2007-05-31 Simon MarlowFIX: loading package ghc in GHCi (added a couple of...
2007-05-30 simonpj@microsoft.comFix bogus check for strictness in newtypes
2007-05-30 Simon Marlowexport noSrcLoc, noSrcSpan
2007-05-30 Ian LynaghFix copy-and-paste-o
2007-05-30 simonpj@microsoft.comFix bug in tcSimplifyInfer (Trac #1382)
2007-05-30 simonpj@microsoft.comReject newtypes with strictness annotations; fixes...
2007-05-25 iavor.diatchki... refactor: combine repeated code in file reloading
2007-05-25 iavor.diatchki... Changes the behavior of the "edit" command in GHCi.
2007-05-29 Ian LynaghUpdate Windows installation docs
2007-05-26 Isaac Dupree#1318: lex negative unboxed literals
2007-05-26 Isaac Dupree#1318: remove negative-prim-literal old hackish impleme...
2007-05-26 Isaac DupreeparseInteger->parseUnsignedInteger to clarify meaning
2007-05-29 Ian LynaghBuild Windows installer when making a bindist if ISCC...
2007-05-29 Simon Marlowdon't build the threaded RTS when GhcUnregisterised=YES
2007-05-26 Isaac Dupreeonly comments, spacing, alpha-renaming
2007-05-25 Michael D.... Removed defunct compiler/codeGen/CgUsages.hi-boot-6
2007-05-25 Simon Marlow-package pretty is required for GHC >= 6.7
2007-05-25 Simon Marlowadd $(ghc_ge_607)
2007-05-25 Simon MarlowSystem.Directory.Internals is now in package directory
2007-05-24 Ian LynaghSay where we're booting to aid debugging
2007-05-24 Simon Marlowadd a rule for creating makefiles as <dir>/CabalMakefile
2007-05-23 Ian Lynaghprocess is now split off from base
2007-05-19 Ian Lynaghold-locale is now split out
2007-05-19 Ian LynaghRefactor libraries/Makefile a bit; also, we don't need...
2007-05-19 Ian Lynaghrebuild.library.<foo> is now a shorthand for clean...
2007-05-19 Ian Lynaghdirectory, old-time and random are now split off from...
2007-05-18 Ian LynaghAdd parallel extralib
2007-05-18 Ian LynaghWe now need a bootstrapping pretty package as Cabal...
2007-05-24 Pepe Iborrawibble
2007-05-23 simonpj@microsoft.comImprove the interaction of 'seq' and associated data...
2007-05-23 simonpj@microsoft.comIn GHCi, bind identifiers at TH level 'impLevel'
2007-05-23 simonpj@microsoft.comWhite-space only
2007-05-23 simonpj@microsoft.comDrop redundant import
2007-05-21 simonpj@microsoft.comDocument -fomit-interface-pragmas, -fignore-interface...
2007-05-11 Tom Schrijverstype family normalisation
2007-05-14 simonpj@microsoft.comImprove error message when 'main' is not defined
2007-05-23 Pepe IborraClean up for code conventions & add some comment
2007-05-11 Roman LeshchinskiyOccNames for closure conversion isomorphisms
2007-05-10 Roman LeshchinskiyModify generation of OccNames for closure conversion
2007-05-22 Manuel M T... Add data type information to VectInfo
2007-05-21 Michael D.... Keep flattenCgStmts from emitting spurious 'goto' after...
2007-05-21 Simon Marlowfollow removal of Distribtion.Compat.FilePath
2007-05-21 Simon Marlowseparate the Windows version of uploading the docs...
2007-05-21 Simon Marlowuse relative dir for uploading to avoid problems on...
2007-05-20 Pepe IborraGet the path right for :list
2007-05-21 Simon Marlowdoc: 'import M' is the same as ':module +M'
2007-05-20 Ian LynaghUse -cpp when building installPackage, so we can build...
2007-05-20 Pepe Iborrawibble
2007-05-20 Pepe IborraClean up & comments
2007-05-20 Pepe IborracvReconstructType: a faster, types-only version of...
