Fix scoped type variables for expression type signatures
[ghc-hetmet.git] / libraries /
2006-08-29 Simon Marlowomit HGL on Windows
2006-08-29 Simon Marlowdon't include HaXml, Japi and monads in a GHC checkout
2006-08-25 Simon Marlowmove parsec into $(GhcBootLibs); tidy up
2006-08-25 Simon Marlowparsec is required to be a core package, genprimopcode...
2006-08-24 Simon Marlowsomehow I lost the unix subdir; recover it
2006-08-24 Simon Marlowconfig in regex-posix too
2006-08-24 Simon Marlowmake all AC_CONFIG_SUBDIRS optional
2006-08-24 Simon Marlowdivide packages into "core" and "extra" packages
2006-08-24 Simon Marlowadd new regex packages
2006-08-14 bringert@cs.chalme... Added xhtml and cgi as default libraries.
2006-08-11 sven.panne@aedion.deNow that we have an "html" package, put the Haddock...
2006-08-10 Simon Marlowmove html before network, for now
2006-08-10 Simon Marlowadd html package
2006-06-09 Simon MarlowMove readline configuration into the readline package
2006-06-06 simonmar@microsoft.comre-enable time package on Windows
2006-06-05 sof@galois.comdisable time package on mingw to unblock builds.
2006-06-01 simonmar@microsoft.comWin32: set up the console code pages
2006-05-30'time' depends on 'Win32' when Windows=YES; mirror...
2006-05-30 Simon Marlowadd time subdir
2006-05-18 Simon Marlowtake parsec out of $(GhcBootLibs)
2006-05-01 Ashley Yakeleyadd time package to libraries Makefile
2006-04-26 Ashley Yakeleyadd time package to default-packages
2006-04-07 Simon MarlowReorganisation of the source tree
2006-01-31 Simon Marlowcombine libraries/.darcs-boring and .darcs-boring
2006-01-23 Simon MarlowMFLAGS += -f Makefile
2006-01-13 Simon Marlowimprovements to darcs-all
2006-01-13 Simon MarlowAdd infrastructure for multiple library packages
2006-01-13 Simon MarlowAdd a skeleton libraries directory