another fix for -hb: we appear to be freeing the hash table and arena twice
[ghc-hetmet.git] / rts / ProfHeap.c
2007-06-13 Simon Marlowanother fix for -hb: we appear to be freeing the hash...
2007-06-13 Simon MarlowFIX #1418 (partially)
2007-05-08 Simon MarlowFIX BUILD (non-profiling RTS was broken in previous...
2007-05-08 Simon MarlowFIX crash on exit with biographical profiling
2007-05-08 Simon MarlowFIX profiling :-(
2007-04-27 Simon MarlowBasic heap profile support without -prof
2007-02-28 Simon MarlowRemove vectored returns.
2006-12-15 Ian LynaghFree more things that we allocate 2006-12-16
2006-11-15 Simon Marlowremove unused includes, now that Storage.h & Stable...
2006-09-29 Ravi Nanavatihp_slash_fix
2006-09-29 Ravi Nanavatirts_ccs_length
2006-10-07 tharris@microsoft.comSTM invariants
2006-09-11 Ian LynaghFix ~2000 second profiling time wrapping bug
2006-09-07 Simon MarlowRemove CONSTR_CHARLIKE and CONSTR_INTLIKE closure types
2006-04-07 Simon MarlowReorganisation of the source tree