bugfix; removed isValidDescriptorName(); it wasn't doing anything
[org.ibex.classgen.git] / src / org / ibex / classgen / Type.java
2005-06-03 adambugfix; removed isValidDescriptorName(); it wasn't...
2005-06-03 adammade the makeArray() methods into instance methods
2005-06-03 adamfinished support for reading in everything except metho...
2005-06-03 adamstubs for functions which should not be invoked on...
2005-06-03 adamrenamed Type.Array.arrayify to _initHelper
2005-06-03 adamformatting only: added spaces after commas
2005-06-03 adamadded Type.Array
2005-06-01 briantotally broken reading support - does not compile
2004-05-30 brianmisc cleanup and javadoc comments
2004-05-28 brianfix Type.equals
2004-05-26 briantons of stuff
2004-05-25 briansort of working