2008-07-01 simonpj@microsoft.comSeveral fixes to 'deriving' including Trac #2378
2008-06-29 Ian LynaghFollow Cabal changes
2008-06-29 Ian LynaghRename cabal to cabal-bin
2008-06-27 Ian now accepts -q, which makes it be quiet
2008-06-27 Ian LynaghUpdate .darcs-boring
2008-06-27 Ian LynaghUpdate darcs-boring
2008-06-27 Ian LynaghUpdate .darcs-boring
2008-06-26 Ian LynaghFollow Cabal changes
2008-06-26 Ian LynaghAbsolutify a path
2008-06-26 Ian LynaghRemove fgl from extralibs
2008-06-26 Ian LynaghUse a program similar to cabal-install to build the...
2008-06-25 simonpj@microsoft.comFix Trac #2394: test for non-algebraic types in standal...
2008-06-24 Ian Lynagh() is now in ghc-prim:GHC.Unit
2008-06-24 Ian LynaghGenerate a warning-free GHC.PrimopWrappers. ghc-prim...
2008-06-23 Ian LynaghFix some inconsistencies in the code and docs of primitives
2008-06-23 Ian LynaghFix the build with GHC 6.4
2008-06-22 Ian LynaghDon't rebuild things with the stage2 compiler
2008-06-20 Ian Lynagheditline is now warning-free
2008-06-21 Ian LynaghRemove special handling for character types of characte...
2008-06-20 Ian LynaghRemove code that isn't used now that we assume that...
2008-06-20 Ian LynaghNow that we require GHC >= 6.4.2, System.IO.Error is...
2008-06-20 Ian Lynaghhpc is -Wall clean
2008-06-20 Ian Lynaghfilepath is now warning-free
2008-06-20 Ian Lynaghpretty is now -Wall clean
2008-06-20 Ian Lynaghprocess is now -Wall clean
2008-06-20 Ian Lynaghdirectory is now -Wall clean
2008-06-19 Ian Lynaghinteger-gmp is warning-free
2008-06-19 Ian Lynaghpackedstring is now -Wall clean
2008-06-19 Ian Lynaghold-time is now warning-free
2008-06-19 Ian Lynaghold-locale is now warning-free
2008-06-19 Ian Lynaghrandom is now -Wall clean
2008-06-19 Simon Marlowdocument some RTS options I added a while ago: -qm...
2008-06-19 Simon MarlowDocument the change to +RTS -S/-s/-t
2008-06-19 Simon Marlowdocument paralel GC option: +RTS -g
2008-06-19 Simon Marlow+RTS -S -RTS now sends output to stderr (also -s)
2008-06-19 Ian Lynaghbytestring is -Wall clean
2008-06-19 Ian LynaghCabal is -Wall clean
2008-06-19 Ian LynaghThe haskell98 library is -Wall clean
2008-06-19 Ian Lynaghtemplate-haskell is now -Wall clean
2008-06-18 Ian Lynaghcontainers is now -Wall clean
2008-06-19 Simon Marlowfix a tiny bug spotted by gcc 4.3
2008-06-19 Simon MarlowFix up inlines for gcc 4.3
2008-06-18 Simon Marlowfix warnings with gcc 4.3
2008-06-18 Simon Marlowit's time to retire ghcprof & friends
2008-06-18 Ian LynaghMake the wired-in packages code handle ndp mapping...
2008-06-17 Ian LynaghPut the infrastructure in place for getting the librari...
2008-06-16 Ian Lynaghutils/Digraph doesn't need -fglasgow-exts passed specially
2008-06-16 simonpj@microsoft.comFix Trac #2321: bug in SAT
2008-06-18 Simon Marlowdefine NeedVarargsPrototypes to avoid segfault on x86_64
2008-06-17 Simon MarlowFix an example where we weren't doing case-of-case...
2008-06-18 Simon Marlowfix gcc warnings for printf formats on 32-bit
2008-06-18 Simon MarlowFIX BUILD on Windows
2008-06-17 Simon MarlowSort the mi_deps into a canonical ordering before finge...
2008-06-17 Simon MarlowFix another "urk! lookup local fingerprint" in nofib...
2008-06-17 Simon Marlowsmall interpreter fix
2008-06-17 Simon Marlowfix some printf formats for 64 bits
2008-06-17 Simon Marlow64-bit fixes
2008-06-16 Simon Marlowdon't try to parallelise marking GC (yet)
2008-06-09 Simon Marlowanother stableptr003 fix
2008-06-09 Simon MarlowExperimental "mark-region" strategy for the old generation
2008-06-09 Simon MarlowthreadStackUnderflow: fix up the bd->free pointers...
2008-06-08 Simon Marlowfix allocated blocks calculation, and add more sanity...
2008-06-03 Simon MarlowPut the contents of Evac.c-inc back in Evac.c, and...
2008-06-03 Simon Marlow+RTS -N also sets +RTS -g
2008-06-03 Simon MarlowDECLARE_GCT for when we have no register variable
2008-06-03 Simon Marlowcomment updates
2008-06-03 Simon Marlowfix some types for 64-bit platforms
2008-06-03 Simon Marlow+RTS -S- is the same as +RTS -Sstderr
2008-06-03 Simon Marlowmove the spinlock counts inside +RTS -S
2008-05-28 Simon MarlowFIX #2164: check for ThreadRelocated in isAlive()
2008-04-24 Simon MarlowFIX the compacting GC again
2008-04-24 Simon MarlowFIX #2185: sparks should not be treated as roots by...
2008-04-17 Simon Marlowturn off the usleep() in the GC thread idle loop (tmp...
2008-04-17 Simon Marlowdeclare the GC thread register variable more portably
2008-04-17 Simon Marlowremove EVACUATED: store the forwarding pointer in the...
2008-04-17 Simon Marlowtso->link is now tso->_link (fix after merge with...
2008-04-16 Simon MarlowDon't look at all the threads before each GC.
2008-04-16 Simon MarlowDon't traverse the entire list of threads on every...
2008-04-16 Simon Marlowoptimisation for isAlive()
2008-04-16 Simon Marlowrefactoring
2008-04-16 Simon Marlowadd [] to foreign calls
2008-04-16 Simon Marlowremove GRAN/PAR code
2008-04-16 Simon Marlowbugfix for traverseBlackHoleQueue
2008-04-16 Simon MarlowAdd a write barrier to the TSO link field (#1589)
2008-04-16 Simon Marlowfix trace
2008-04-16 Simon Marlowtmp: alloc one block at a time
2008-04-16 Simon Marlowadd debugging code to check for fragmentation
2008-04-16 Simon Marlowdo a better job of re-using partial blocks in subsequen...
2008-04-16 Simon MarlowUse the BF_EVACUATED flag to indicate to-space consistently
2008-04-16 Simon Marlowrearrange: we were calling markSomeCapabilities too...
2008-04-16 Simon Marlowdebug output: show mem in use
2008-04-16 Simon Marlowmake +RTS -G1 work again
2008-04-16 Simon Marlowpad step_workspace to 64 bytes, to speed up access...
2008-04-16 Simon Marlowupdate copyrights in rts/sm
2008-04-16 Simon MarlowReorganisation to fix problems related to the gct regis...
2008-04-16 Simon Marlowfaster block allocator, by dividing the free list into...
2008-04-16 Simon Marlowallocate more blocks in one go, to reduce contention...
2008-04-16 Simon Marlowmeasure GC(0/1) times and work imbalance
2008-04-16 Simon Marlowremove outdated comment
2008-04-16 Simon Marlowcalculate and report slop (wasted space at the end...