pulled {Method,Member,Field}Ref into Type.Class; made them inner classes; much cleaner
[org.ibex.classgen.git] / src / org / ibex / classgen / MethodGen.java
2005-06-03 adampulled {Method,Member,Field}Ref into Type.Class; made...
2005-06-03 adameliminated MethodRef.I
2005-06-03 adamcleanup of MethodRef, FieldRef, MemberRef
2005-06-03 adamClassGen->ClassFile, ClassGen.FieldOrMethodRef->MemberRef
2005-06-03 adamrenamed Type.fromDescriptor() to Type.instance()
2005-06-03 adamintroduced Type.Ref as common superclass of Type.Class...
2005-06-03 adammassive cleanup of Type.java; introduced human-readable...
2005-06-03 adamfinished support for reading in everything except metho...
2005-06-03 adamformatting only: added spaces after commas
2005-06-02 adamgot it to compile
2004-06-03 brianoptimized constant pool
2004-06-03 briancleanup WIDE stuff
2004-06-01 brianWIDE support
2004-05-30 brianmisc cleanup and javadoc comments
2004-05-30 brianfix iinc bug
2004-05-29 brianminor bug fixes
2004-05-29 brianbetter error for modification attempts after finish()
2004-05-28 brianoff by one overflow check bug
2004-05-28 brianoff by one SIPUSH error (not a bug)
2004-05-28 brianmisc cleanup/perf enhancement
2004-05-28 brianmore sanity checking
2004-05-27 briancp cleanup, setsourcefile
2004-05-27 briantons more stuff
2004-05-27 brianfix xSTORE bugs
2004-05-26 briantons of stuff
2004-05-25 briansort of working