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last changeSun, 22 Jul 2007 02:21:04 +0000 (02:21 +0000)
2007-07-22 adamfix nasty bug in numerical comparison in Interpreter master
2005-12-23 adammoved from to...
2005-04-11 adambugfix
2005-03-25 adamadded JSReflection.Wrap
2005-02-27 adamadded JSSubProperties
2005-02-21 adamadded support for writing Fountains in js.Directory
2005-02-18 adammade JSPrimitive subclasses public
2005-02-18 adamfixed the new 1-arg JSDate constructor
2005-02-18 adamadded a new ctor for JSDate
2005-02-18 adammade JSArray's constructors public
2005-02-18 adamadd convenient wrappers for Java Enumerations
2005-01-17 adammove LocalStorage from core to plat
2005-01-17 adamfix bug: LoopMarker is not an instance of JS (yet)
2005-01-17 adaminclude CALLMETHOD and GET_PRESERVE as acceptable resta...
2005-01-17 adamremove obsolete grammar stuff
2005-01-17 adamfix JSArgs bugs
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