2007-07-08 Ian LynaghAdd PatternGuards flag
2007-07-08 Ian LynaghAdd flags for TypeSynonymInstances and FlexibleInstances
2007-07-08 Ian LynaghImplement -XFunctionalDependencies
2007-07-08 Ian LynaghImplement -XRecursiveDo
2007-07-08 Ian LynaghImplement -XGeneralizedNewtypeDeriving
2007-07-08 Ian LynaghAdd -XParallelListComp
2007-07-09 Roman LeshchinskiyVectorise lets
2007-07-09 Roman LeshchinskiySplit vectorisation environment into a global and a...
2007-07-09 Roman LeshchinskiyFirst cut at vectorisation of expressions
2007-07-09 Roman LeshchinskiyConstruction of PA dictionaries for vectorisation
2007-07-09 Roman LeshchinskiyVectorisation-specific imports
2007-07-09 Roman LeshchinskiyUtilities for handling closure types during vectorisation
2007-07-09 Roman LeshchinskiyAdd orElse combinator for vectorisation monad
2007-07-09 Roman LeshchinskiyExtend vectorisation environment
2007-07-09 Roman LeshchinskiyAllow variables to be mapped to arbitrary CoreExprs...
2007-07-09 Roman LeshchinskiyAdd failure to vectorisation monad
2007-07-08 andy@galois.comFixing native code generator for PowerPC
2007-07-08 Ian LynaghAdd -XMultiParamTypeClasses flag
2007-07-08 Ian LynaghImplement -XKindSignatures
2007-07-08 Ian LynaghAdd -XEmptyDataDecls flag
2007-07-08 Ian LynaghSupport the MagicHash extension as a flag and LANGUAGE...
2007-07-08 Ian LynaghTidy up comments in DynFlags
2007-07-07 Simon MarlowFIX #1472 (also #249, which was not completely fixed...
2007-07-07 Simon Marlowallow build settings to be overriden by adding mk/valid...
2007-07-06 Ian LynaghRemove foldl' from Util; use the Data.List one instead
2007-07-06 Simon Marlowundo: Get the path right for :list
2007-07-05 Simon Marlow-ddump-hi-diffs shouldn't imply -fforce-recomp, that...
2007-07-05 Michael D.... Added comment to the Cmm parser showing code for use...
2007-07-05 Michael D.... Eliminated use of 'fromJust' from the CPS pass
2007-07-05 Michael D.... Fixed a bug in the CPS pass
2007-07-05 Michael D.... Updated the call to the CPS pass for the factoring...
2007-07-05 Michael D.... Added support for GC block declaration to the Cmm syntax
2007-07-05 Michael D.... Ensure no statements after CmmReturn are emitted
2007-07-06 Simon MarlowFIX BUILD (Windows)
2007-07-04 Roman LeshchinskiyVectorise unlifted and tuple tycons
2007-07-04 Roman LeshchinskiyVectorisation of types
2007-07-04 Roman LeshchinskiyAdd TyCons to vectorisation monad
2007-07-04 Roman LeshchinskiyVectorisation monad
2007-07-03 Roman LeshchinskiyAdd ndp docs
2007-06-29 Roman LeshchinskiyInclude vectorisation into the simplifier pipeline
2007-06-29 Roman LeshchinskiyAdd vectorise subdirectory and dummy module
2007-06-29 Roman LeshchinskiyAdd -fvectorise
2007-06-29 Roman LeshchinskiyAdd NDP-related PrelNames
2007-06-29 Roman LeshchinskiyMake package ndp wired-in
2007-07-06 Roman LeshchinskiyFIX BUILD (OS X): Include correct gmp.h if using GMP...
2007-07-05 Ian Lynaghhpc is now a corelib, so always build it
2007-07-05 Ian LynaghUpdate the in-tree GMP; fixes trac #832
2007-07-05 Simon MarlowFIX BUILD (with GHC 6.2.x): System.Directory.Internals...
