2011-06-14 Adam Megaczupdate submodule pointer
2011-06-02 Adam Megaczadd support for flattening recursive-let
2011-05-31 Adam Megaczdesugar: do not bother simplifying if we are doing...
2011-05-31 Adam Megaczadapt HetMet extensions to new GHC coercion representation
2011-05-31 Adam Megaczmerge GHC HEAD
2011-05-31 Adam Megaczupdate submodule pointer
2011-05-31 Adam Megaczadd -fsimpleopt-before-flatten
2011-05-30 Johan TibellMake assignTemp_ less pessimistic
2011-05-30 Adam Megaczupdate submodule pointer
2011-05-30 Adam MegaczTcHsType: set the kind for tyvars that occur in explici...
2011-05-30 Adam Megaczextract_lty: remember to check the environment classifier
2011-05-30 Adam Megaczadd -fflatten and -funsafe-skolemize flags
2011-05-29 Ian LynaghRemove most of the CPP from AsmCodeGen
2011-05-29 Duncan CouttsFix build on windows (hopefully)
2011-05-27 Adam Megaczdo flattening before simpleOptPgm so evaluation "order...
2011-05-26 Duncan CouttsEmit various bits of OS process info into the eventlog
2011-05-26 Duncan CouttsAdd capability sets to the tracing/events system
2011-05-26 Duncan CouttsMake the tracing of the startup event more regular
2011-05-26 Duncan CouttsRearrange shutdownCapability code slightly
2011-05-26 Jose Pedro... Merge branch 'ghc-generics'
2011-05-26 Simon Peyton... Merge branch 'master' of
2011-05-26 Simon Peyton... Suppress the alarming SpecConstr message for normal...
2011-05-26 Simon Peyton... Treat the (~) type constructor a bit specially
2011-05-26 Simon Peyton... Merge remote branch 'origin/master' into ghc-generics
2011-05-26 Simon Peyton... Do not be so eager about loading family-instance modules
2011-05-26 Simon Peyton... Rejig the way in which generic default method signature...
2011-05-26 Simon MarlowBump specConstr threshold to match to 10x factor added to
2011-05-25 Ian LynaghRemove unused ghci/ByteCodeFFI.lhs
2011-05-25 Duncan Couttsghc-pkg: report parser warnings when registering packages
2011-05-25 Duncan CouttsProvide the pkgroot value in ghc-pkg dump & describe...
2011-05-25 Simon MarlowsizeExpr: multiply all the sizes by 10, except for...
2011-05-25 Simon Marlowprog_argv and rts_argv now contain *copies* of the...
2011-05-25 Duncan CouttsAdd stricter ghc-pkg checks on package file/dir/url...
2011-05-25 Duncan CouttsImplement ${pkgroot} spec, allows relocatable registere...
2011-05-25 Duncan CouttsDeprecate the ghc-pkg --auto-ghci-libs flag
2011-05-25 Duncan Couttsghc-pkg: don't expand ${name}-style env vars by default
2011-05-25 Jose Pedro... Better output for -ddump-deriv when using generics.
2011-05-25 Simon Marlowdeprecate the -n option (#5180)
2011-05-25 Simon Marlowfix an integer overflow (#5086), and pre-emptively...
2011-05-24 Ian LynaghDisable DatatypeContexts by default
2011-05-24 Simon MarlowFix +RTS -G1 (by deleting code, yay!) (#5026)
2011-05-24 Simon Marlowfix warning
2011-05-24 Simon MarlowInstall the mtl package into the bindist when validatin...
2011-05-24 Simon Marlowfix warnings
2011-05-24 Simon Marlowmake the change to go_pap suggested in #4978. Accordin...
2011-05-24 Simon MarlowAssign more accurate code sizes to primops, so that...
2011-05-24 Simon MarlowTweak sizing heurstics for case expressions (see comments).
2011-05-23 Jose Pedro... Remove comment.
2011-05-23 Jose Pedro... Fix a bug with standalone deriving of Generic instances.
