ask Brian a question
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2005-07-04 adamask Brian a question
2005-07-04 adamfix annoying lack of space between "if" and "("
2005-07-04 brianbeginnings of type unification code
2005-07-04 brianuse push more
2005-07-04 brianuse
2005-07-04 brianfix totally broken jssa array handling
2005-07-04 briancreate binding for all expressions already evaluated
2005-07-04 briando not generate ops for load insns
2005-07-04 brianimplement bipush/sipush
2005-07-04 brianJSSA.Seq to for evaluation of an expr
2005-07-03 brianvoid methods are ops, others are not, this still isn...
2005-07-03 brianinstance methods sort of work
2005-07-03 briancleanup POP/DUP
2005-07-03 briando not push void method results
2005-07-03 brianfix Constant() constructor
2005-07-03 brianadd "this" for first arg
2005-07-03 brianbetter error reporting (pc and method name)
2005-07-03 brianbetter stack overflow checking
2005-07-03 briancleanup math ops
2005-07-03 brianstack overflow checking
2005-07-03 briansome more sanity checks on expression types
2005-07-03 brianadded VOID_EXPR
2005-07-03 brianget maxStack/maxLocals from MethodGen
2005-07-03 brianfix array instructions in jssa
2005-07-03 brianditch debugToString
2005-07-03 brianadd JSSA.Constant(int) to get JSSA to compile
2005-07-02 adamok, really added JSSA