print out tokens in IMAP
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2008-03-02 adamprint out tokens in IMAP
2008-03-01 adamupdate naming in
2008-03-01 adamcomment out BODYSTRUCTURE
2008-03-01 adamoptimize to return a "bodyless message" when...
2008-03-01 adamuse maxuid() in
2007-07-22 adamhighly suspicious changes to
2007-07-22 adamlowercase the name of the inbox
2007-07-22 adamdo not set flag if already set
2007-07-22 adamimprove mailbox-not-found logic
2007-07-22 adamline break
2007-07-22 adamforce lowercase on trash folder
2007-07-15 adammisc note in IMAP
2007-07-09 adamrename MailboxTree -> MailTree
2007-07-09 adamadd mailbox acls, further separate Mailbox and MailboxTree
2007-07-08 adamMailbox -> MailboxTree separation
2007-07-05 adameliminate logging in Connection class
2007-07-05 adamimprove PEEK logic in IMAP
2007-07-05 adamdont add ID capability for IMAP; we dont support it
2007-03-17 adamfix date parsing bug in IMAP
2007-03-17 adamadd finally to dump connection log in IMAP
2007-03-17 adammore robust parsing using token(boolean)
2007-03-17 adamslightly cleaner refactoring of where lastuid
2007-03-17 adamadapt to message lengths being a long
2007-03-17 adamuse a Fountain for payload
2007-03-17 adamIMAP: clean up imports and comments
2007-03-17 adamclean up imports and comments in IMAP
2007-02-28 adamreshuffling of file locations to make package structure...