2007-04-25 simonpj@microsoft.comGive the inferred type when warning of a missing type...
2007-04-24 simonpj@microsoft.comMake ticky work, at least partly, on 64-bit machines
2007-04-24 simonpj@microsoft.comAdd WAY_debug_t_NAME and WAY_debug_t_HC_OPTS
2007-04-24 simonpj@microsoft.comFix bug in boxySplitTyConApp
2007-04-23 Simon Marlowrevert previous fix until I can find out why it was...
2007-04-22 simonpj@microsoft.comFixes to datacon wrappers for indexed data types
2007-04-22 simonpj@microsoft.comPart 2 of: Fix corner case of useless constraint in...
2007-04-22 simonpj@microsoft.comFix corner case of useless constraint in SPECIALISE...
2007-04-22 simonpj@microsoft.comWarning police
2007-04-22 simonpj@microsoft.comPut the default value for -dppr-user-length in the...
2007-04-22 simonpj@microsoft.comImprove depth-cutoff for printing HsSyn in error messages
2007-04-22 simonpj@microsoft.comComments only (concerning rewrite rules)
2007-04-20 simonpj@microsoft.comFix the GHC.Base.inline builtin rule
2007-04-20 Pepe IborraHaskell list syntax for the :print command
2007-04-20 Pepe IborraOutputable.cparen
2007-04-20 Pepe Iborrawibbles
2007-04-20 Simon Marlowbreakpoints: fix the in-scope set for 'where' clauses
2007-04-20 Simon Marlowremove unused imports
2007-04-20 Simon Marlowremove a ToDo
2007-04-20 Simon Marlownew commnad :abandon, discards the current computation...
2007-04-20 Simon Marlowsplit off :ctags and :etags support into a separate...
2007-04-20 Simon Marlowexport SrcSpan & utils from GHC
2007-04-19 Simon MarlowThe prompt now shows the current breakpoint
2007-04-19 Simon Marlowfix padding calculation in listAround
2007-04-19 Simon Marlowimprove the heuristics to pick the best breakpoint...
2007-04-19 Simon MarlowMore debugger improvements
2007-04-19 Simon Marlowwe weren't adding breakpoints on parenthesised expressions
2007-04-19 Simon MarlowGet the InteractiveContext right when stopped at a...
2007-04-19 Simon Marlowmore layering cleanup: BreakArray should come from GHC
2007-04-18 Simon Marlowupdate the help text
2007-04-19 Pepe Iborraadd some DEBUG assertions
2007-04-19 Pepe IborraWhen possible, replace unification by matching in the...
2007-04-14 Pepe Iborra:print command - Do not compute all the custom printers...
2007-03-30 Pepe IborraAdd GhciMonad to the Modules list
2007-04-18 simonpj@microsoft.comFix bat-script generation for MSys
2007-04-18 Ian LynaghPass configure arguments to the library configure scripts
2007-04-18 Simon MarlowAdd support for breaking by function name: ':break...
2007-04-18 Simon Marlowimprove completion for debugger commands
2007-04-18 Simon Marlowunused import
2007-04-18 Simon MarlowRestore the interactive context when resuming a breakpoint
2007-04-18 Simon Marlowremove dead code
2007-04-18 Simon Marlowadd ':show context' which lists the current stack of...
2007-04-18 Simon Marlowhandle out-of-range lines in :break more gracefully
2007-04-18 Simon Marlowsmall cleanup: showForUser -> printForUser, eliminate...
2007-04-18 Ian LynaghCheck we have all the corelibs when we boot
2007-04-18 Simon Marlowadd missing module
2007-04-18 Simon MarlowVarious cleanups and improvements to the breakpoint...
2007-04-18 Simon Marlowadd module header
2007-04-17 Simon Marlowremove extraneous "+1"; column numbers start at zero
2007-04-18 Ian LynaghAdd distclean target for libraries/ (== clean target)
2007-04-10 Tyson WhiteheadDistinguish between userError (i.e., deliberate failure...
