2006-08-09 Ross Patersonremove unused FPTOOLS_CHECK_HTYPE macro
2006-08-09 Simon MarlowRemove the artifical cap on the number of workers
2006-08-09 Simon MarlowRemove old FFI syntax
2006-08-09 Simon Marlowmake exit() overridable, for use in DLLs
2006-08-08 simonpj@microsoft.comMore fixes to pre-matching and pre-subsumption
2006-08-08 simonpj@microsoft.comGroup exports so that all length functions are together...
2006-08-08 simonpj@microsoft.comCheck that lazy patterns are for lifted types
2006-08-08 simonpj@microsoft.comSpelling in a comment
2006-08-08 simonpj@microsoft.comRemove srcSpanStartLine/srcSpanEndLine crash
2006-07-06 Duncan CouttsReplace deprecated AC_TRY_COMPILE macro with the reccom...
2006-07-06 Duncan CouttsAdd ghc and version number in .ident directive in NCG
2006-07-06 Duncan CouttsSupport the GNU non-exec stack annotation system
2006-07-03 Duncan CouttsComplain more loudly if any of the hsc2hs phases fail
2006-08-08 Simon MarlowRemember to free() memory on exit
2006-08-08 simonpj@microsoft.comFix pre-subsumption and pre-matching
2006-08-08 simonpj@microsoft.comImprove error message
2006-07-10 Ian LynaghPull out common removal code, and detect does-not-exist...
2006-07-10 Ian LynaghCreate our own directory in the temporary directory...
2006-07-09 Ian LynaghMerge SysTools import declarations
2006-07-09 Ian LynaghDon't freeze the dynamic flags used for filename genera...
2006-07-08 Ian Lynagh#807: Removed double fclose of prof_file
2006-08-07 simonpj@microsoft.comAdd -fextended-default-rules and -fmono-pat-binds
2006-08-07 Simon Marlowadd a comment
2006-08-04 simonpj@microsoft.comDo pre-subsumption in the main subsumption check
2006-08-01 simonpj@microsoft.comMake unification robust to a boxy type variable meeting...
2006-08-04 sven.panne... Added cabal-setup
2006-08-03 Simon MarlowDon't include the package name in a cost centre's modul...
2006-07-20 shae@ScannedInAvian.comAdd a new section "Getting the Source" to both HACKING...
2006-08-01 Simon MarlowsavingOldConfig: add Exception.block for extra paranoia
2006-07-29 Ian LynaghRefactor ghc-pkg
2006-07-30 Ian LynaghNo functionality changes
2006-07-31 simonpj@microsoft.comAdd notes about unsafeCoerce
2006-07-28 Simon Marlow.hi-boot-5 is obsolete; the earliest GHC we support...
2006-07-28 Simon Marlowupdate to match .lhs-boot
2006-07-28 Simon Marlowget ReadP from the right place.
2006-07-27 simonpj@microsoft.comImprove error message for deriving
2006-07-27 simonpj@microsoft.comLazy patterns are like wild-cards for overlap warnings
2006-07-27 Simon Marlowfix some problems with wired-in packages
2006-07-27 Simon Marlowoops, remove old packages when updating
2006-07-27 Simon Marlowfix symbols for GHC.PrimopWrappers
2006-07-27 Simon Marlowa couple more symbols need package names
2006-07-27 simonpj@microsoft.comAdd missing import
2006-07-27 simonpj@microsoft.comMake -fcontext-stack into a dynamic flag
2006-07-26 simonpj@microsoft.comDeal correctly with infix type constructors in GADT...
2006-07-26 simonpj@microsoft.comImprove pretty printing of ConDecl
2006-07-26 Simon Marlowfix parse error (merge-o, I think)
2006-07-26 Simon Marlowfix DEBUG build
2006-07-26 Simon Marlowmissed one symbol that needs a package name
2006-07-26 Simon Marlowchange wired-in Haskell symbols to include the package...
2006-07-25 Simon MarlowUnbox the Unique stored in a Name
2006-07-25 Simon Marlowoptimisations to newUnique
2006-07-25 Simon Marlowtiny bit of extra strictness
2006-07-25 Simon MarlowMake a SplitUniqSupply contain an Int# rather than...
2006-07-25 Simon MarlowUse -package-name rather than -ignore-package
2006-07-25 Simon MarlowRemove most of the conflict checking and auto-hiding
2006-07-25 Simon MarlowGeneralise Package Support
2006-07-25 Simon Marlowcomment formatting
2006-07-06 Simon Marlowunused import
2006-07-06 Simon Marlowunused import
2006-07-04 Simon Marlowremove more Addr bits
2006-07-04 Simon Marlowunused import
2006-07-04 Simon Marlowadd default cases
2006-07-04 Simon Marlowredundant import
2006-07-04 Simon Marlowunused imports
2006-07-04 Simon Marlowunused import
2006-07-04 Simon Marlowremove unused bits, mostly to do with the Addr type
2006-07-24 Simon MarlowIn interface files, store FastStrings rather than OccNa...
2006-07-22 simonpj@microsoft.comAdd -fmono-pat-binds, and make it the default
2006-07-22 simonpj@microsoft.comFix RULES lossage
2006-07-21 Simon MarlowFix broken regex
2006-07-21 Simon Marlowfix bug in sample code
2006-07-19 simonmar@microsoft.comfix eran error message by reordering a couple of tests
2006-07-17 LemmihUse a recursive error handler in case the exception...
2006-07-14 simonpj@microsoft.comCheck for overlap-flag differences in hi files
2006-07-14 simonpj@microsoft.comAdd a clarification about overlapping instances in...
2006-07-12 simonpj@microsoft.comComments and import trimming
2006-07-12 simonpj@microsoft.comExperimental flag -fdicts-cheap
2006-07-12 Malcolm.Wallace... document that -fglasgow-exts is needed for RULES to...
2006-07-12 Simon Marlowdo a better job of ignoring unrecognised pragmas
2006-07-06 Jan RochelDon't z-encode module names in external-core output
2006-07-10 Simon Marlowre-add -fvia-C
2006-06-24 Ian LynaghBe lazier in user config creation, and don't fail on...
2006-07-02 Jan RochelZ-Encode external-core output
2006-07-02 Jan RochelAdd %local-tag to external core output
2006-07-03 Alec BerrymanRemove bashisms from darcs-all
2006-07-04 Duncan CouttsFix for warning message (bug #812)
2006-07-03 simonpj@microsoft.comThe dict-bindings in an IPBinds need not be in dependen...
2006-07-04 Simon Marlowx86 needs -fno-unit-at-a-time too
2006-06-29 Simon Marlowx86-64: fix a problem exposed by negative offsets in...
2006-06-29 Simon MarlowNo longer force -fvia-C for the RTS, it can now be...
2006-06-29 Simon MarlowReplace inline C functions with C-- macros in .cmm...
2006-06-29 Simon Marlowremove conditionals from definition of StgRegTable
2006-06-29 Simon Marlowmpz_foo() functions are really called __gmpz_foo()...
2006-06-29 Simon Marlowuse the new "prim %write_barrier()" in .cmm instead...
2006-06-29 Simon Marlowfix some problems with the fixup block code
2006-06-29 Simon Marlowsmall optimisation: eliminate more register-to-register...
2006-06-29 Simon Marlownew syntax: "prim %OP (args)" for using CallishMachOps...
2006-06-29 Simon Marlowadd MO_WriteBarrier to CallishMachOps
2006-06-29 Simon MarlowUse -fno-strict-aliasing for *all* C files in the runtime
2006-06-23 Simon Marlowthe unlifted kind