2011-05-23 Simon MarlowMerge branch 'master' of /home/simonmar/ghc-git/.
2011-05-22 Duncan CouttsRevert "Add capability sets to the event system. Contai...
2011-05-22 David M PeixottoAdded utility to uniquely identify ghc repo states
2011-05-21 David TereiFix small type in user guide.
2011-05-20 Jose Pedro... Merge branch 'master' of into...
2011-05-20 Jose Pedro... Merge branch 'ghc-generics' of
2011-05-20 Simon Peyton... Simon's fixes to the generated type instances in Generics
2011-05-19 Johan TibellMake array copy primops inline
2011-05-19 Daniel PeeblesAdd array copy/clone primops
2011-05-19 Dimitrios VytiniotisMerge branch 'master' of
2011-05-18 Simon Marlowadd 'sync-all log'
2011-05-18 Dimitrios VytiniotisMerge remote branch 'origin/master'
2011-05-18 Spencer JanssenAdd capability sets to the event system. Contains code...
2011-05-18 Dimitrios VytiniotisFixes the way we check if flattening happened during
2011-05-17 Duncan CouttsFIX #4825: Update User Guide info on DLLs.
2011-05-17 Dimitrios VytiniotisIntroducing:
2011-05-17 Jose Pedro... Merge branch 'master' of into...
2011-05-16 Edward Z. YangAmend comment per Marlow's comments.
2011-05-16 Adam Megaczupdate submodule pointers
2011-05-15 Max BolingbrokeFix build when DEBUG is on
2011-05-15 Max BolingbrokeUse FractionalLit more extensively to improve other...
2011-05-15 Max BolingbrokeRecord the original text along with parsed Rationals...
2011-05-15 Edward Z. YangWork around lack of saving volatile registers from...
2011-05-15 Edward Z. YangMake -ddump-to-file truncate existing files.
2011-05-15 Edward Z. YangMore aggressive clobber detection with Hp and RegSlot.
2011-05-15 Edward Z. YangSplit -ddump-cmmz into many smaller flags.
2011-05-15 Edward Z. YangMore aggressive CmmRegOff inlining, and fix failure...
2011-05-15 Edward Z. YangGeneralized assignment rewriting pass.
2011-05-15 Ben LippmeierFix build: Add missing import and remove unneeded ...
2011-05-15 Max BolingbrokeAccept '-l foo' as library syntax: fixes #4869
2011-05-15 Adam Megaczupdate submodule pointer
2011-05-15 Adam Megaczupdate submodule pointers
2011-05-14 Max BolingbrokeUnicode fixes, taking into account PEP383 support
2011-05-13 Duncan CouttsMake the GHCi linker handle partially stripped object...
2011-05-12 Jose Pedro... Fix some small things broken with the last merge.
2011-05-12 Ben LippmeierMerge branch 'master' of /Users/benl/devel/ghc/ghc...
2011-05-12 Jose Pedro... Merge branch 'master' of into...
2011-05-12 Jose Pedro... Remove some old code.
2011-05-12 Ben LippmeierRemove scar tissue
2011-05-12 Ben LippmeierWibbles on modules imported by vectoriser
2011-05-12 Ben LippmeierFix build
2011-05-12 Ben LippmeierFollow changes in DPH library: Repr module is gone.
2011-05-12 Ben LippmeierUpdate vectoriser now that PData instances have moved.
2011-05-12 Ben LippmeierUpdate vectoriser now that PRepr has moved
2011-05-12 Ben LippmeierUpdate vectoriser now that Scalar has moved
2011-05-12 Ben LippmeierUpdate vectoriser now that PData has moved.
2011-05-12 Simon Peyton... Merge branch 'master' of
2011-05-12 Simon Peyton... The final batch of changes for the new coercion represe...
2011-05-12 Simon Peyton... Unix line endings for Pair.lhs
2011-05-12 Simon Peyton... Fix Trac #5192: missing case in hsValBindsImplicits
2011-05-12 Simon Peyton... Merge branch 'master' of