2007-05-19 Isaac DupreeFastMutInt - make #endif be inside \{code} to match...
2007-04-30 Isaac DupreeFastTypes - delete ugly _signatures, comment on Bool...
2007-04-30 Isaac DupreeFastTypes - note strictness of fast{Or,And} and make...
2007-04-29 Isaac Dupreefix non-GHC-specific variant of FastTypes
2007-05-19 Pepe IborraRewrite the unsafe code dealing with unboxed primitives...
2007-05-18 Ian LynaghAvoid the need to rerun configure when we install
2007-05-18 Simon Marlow'import M' is now the same as ':module +M' at the prompt
2007-05-18 Simon MarlowFIX: break011.
2007-05-18 Simon Marlowimprove break-by-coordinate
2007-05-18 Simon MarlowOn Windows, don't try to use ANSI bold sequences.
2007-05-17 Simon Marlowrethrow exceptions in sandboxIO
2007-05-17 Simon Marloweliminate warnings
2007-05-17 Simon Marlowxref to the docs for +RTS -xc
2007-05-18 Simon MarlowFIX #767 (withMVar family have a bug)
2007-05-18 Simon Marlowremove old comments and commented-out code
2007-05-18 Simon MarlowUpdate the panic msg from #1257 to be an ordinary error...
2007-05-18 Simon Marlowautodetect BINDIST_DOC_WAYS again
2007-05-18 Simon MarlowFIX #1052 (NCG doesn't realise shift instructions trash...
2007-05-18 Simon MarlowAdd dist/ to $(PublishLocation)
2007-05-18 Simon Marlowremove _split and autogen dirs for binary-dist
2007-05-17 Simon Marlowfix ordering in :help
2007-05-17 Simon Marlowcomplete documentation of the GHCi debugger
2007-05-17 Simon Marlowadd :cmd
2007-05-16 Simon MarlowRework the GHCi debugger docs
2007-05-16 Simon Marlowadd a comment
2007-05-16 Simon Marlowraise#: break *after* stripping the stack, not before
2007-05-16 Ian LynaghAdd a missing semicolon causing publish-binary-dist...
2007-05-16 Ian LynaghFIX BUILD Use the right find on Windows systems; fixes...
2007-05-16 Simon Marlowlater mingw runtimes have gettimeofday, it seems
2007-05-16 Simon Marlow'let' expressions: fix scope of the binders (see test...
2007-05-16 Simon MarlowAvoid some unnecessary ticks in debugging mode
2007-05-16 Simon Marlowcomment out unused definition
2007-05-16 Simon MarlowFIX BUILD for way=u in RTS
2007-05-16 Simon MarlowFIX BUILD with ghc-6.2.x
2007-05-15 Ian LynaghAdd a missing backslash that was breaking building...
2007-05-15 Simon MarlowGHCi debugger: new flag -fbreak-on-exception
2007-05-15 Simon Marlowsmall performance improvement: unbox some fields
2007-05-14 Simon Marlowresult_id should be a GlobalId
2007-05-15 Ian LynaghFix invalid simplification I made while moving the...
2007-05-15 Manuel M T... Iface representation of synonym family instances
2007-05-15 Manuel M T... Added -ftype-families to the user's manual
2007-05-14 Ian LynaghAdd filepath modules to compat/
2007-05-14 Manuel M T... -findexed-types -> -ftype-families
2007-05-14 Simon Marlowremove accidentally-committed change
2007-05-14 Simon Marlowfix for Vista workaround: "PATH" can be spelt "Path"
2007-05-14 Manuel M T... Revised signature of tcLookupFamInst and lookupFamInstEnv
2007-05-13 Ian LynaghRemove non-functional uninstall Makefile target
2007-05-13 Ian LynaghMove the libraries bindist generation code into librari...
2007-05-09 Ian LynaghCabal now uses filepath, so we need a bootstrapping...
2007-05-12 Ian LynaghTweak generation of generated files