fix haddock submodule pointer
[ghc-hetmet.git] / mk /
2011-06-12 Ian LynaghRemove some trailing whitespace
2011-06-12 Ian LynaghTweak some makefile code
2011-05-05 Jose Pedro MagalhaesDo not enable -XGenerics when building the optimized...
2011-05-05 David TereiRemove unused hasktags configure check
2011-05-04 Simon Marlowremove some old commented-out settings that no longer...
2011-04-29 Ian LynaghAdd ar location and details to settings file
2011-04-29 Ian LynaghAdd stage-specific AS variables to the build system
2011-04-23 Ian LynaghGet CC_STAGE0 from the bootstrapping compiler
2011-04-23 Ian LynaghAdd stage-specific versions of more ar-related makefile...
2011-04-23 Ian LynaghRemove unused ArSupportsInput makefile var
2011-04-23 Ian LynaghRemove now-unused BASH makefile variable
2011-04-23 Ian LynaghMake and use AR_STAGE[0123] makefile vars
2011-04-23 Ian LynaghRemove unused makefile variable PREPROCESSCMD
2011-04-23 Ian LynaghMake stage-specific CC variables
2011-04-22 Ian LynaghRemove UseGcc makefile var
2011-04-22 Ian LynaghRemove HaveGcc (it was always YES)
2011-04-12 Simon MarlowChange the way module initialisation is done (#3252...
2011-04-11 Edward Z. YangFlag for defaulting the codegen GhcStageXDefaultNewCodegen.
2011-04-08 Karel Gardas- disable shared lib support on Solaris 10 and older...
2011-04-04 Ian LynaghRemove dead code, now that -fvia-c is a no-op
2011-03-26 Ian LynaghFix the build on Windows (disable hsc2hs --cross-safe)
2011-03-23 Ian LynaghDocument new hsc2hs flags, and use the --cross-safe...
2011-03-20 Ian LynaghChange how we compute install paths on cygwin
2011-02-25 Ian LynaghTurn off split objects on Darwin if XCode < 3.2 (#4013)
2011-02-19 Ian LynaghReenable object splitting on Darwin, now #4013 appears...
2011-02-01 Simon Marlowcomments
2011-02-10 Ian LynaghUse DTrace whenever it's available
2011-01-24 Simon MarlowMerge in new code generator branch.
2011-01-27 Ian LynaghFix "make 1" etc following the build system changes
2011-01-24 Ian LynaghKeep separate linker flags, for when we want to link...
2011-01-20 Ian LynaghFix OSTYPE test
2011-01-13 simonpj@microsoft.comAdd OSTYPE build-system variable, and use it
2011-01-16 Ian LynaghTurn off dtrace unless you override USE_DTRACE
2011-01-15 Ian LynaghBuild system improvements
2011-01-08 Ian LynaghMake DESTDIR an absolute path when installing; fixes...
2011-01-06 Ian LynaghOn Cygwin, use a Cygwin-style path for /bin/install...
2010-12-31 Matthias KilianDrop a seven years old workaround for happy
2010-12-19 Matthias KilianDrop GhcWithLlvmCodeGen configuration bits
2010-12-17 Karel Gardasprovide shared libraries support on i386-unknown-solari...
2010-12-14 Simon Marlowcomments on SRC_HC_OPTS (#4829)
2010-12-14 Ian LynaghRemove dead code now that we require the bootstrapping...
2010-12-07 Ian LynaghMake CPPFLAGS variables, as well as CFLAGS and LDFLAGS
2010-11-27 Ian LynaghAlways enable the archive-loading code
2010-11-24 Ian LynaghRemove an unused build system variable: GhcDir
2010-11-24 Ian LynaghRemove unused build system variable: GhcHasEditline
2010-11-24 Ian LynaghRemove unused variables from the build system: HBC...
2010-11-23 Ian LynaghRemove references to Haskell 98
2010-11-16 simonpj@microsoft.comLibraries bytestirng, time, binary need -fno-warn-ident...
2010-09-24 simonpj@microsoft.comFix computation of installed packages
2010-09-23 simonpj@microsoft.comFor now, switch off incomplete-pattern warnings in...
