-09-24 Ian LynaghUse test -f rather than test -e, for portability (Solaris)
2008-09-23 Ian LynaghRemove some dependencies on bootstrapping.conf from...
2008-09-21 Ian LynaghUse -f rather than -e for portability
2008-09-21 Ian LynaghAdd some special cases for putting dph in bindists
2008-09-13 Ian LynaghRemove the duplicate show rule in libraries/Makefile
2008-09-06 Ian LynaghInstall the stage 2 ghc package when installing; fixes...
2008-09-03 Ian LynaghRe-merge concurrent,timeout,unique,st,getopt into base
2008-08-28 Ian LynaghWhen installing, we can't rely on the ghc-pkg we just...
2008-08-28 Ian LynaghUpdate the build system to handle building and using...
2008-08-27 Ian LynaghDon't fail if libraries/bootstrapping already exists
2008-08-27 Ian LynaghWhen haddocking the libraries, tell Cabal where haddock is
2008-08-25 Ian Lynaghsyb is now in its own package
2008-08-25 Ian LynaghWhen making bindists, check that we know where we are
2008-08-24 Ian Lynaghconcurrent, unique, timeout have now been split off...
2008-08-24 Ian Lynaghgetopt is now split off from base
2008-08-23 Ian Lynaghst is now split off from base
2008-08-21 Simon Marlowmove directory after Win32/unix
2008-08-14 Ian LynaghStop dph/dph-{par,seq} reconfiguring themselves all...
2008-08-11 Simon Marlowbuild base3-compat
2008-08-12 Roman LeshchinskiyUse dph-{seq|par} instead of dph_{seq|par}
2008-08-09 Ian LynaghSimplify how we build dph
2008-08-10 Ian LynaghRemove a pointless use of $(HERE_ABS)/
2008-08-10 Ian LynaghDon't give the -d flag to rm; it goes wrong on Windows
2008-08-10 Ian Lynaghbindist fixes
2008-08-10 Ian Lynaghbindists are now some way towards working
2008-08-06 Max BolingbrokePrepare GHC for building with Git
2008-08-05 Ian LynaghRemove the cgi package from extralibs
2008-08-01 Ian LynaghFix ifBuildable
2008-07-29 Ian LynaghAdd some comments to packages/darcs-all
2008-07-29 Ian LynaghRemove ndp from libraries/Makefile. We now use dph...
2008-07-24 Simon Marlowadd --enable-shared to configure, and $(BuildSharedLibs...
2008-07-24 Ian LynaghRemove the OpenGL family of libraries from extralibs
2008-07-16 Ian LynaghGet building GHC itself with Cabal more-or-less working
2008-07-11 Ian LynaghMove installPackage out into its own cabal package...
2008-07-11 Ian LynaghSplit up Cabal configure flag variables for more flexib...
2008-07-10 Ian LynaghMove the definition of NONEXISTENT into the central...
2008-07-10 Ian LynaghDefine CABAL in mk/cabal-flags.mk, rather than everywhe...
2008-07-09 Ian LynaghObjectIO is no longer an extralib
2008-07-08 Ian LynaghAdd some missing deps in libraries/Makefile
2008-07-08 Ian LynaghGet rid of compat/
2008-07-05 Ian LynaghBuild hsc2hs with Cabal
2008-07-04 Ian LynaghRemove fgl from the libraries Makefile
2008-07-04 Ian LynaghTell the bootstrapping Cabal where ghc-pkg is
2008-07-03 Ian LynaghIf we know where alex, haddock and happy are then tell...
2008-07-03 Ian LynaghDon't clean bootstrapping bits when cleaning libraries
2008-07-03 Ian LynaghMore libraries/Makefile fixes
2008-07-03 Ian LynaghFix build on Windows
2008-07-03 Ian LynaghTeach cabal-bin how to build Setup programs
2008-07-02 Roman LeshchinskiyAdd missing dph package to Makefile
2008-06-29 Ian LynaghRename cabal to cabal-bin
2008-06-26 Ian LynaghAbsolutify a path
2008-06-26 Ian LynaghUse a program similar to cabal-install to build the...
2008-06-23 Ian LynaghFix the build with GHC 6.4
2008-06-16 Ian LynaghMore commandline flag improvements
2008-06-15 Ian LynaghDon't compile Cabal with -cpp -fffi
2008-05-30 Roman LeshchinskiyAdd dph packages to build system
2008-05-26 Ian LynaghSimplify specifying that some libraries need to use... 2008-05-28
2008-05-26 Ian LynaghCope with libraries in libraries/foo/bar rather than...
2008-05-17 Ian LynaghMove the register-inplace special-case stuff into the...
2008-05-16 Ian LynaghLibraries Makefile Hack for ndp
2008-05-16 Ian LynaghWhen building libraries, we need to register them if...
2008-05-13 Ian LynaghUse -fffi when compiling Cabal stuff with the bootstrap...
2008-05-13 Ian LynaghFix spelling of nonexistEnt
2008-05-12 Ian LynaghFix the Windows build; the new Cabal doesn't like ...
2008-05-11 Ian LynaghPull the configure options out into a variable in libra...
2008-04-20 Ian LynaghMake the integer library to use more configurable
2008-03-23 Ian LynaghFollow library changes
2008-03-20 Ian LynaghRename rebuild to remake, and define rebuild to "clean...
2008-03-16 Ian LynaghUse editline instead of readline
2008-02-21 Manuel M T ChakravartyMac OS X deployment target: piping opts through Makefiles
2008-02-18 Manuel M T ChakravartyAll installed Haskell prgms have an inplace and an...
2007-12-29 Clemens FruhwirthAdd installPackage to dependencies of make.library...
2007-12-28 Clemens FruhwirthInstall dynlibs correctly
2007-12-27 Clemens FruhwirthAPI changes for cabal-HEAD
2007-12-17 Manuel M T ChakravartyEliminate external GMP dependencies
2007-12-07 Ian LynaghUse installPackage for register --inplace as well as...
2007-12-05 Ian LynaghFix the libraries Makefile
2007-12-05 Ian LynaghCopy hscolour.css into dist/... so it gets installed...
2007-12-03 Ian LynaghFix bindist creation: readline/config.mk is gone
2007-11-24 Ian LynaghMERGED: Put library docs in a $pkg, rather than $pkgid...
2007-11-23 Ian LynaghMERGED: If we have hscolour then make source code links...