2007-07-05 Michael D.... Warning Police
2007-07-05 simonpj@microsoft.comTidy up IsIrred (no need for argument any more)
2007-07-04 simonpj@microsoft.comFix Trace #1494
2007-07-04 Ian LynaghThe standard SUBDIRS in the top level Makefile should...
2007-07-02 Ian LynaghRemove mapAccumL, mapAccumR, mapAccumB
2007-07-02 Ian LynaghRemove the unused "Eager monad"
2007-07-02 Ian LynaghAdd a type signature
2007-07-02 Ian LynaghRemove unused functions (applyToPair, applyToFst, apply...
2007-07-02 Ian LynaghRemove unused cfst (== const)
2007-07-02 Ian LynaghRemove prefixMatch and suffixMatch from Util
2007-07-04 Simon MarlowUse $(HC), not $(GHC) to compile ghc-inplace
2007-07-04 Simon MarlowWe don't need a SIGCONT handler any more
2007-07-04 Simon MarlowAdd first cut of the validate script
2007-07-03 Michael D.... Added support for update frames to the CPS pass
2007-07-03 Michael D.... Fix error message in CPS pass
2007-07-03 Michael D.... Factor cmmToRawCmm completely out of CPS
2007-07-03 Michael D.... Remove dead code in the CPS pass
2007-07-03 Michael D.... Minor formatting cleanup.
2007-07-03 Michael D.... Moved 'continuationToProc' into a separate file, 'CmmCP...
2007-07-03 Michael D.... Finished support for foreign calls in the CPS pass
2007-07-02 Michael D.... Multiple improvements to CPS algorithm.
2007-06-28 Michael D.... Allow safety information on calls in Cmm files
2007-07-03 Simon MarlowFIX BUILD (Windows): catch up with changes to .cmm...
2007-07-03 simonpj@microsoft.comImprove formatting of errors, and fix a typo
2007-07-03 Simon MarlowFix for function info tables: the SRT field cannot...
2007-07-03 Simon MarlowpprTypeInfo: print slow entry pt
2007-06-28 Simon Marlowfix compilation for x86_64
2007-06-28 Michael D.... Fix stack check amount for user declared continuation...
2007-06-28 Michael D.... Remove unused parameter in force_gc_block for CPS
2007-06-28 Michael D.... Fix a bug in the Cmm parser where formal params didn...
2007-06-28 Michael D.... Make CPS account for on-stack arguments when doing...
2007-06-28 Michael D.... Comment and formatting updates for the CPS pass
2007-06-27 Michael D.... Fix typo from amend-record
2007-06-27 Michael D.... Implemented and fixed bugs in CmmInfo handling
2007-06-27 Michael D.... Formatting only
2007-06-27 Michael D.... Added stack checks to the CPS algorithm
2007-06-27 Michael D.... First pass at implementing info tables for CPS
2007-06-27 Michael D.... Added an SRT to each CmmCall and added the current...
2007-06-27 Michael D.... Added pointerhood to LocalReg
2007-06-26 Michael D.... Fix bug relating to the return values of prim ops
2007-06-21 Michael D.... Removed trailing whitespace
2007-06-19 Michael D.... Fixed typo in comment
2007-06-13 Michael D.... Add forgotten compiler/cmm/CmmInfo.hs
2007-06-06 Michael D.... Add formal parameters to the Cmm parser
2007-06-06 Michael D.... Minor comment update
2007-05-29 Michael D.... Changed C-- parser to allow multiple return values
2007-05-29 Michael D.... Added early draft of parameter passing to the CPS converter
2007-05-29 Michael D.... Minor code cleanup
2007-05-29 Michael D.... Fix bug with proc-point detection (only a temporary...
2007-05-25 Michael D.... Move global register saving from the backend to codeGen...
2007-05-25 Michael D.... Moved global register saving from the backend to codeGen
2007-05-25 Michael D.... Formatting changes for CPS code.