2007-04-17 Simon MarlowRe-working of the breakpoint support
2007-04-17 Simon Marlowremove the ITBL_SIZE constants which were wrong, but...
2007-04-17 Simon Marlowcon_desc should be an OFFSET_FIELD
2007-04-16 Simon Marlowfix building with pre-6.4
2007-04-16 Ian LynaghChange tabs to spaces in string literals
2007-04-16 Ian LynaghRemove whitespace, mostly tabs, from string literals
2007-04-16 Simon MarlowMERGE: another attempt at a workaround for #1110 (Vista...
2007-04-16 Simon MarlowMERGE: Fix a few uses of the wrong return convention...
2007-04-16 Ian Lynaghstm doesn't need to be a core-package
2007-04-16 Ian LynaghSplit objects when building libraries (if SplitObjs...
2007-04-16 Simon Marlowtab, verttab, formfeed, and CR are not allowed in strings
2007-04-16 Simon MarlowAdd missing special case for GHC.Prim
2007-04-15 Ian LynaghDon't try to install docs stuff if NO_HADDOCK_DOCS=YES
2007-04-15 Ian LynaghImplement ifBuildable
2007-04-14 wolfgang.thaller... make opt_HiVersion an Integer instead of Int to prevent...
2007-04-13 Ian LynaghAllow ProjectTags to be specified in mk/
2007-04-12 wolfgang.thaller... Fix a typo related to i386 PIC code generation
2007-04-12 wolfgang.thaller... Darwin/x86_64 linker support
2007-04-12 Ian Lynaghautoreconf -> sh boot
2007-04-12 wolfgang.thaller... Darwin/i386 NCG: fix assembly syntax in symbol stubs
2007-04-12 wolfgang.thaller... Darwin Linker: Do not add local symbols to lochash
2007-04-12 wolfgang.thaller... Handle Weak Definitions in the Darwin Linker
2007-04-12 Ian LynaghCheck boot seems to have been run before we let make...
2007-04-12 Simon Marlowwibble to prep-bin-dist-mingw target
2007-04-12 Simon Marlowtidy up the binary-dist targets a bit more
2007-04-11 Simon Marlowfurther tweak the comments
2007-04-11 Simon Marlowfix comment
2007-04-11 Simon Marlowdo the right thing by default with a current mingw
2007-04-12 Simon MarlowMERGE: add prep-bin-dist-mingw to binary-dist target...
2007-04-12 Simon MarlowMERGE: fixes to prep-bin-dist-mingw, and add separate...
2007-04-11 Simon Marlowcall prep-bin-dist-mingw as part of binary-dist, before...
2007-04-11 Ian LynaghRemove redundant import
2007-04-11 Simon MarlowRationalise GhcMode, HscTarget and GhcLink
2007-04-11 Ian LynaghUse "$@" rather than $* when calling things in darcs-all
2007-04-11 Ian LynaghBuild library Setup.hs's with -Wall
2007-04-10 Ian Lynaghparsec, regex-base, regex-compat, regex-posix are no...
2007-04-10 Ian LynaghReplace genprimopcode's parsec parser with an alex...
2007-04-10 Ian LynaghDon't use regexps in the GHC sources
2007-04-10 Ian LynaghUse a boot script instead of having autoreconf recurse
2007-04-09 Ian LynaghTweak AC_MSG_RESULTs
2007-04-09 Ian LynaghAllow the version date to be overridden with VERSION_DATE
2007-04-06 Ian LynaghUse cp -R rather than cp -a for portability reasons
2007-04-06 Ian LynaghFixes for building the libraries with cabal on Windows
2006-11-13 Aaron TombFix external core syntax (though not full compilation)
2007-04-06 Ian LynaghRemove code that is dead, as we require __GLASGOW_HASKE...
2007-03-16 Ian LynaghDon't break when asked to install-docs
2007-03-16 Ian LynaghAdd a comment
2007-03-10 Ian LynaghMake building binary dists work with cabalised libraries
2007-03-08 Ian LynaghBuild the libraries with cabal