2008-03-02 adamprint out tokens in IMAP
2008-03-02 adamadd setFastButDangerous()
2008-03-01 adamadd SqliteDB.close(ResultSet) and use it
2008-03-01 adammake SqliteMailbox.insert() synchronized
2008-03-01 adamharmless commenting and reorg in SMTP
2008-03-01 adamswitch getMailExchangerIPs() to DNSUtil
2008-03-01 adamupdate naming in
2008-03-01 adamcomment out BODYSTRUCTURE
2008-03-01 adamoptimize to return a "bodyless message" when...
2008-03-01 adamuse maxuid() in
2008-03-01 adamremove messageid_ uniqueness constraint
2008-03-01 adamclean up loose ends in SqliteMailbox
2008-03-01 adamimproved implementation of head() for SqliteMailbox
2008-03-01 adamuse SqliteDB.streamToString() in SqliteMailbox
2008-03-01 adamrefuse duplicate messageids in SqliteMailbox
2008-03-01 adamhandle more types of Query in SqliteMailbox
2008-03-01 adamadd imap number cache to SqliteMailbox
2008-03-01 adamSqliteMailbox: index columns
2008-03-01 adamuse reverse DNS for EHLO/HELO
2008-03-01 adamadd delayed retry for SMTP
2008-03-01 adamadd allmail to gather copies of all messages passing...
2008-03-01 adamcommenting in
2008-03-01 adamadd decent Query.toString()
2008-03-01 adamcreate sqlite mailboxes by default
2008-03-01 adamadd hack to deal with comcast pathetic retry policy
2008-03-01 adamchange fetch() to fetchResponse() in
2008-03-01 adamcommenting in
2008-03-01 adamadd maxuid() method to
2008-03-01 adamadd todo items to MailingList
2008-03-01 adammake REAP_EXPIRATION a parameter
2008-03-01 adamadd createIndex()
2008-03-01 adammove streamToString to
2008-03-01 adammake questionable improvements to mail.clamav.check()
2008-03-01 adamimprove parsing of dcc responses
2008-03-01 adammove streamToString to
2008-03-01 adamadd createIndex() calls to Whitelist
2008-03-01 adamremove comment
2008-03-01 adamadd mail.DNSUtil for reverse lookups
2007-07-22 adamhighly suspicious changes to
2007-07-22 adamlowercase the name of the inbox
2007-07-22 adamdo not set flag if already set
2007-07-22 adamimprove mailbox-not-found logic
2007-07-22 adamline break
2007-07-22 adamforce lowercase on trash folder
2007-07-22 adamSqliteMailbox: massive overhauld
2007-07-22 adamSqliteDB: bug fixes
2007-07-22 adambetter DCC interface
2007-07-22 adamremove unecessary methods
2007-07-22 adamnote to self
2007-07-22 adambe more tolerant of crud lying around in FilebasedMailboxes
2007-07-22 adambetter .sqlite mailbox autodetection
2007-07-22 adamuse HashMap rather than WeakHashMap
2007-07-15 adamrename SqliteJdbcMailbox -> SqliteMailbox
2007-07-15 adamadd uid_ to SqliteJdbcMailbox
2007-07-15 adamfix IMAP semantics
2007-07-15 adamSqliteTable: fixups to schema handling
2007-07-15 adambreak out SqliteTable
2007-07-15 adamrename SqliteTable -> SqliteDB
2007-07-15 adamfactor reap() out of SqliteTable constructor
2007-07-15 adammisc note in IMAP
2007-07-09 adamrevamp NNTP support
2007-07-09 adambugfixes
2007-07-09 adamrename MailboxTree -> MailTree
2007-07-09 adamadd mailbox acls, further separate Mailbox and MailboxTree
2007-07-08 adamadd .txt to spam links
2007-07-08 adamuse ThreadPool and Cron
2007-07-08 adamsynthesize messageids when necessary
2007-07-08 adamMailbox -> MailboxTree separation
2007-07-05 adamimprove logic for header-stripping in
2007-07-05 adameliminate logging in Connection class
2007-07-05 adammajor revamp due to new Message constructors
2007-07-05 adamdrop connection after too many bad recipients
2007-07-05 adamfix horrible SMTP exception code bug
2007-07-05 adamimprove PEEK logic in IMAP
2007-07-05 adamdont add ID capability for IMAP; we dont support it
2007-07-05 adamadd body jsproperty to MIME
2007-07-05 adamhacks for flaky dns
2007-07-05 adamremove private stuff from MailmanArchives
2007-07-05 adamadd setCacheSize()
2007-07-05 adamfiddling with Main
2007-07-05 adamreorganize
2007-07-05 adamsynchronize Whitelist methods and whitelist all three...
2007-03-17 adamminor cleanup in
2007-03-17 adammore efficient MailboxIterator.head() in FileBasedMailbox
2007-03-17 adammassive refactoring of Headers class
2007-03-17 adamWhitelist cleanup
2007-03-17 adamadd fastButDangerous to SqliteTable
2007-03-17 adamupdate
2007-03-17 adamminor refactoring in SMTP
2007-03-17 adamauto-whitelist people we send email to
2007-03-17 adamSMTP-AUTH
2007-03-17 adamadvertise ESMTP
2007-03-17 adamaccept->enqueue
2007-03-17 adamcleanups in POP3
2007-03-17 adammore efficient stream usage in NNTP
2007-03-17 adammore efficient concatenation in Message
2007-03-17 adamchange some commenting in Message
2007-03-17 adamsome header comments in Message
2007-03-17 adamuse kerberos auth
2007-03-17 adammore robustness in Main