2005-07-03 brianstack overflow checking
2005-07-03 briansome more sanity checks on expression types
2005-07-03 brianadded VOID_EXPR
2005-07-03 brianget maxStack/maxLocals from MethodGen
2005-07-03 brianfix array instructions in jssa
2005-07-03 brianmake test for JSSA
2005-07-03 brianstart to fix the interface problem
2005-07-03 brianditch debugToString
2005-07-03 brianlast ditch efford to separate names and type descriptors
2005-07-03 adamadded preliminary version of classgen-ified ArenaJ
2005-07-03 adamadded Type.Class.getBody
2005-07-03 adamfixed HIDEOUS bug in ConstantPool -- was circumventing...
2005-07-03 adammore accessor methods for ClassFile and Type.Class
2005-07-03 adamrefactored tons of functionality into Class.Body and...
2005-07-03 adamrefactored functionality out of FieldGen into Type...
2005-07-03 adamreplace Type.instance()
2005-07-03 adamrepair breakage
2005-07-03 brianadd JSSA.Constant(int) to get JSSA to compile
2005-07-03 brianmake Type abstract
2005-07-02 brianadded Type.Primitive, generate toString() output on...
2005-07-02 brianMember.getDescriptor
2005-07-02 brianmove field type descriptor parsing to, like...
2005-07-02 brianadd VALID_FIELD_FLAGS (like VALID_METHOD_FLAGS)
2005-07-02 brianClass.method(sig)
2005-07-03 adamadded Type.Field.Body and Type.Class.Body
2005-07-03 adamadded convenience methods to HasFlags
2005-07-03 adamremove no-longer-necessary equals() and hashCode()...
2005-07-02 brianfix the field type descriptor bug (again :) )
2005-07-02 adammade ClassFile(DataInput) public
2005-07-02 adamok, really added JSSA
2005-07-01 adammassive refactoring of method-body-printing; see Type...
2005-07-01 adammajor updates to JSSA
2005-07-01 adamgot JSSA to the point where it compiles, but doesn...
2005-06-30 adammassive rewrite of
2005-06-27 adammore reformatting
2005-06-27 adamformatting
2005-06-27 adamformatting
2005-06-27 adambugfixes
2005-06-27 adamreformatting
2005-06-27 adamremoved redundant ownerInterface argument
2005-06-27 adamrefactored a lot of functionality up from MethodGen...
2005-06-27 adammass rename: ACC_FOO
2005-06-27 adambrians changes to ClassFile
2005-06-27 adambrians changes to MethodGen
2005-06-27 adambrians changes to FieldGen
2005-06-27 adambrians changes to ConstantPool
2005-06-27 adamun-fixed
2005-06-27 adamupdates to CGConsts, generator program
2005-06-03 adamadded
2005-06-03 adamjust a variable renaming
2005-06-03 adamformatting only
2005-06-03 adamLongEnt split into DoubleEnt and LongEnt
2005-06-03 adamrename CPGen -> ConstantPool
2005-06-03 adamremoved ClassFile.sourceFile; use attributes.get()...
2005-06-03 adampulled {Method,Member,Field}Ref into Type.Class; made...
2005-06-03 adamfixed bug where ['s were getting appended instead of...
2005-06-03 adameliminated MethodRef.I
2005-06-03 adamcleanup of MethodRef, FieldRef, MemberRef
2005-06-03 adamClassGen->ClassFile, ClassGen.FieldOrMethodRef->MemberRef
2005-06-03 adambroke IntEnt into IntEnt and FloatEnt
2005-06-03 adammade all CPGen.FooEnt classes non-static, since they...
2005-06-03 adamrenamed Type.fromDescriptor() to Type.instance()
2005-06-03 adamintroduced Type.Ref as common superclass of Type.Class...
2005-06-03 adammassive cleanup of; introduced human-readable...
2005-06-03 adamformatting only
2005-06-03 adambugfix; removed isValidDescriptorName(); it wasn't...
2005-06-03 adammade the makeArray() methods into instance methods
2005-06-03 adamfinished support for reading in everything except metho...
2005-06-03 adamimplemented AttrGen(DataInput)
2005-06-03 adamstubs for functions which should not be invoked on...
2005-06-03 adamrenamed Type.Array.arrayify to _initHelper
2005-06-03 adamformatting only: added spaces after commas
2005-06-03 adamadded Type.Array
2005-06-02 adamgot it to compile
2005-06-01 briantotally broken reading support - does not compile
2004-06-04 brianremove debugging changes
2004-06-03 brianoptimized constant pool
2004-06-03 briancleanup WIDE stuff
2004-06-01 brianinterface support
2004-06-01 brianWIDE support
2004-05-30 brianhtml fix
2004-05-30 briandoc cleanup
2004-05-30 brianlicense stuff
2004-05-30 brianmisc cleanup and javadoc comments
2004-05-30 brianadd support for ConstantValue attribute
2004-05-30 brianfix iinc bug
2004-05-29 brianminor bug fixes
2004-05-29 brianbetter error for modification attempts after finish()
2004-05-28 brianoff by one overflow check bug
2004-05-28 brianoff by one SIPUSH error (not a bug)
2004-05-28 brianmisc cleanup/perf enhancement
2004-05-28 brianfix Type.equals
2004-05-28 brianmore sanity checking
2004-05-27 briancp cleanup, setsourcefile
2004-05-27 brianlast few fixmes
2004-05-27 briantons more stuff
2004-05-27 brianfix xSTORE bugs
2004-05-26 briantons of stuff
2004-05-25 briansort of working