2014-07-11 Adam Megaczmake Runtime._syscall() protected so it can be overridd... master
2012-06-20 Brent BaccalaFix two bugs in UnixRuntime and change Pipe class to...
2012-06-20 Adam Megaczadd freetype dependency for libgd
2012-06-20 Adam Megaczadd zlib dependency for libpng
2012-06-20 Brent BaccalaAdded/updated libraries: zlib, freetype, libpng, libico...
2012-05-01 Adam Megaczswitch gcclass and classgen from darcs to git
2010-06-08 Adam Megaczclarify licensing
2010-05-09 megaczmove some upstream materials from to neste...
2010-05-09 Aaron Simmonsmake nestedvm work with gcc-4.2
2010-01-27 Adam Megaczupdate url for regex3.8a
2009-11-07 Jay AndersonUpgrade libjpeg to version 7.
2009-11-07 Adam Megaczadd a .gitignore file
2009-08-09 Adam Megaczupdate make push target
2009-08-09 Adam Megaczadd make snapshot target
2009-08-09 Adam Megaczdisable recursive-wget; it does not work
2009-06-28 Adam Megaczroll back busybox to 1.0pre9
2009-06-28 Adam Megaczadd build/.gitignore to work around the unfortunate...
2009-06-14 megaczfix bug in darcs get
2009-06-14 megaczadd upstream/{tasks,build}
2009-06-14 megaczuse darcs to acquire darcs repos
2009-06-07 adamupdate busybox support
2009-06-07 adamreorganize upstream/Makefile, update download urls
2009-06-07 adamupdate url for mspack
2009-06-07 adamadd upstream/tasks/build_nasm
2009-06-07 adamadd upstream/tasks/everything target
2009-06-07 adamfactor out $(sourceforge) variable in upstream/Makefile
2009-06-07 adamfrom contrib/parallel_build
2009-01-04 adamadd #define __NESTEDVM__ to sys/config.h
2009-01-04 adamwhitespace adjustment
2008-03-13 David Crawshawadd /cygdrive support
2007-06-30 David Crawshawsupport unlink before close (from Joe Wilson)
2007-06-30 David Crawshawavoid file length caching in fstat (from Joe Wilson)
2007-06-28 Brian Allietfix path to util.Sort in unix_runtime.jar
2007-06-19 brianfix some unistd functions
2007-06-17 brianfix the java source compiler
2007-02-14 brianupdate the path to the jpeg test image
2007-06-17 adamadd slides from ivme talk
2007-01-07 David Crawshawsupport fsync()
2006-12-17 David Crawshawabstract RandomAccessFile.setLength() for Jdk11 support
2006-12-16 Brian Allietadd push target to makefile
2006-12-16 Brian Allietfix fortran breakage in gcc 3.3.6
2006-12-16 Brian Allietupdgrade to gcc 3.3.6
2006-12-16 brianconflict resolution
2006-11-14 David Crawshawupdate upstream source locations
2006-12-08 David Crawshawmoving locking code into UnixRuntime and use GlobalScop...
2006-11-27 David Crawshawadd stop()
2006-11-22 David Crawshawsupport utf-8 strings
2006-11-22 David Crawshawmark executable
2006-11-20 David Crawshawimport classgen's Sort utility class, better to replica...
2006-11-18 David Crawshawmake lookupSymbol() publicly accessible
2006-11-18 David Crawshawclose all fcntl locks when a file descriptor for the...
2006-11-18 David Crawshawhave cstring() return null if passed a null pointer
2006-11-18 David Crawshawsupport F_SETLK / F_GETLK commands in the fcntl() syscall
2006-11-18 David Crawshawadd ftruncate() syscall
2006-10-21 adamadded zlib and expat targets
2006-10-21 adamupdated regex library download location
2006-10-13 adamupdate newlib url
2006-05-29 adamupdated download URLs
2005-08-09 adamfixed up Makefile to make emacs happy, updated download...
2006-08-24 brianfix makefile for new gcclass
2006-05-27 brianallow access to every "root" on the host fs (ie other...
2006-05-27 brianfix minor bug in Win32ConsoleIS
2006-05-27 brianadd Platform.listRoots()
2006-05-22 brianautomatically set gp register
2005-12-15 brianremove win32 debuggin
2005-12-15 brianfinally do win32 paths right
2005-12-15 brianset TMPDIR
2005-12-15 brianremove debugging stuff
2005-12-15 brianfix md5sum again
2005-12-14 Brian Allietfix upstream urls
2005-12-15 briantypo in
2005-12-15 briantarget 1.3 vms
2005-12-15 brianResourceFS
2005-12-15 brianfind a gnu md5sum
2005-12-15 brianupdate for new classgen api
2005-12-14 brianbetter handling of alignment errors
2005-12-14 brianbuild jdk1.3 classes
2005-12-14 brianbuild unix_runtime.jar
2005-11-15 brianadd gmp to makefile
2005-07-03 brianupdate nestedvm for new classgen api again
2005-07-02 adamUNDO: harmonize nestedvm and latest classgen changes
2005-07-02 adamharmonize nestedvm and latest classgen changes
2005-06-07 brianupdate nestedvm for the new classgen api
2005-06-07 briannew filesystem stuff
2004-08-04 briangetuser
2004-08-04 briancleanup elf stuff
2004-08-04 brianinclude sourcename in runtime compiled binaries, more...
2004-08-04 brianmore syscall stubs
2004-08-04 brianbug in getParentFile()
2004-08-04 brianfew more syscalls
2004-08-04 brianfix for really stupid O_EXCL bug
2005-01-04 adamlicensing update to APSL 2.0
2004-07-16 brianfix amd64 bug in gcc
2004-07-01 briangcclass hints (YOU NEED TO UPDATE upstream/build/gcclass)
2004-07-01 brianremove bash dependency2
2004-07-01 brianremove bash dependency
2004-07-01 briangcclass dep problem
2004-07-01 brianntlmauth.jar
2004-07-01 brianexec() cleanup
2004-07-01 brianupstream dep fix