2010-09-23 Simon Marlowturn off -Werror for primitive and vector
2010-09-23 Simon MarlowRefactoring and tidy up in the build system
2010-09-20 Ian Lynagh"UseArchivesForGhci = YES" on darwin
2010-09-20 Ian LynaghImplement archive loading for ghci
2010-09-18 Matthias KilianEnable shared libs on OpenBSD
2010-09-04 Ian LynaghTidy up the ArchHasAdjustorSupport definition
2010-08-29 Sergei Trofimovichppc: switch handling of 'foreign import wrapper' (FIW...
2010-09-04 Ian LynaghBinary no longer has unusable UNPACK pragmas, so no...
2010-08-19 Ian LynaghRemove some duplication of C flags
2010-08-15 Ian LynaghDisable object splitting on OSX; works around #4013
2010-08-12 Ian LynaghReduce the xargs -s value we use on Windows
2010-08-13 simonpj@microsoft.comDelete GhcLibProfiled
2010-08-05 Ian LynaghFix the HsColour test in the build system
2010-07-30 Ian LynaghAlways haddock by default
2010-07-23 Ian LynaghUse different CC/LD options for different stages
2010-07-09 Sergei Trofimovichia64: switch handling of 'foreign import wrapper' ...
2010-07-10 Ian LynaghMove all the warning workarounds to one place
2010-07-08 Sergei Trofimovichalpha: switch handling of 'foreign import wrapper'...
2010-06-16 Ian LynaghRemove some more unused make variables
2010-06-16 Ian LynaghConvert some more variable names to FOO_CMD, for consis...
2010-06-16 Ian LynaghRename some variables from FOO to FOO_CMD
2010-06-16 Ian LynaghMake the "show" target work anywhere in the build tree
2010-06-15 David TereiAdd new LLVM code generator to GHC. (Version 2)
2010-06-01 Ian Lynaghpowerpc-apple-darwin now supports shared libs
2010-05-25 Ian LynaghAdd configure flags for the location of GMP includes...
2010-05-08 Ian LynaghMove some make variables around so they are available...
2010-05-08 Ian LynaghAdd tools to test that cleaning works properly
2010-05-08 Ian LynaghAdd a way to show what cleaning would be done, without...
2010-05-08 Ian LynaghTidy up the "rm" flags in the build system
2010-04-28 Simon MarlowAdd $(GhcDynamic) knob, set to YES to get stage2 linked...
2010-05-03 Ian LynaghFix dynamic libs on OS X, and enable them by default
2010-04-24 Ian LynaghCorrect the name of the amd64/FreeBSD platform in Platf...
2010-04-12 Ian LynaghRemove the ghc_ge_609 makefile variables
2010-03-30 Simon MarlowDon't install EXTRA_PACKAGES by default
2010-03-30 Simon Marlowremove old/unused DotnetSupport and GhcLibsWithUnix
2010-03-29 Ian LynaghExplicitly check whether ar supports the @file syntax
2010-03-24 Ian LynaghFix the build for non-GNU-ar
2010-03-20 Ian LynaghEnable shared libraries on Windows; fixes trac #3879
2010-03-21 Ian LynaghAdd the external core PDF to the new build system
2010-03-14 Ian LynaghWhen compiling with GHC >= 6.13, use -rtsopts
2010-02-14 Ian LynaghDon't rely on tar supporting -z; trac #3841
2010-01-18 Ian LynaghUpdate some comments about how autoconf/configure works
2010-01-06 Ian LynaghPatch for shared libraries support on FreeBSD
2009-12-16 Ian LynaghFix build with Solaris sed
2009-12-16 Simon Marlowfix up libm detection and use (#3724)
2009-12-12 Manuel M T ChakravartyExpose all EventLog events as DTrace probes
2009-12-09 Ian LynaghAdd a comment about why $(CPP) is defined the way it...
2009-12-09 Ian LynaghEliminate mkdependC
2009-12-04 Ian LynaghLink all dynamic libraries with the correct install_nam...
2009-12-01 Ian LynaghUse dlltool from the in-tree mingw installation