make Runtime._syscall() protected so it can be overridden from outside the package
[nestedvm.git] / upstream / Makefile
2012-06-20 Adam Megaczadd freetype dependency for libgd
2012-06-20 Adam Megaczadd zlib dependency for libpng
2012-06-20 Brent BaccalaAdded/updated libraries: zlib, freetype, libpng, libico...
2012-05-01 Adam Megaczswitch gcclass and classgen from darcs to git
2010-05-09 megaczmove some upstream materials from to neste...
2010-05-09 Aaron Simmonsmake nestedvm work with gcc-4.2
2010-01-27 Adam Megaczupdate url for regex3.8a
2009-11-07 Jay AndersonUpgrade libjpeg to version 7.
2009-06-28 Adam Megaczroll back busybox to 1.0pre9
2009-06-14 megaczfix bug in darcs get
2009-06-14 megaczuse darcs to acquire darcs repos
2009-06-07 adamupdate busybox support
2009-06-07 adamreorganize upstream/Makefile, update download urls
2009-06-07 adamupdate url for mspack
2009-06-07 adamadd upstream/tasks/build_nasm
2009-06-07 adamadd upstream/tasks/everything target
2009-06-07 adamfactor out $(sourceforge) variable in upstream/Makefile
2009-01-04 adamadd #define __NESTEDVM__ to sys/config.h
2009-01-04 adamwhitespace adjustment
2007-06-19 brianfix some unistd functions
2006-12-16 Brian Allietfix fortran breakage in gcc 3.3.6
2006-12-16 Brian Allietupdgrade to gcc 3.3.6
2006-12-16 brianconflict resolution
2006-11-14 David Crawshawupdate upstream source locations
2006-10-21 adamadded zlib and expat targets
2006-10-21 adamupdated regex library download location
2006-10-13 adamupdate newlib url
2006-05-29 adamupdated download URLs
2005-08-09 adamfixed up Makefile to make emacs happy, updated download...
2005-12-14 Brian Allietfix upstream urls
2005-11-15 brianadd gmp to makefile
2004-07-16 brianfix amd64 bug in gcc
2004-07-01 briangcclass hints (YOU NEED TO UPDATE upstream/build/gcclass)
2004-07-01 briansamba in makefile
2004-07-01 brianuse newlib/libc/unix
2004-06-28 briansanity checks before extraction fix
2004-06-28 briansanity checks before extraction
2004-06-05 briancleanup, more efficient exec, better win32 support
2004-06-01 briansingle-float
2004-06-01 brianmakefile darcs wget fix
2004-05-28 brianmy backup dns provider sucks
2004-05-28 brianwget fallback for darcs
2004-05-27 briannew classgen part 1
2004-05-22 brianUNDO: split gcclass into extract/build
2004-05-22 briansplit gcclass into extract/build
2004-05-22 briansolaris sucks
2004-05-21 brianno GCC_FOR_TARGET
2004-05-21 brianno -Werror for upstream
2004-05-21 briantype in makefile.upstream
2004-05-21 brianno -Werror for busybox
2004-05-21 brianfix gcc urls
2004-05-21 brianmajor TeX cleanup
2004-05-21 brianyet more conflict resolution
2004-05-21 brianmore conflict resolution
2004-05-21 brianmove extra headers
2004-05-11 adamUNDO: added linpack benchmark
2004-05-10 adamUNDO: clobber GCC_FOR_TARGET; this should solve the...
2004-05-21 brianconflict resolution
2004-05-21 briangpc support
2004-05-21 brianupstream dep fixes
2004-05-21 brianno binutils builtin linker script
2004-05-21 briancleaner gcc build process
2004-05-12 briang77/linpack
2004-05-14 adambuild TeX, use it to compile paper
2004-05-14 adamadded tex stuff
2004-05-11 adamadded linpack benchmark
2004-05-11 adamadded TeX target
2004-05-11 adambugfix on pathnames
2004-05-11 adamswitch to gcc 3.3.0, add gpc and g77 fortran
2004-05-10 adamclobber GCC_FOR_TARGET; this should solve the specs...
2004-05-10 adamdump specs before pass2
2004-05-09 briancompact runtime jar
2004-05-09 briancleanup
2004-05-08 briannew busybox
2004-05-08 briannew syscall stubs
2004-05-05 brianmake plain old gcc -o foo foo.c work
2004-04-16 brianorg.xwt.mips -> org.ibex.nestedvm
2004-04-04 brianusr variable for build process
2004-03-16 adamimported brians code