2005-10-12 adamadded -J option to preserve unmodified files in preexis... master
2005-01-16 adamreturn nonzero exit code on error
2005-01-07 adamadded jsswitch
2005-01-05 crawshawfix compiler error on processing bad code
2005-01-04 adamlicensing update to APSL 2.0
2004-12-31 crawshawminor unexpected error report improvement
2004-12-31 crawshawremove access restriction warnings
2004-12-31 crawshawcorrect finding of system classes
2004-12-31 crawshawimport eclipse 3.1 M4 compiler
2004-12-29 adamremoved Makefile; lifted repo/org.ibex.tool/src/ to...
2004-12-27 adamMakefile fixup
2004-12-27 adamMakefile reorg
2004-12-27 adamtotally new file layout
2004-12-27 adambe more specific about compiler options
2004-12-27 adambe quiet
2004-12-27 adamadded -w to suppress warnings
2004-12-27 adamcleanup to verbose (-v) code
2004-12-27 adamMakefile: org.ibex.tool.Compiler now bootstraps itself
2004-12-27 adamadded progress indicator to -v, added -V
2004-12-27 adamadded support for -j and -m
2004-12-27 adamfixed buglet with -v
2004-12-27 adamremoved duplicate miscapitalized setbuilddir()
2004-12-27 adammade Compiler default to --help if no arguments given
2004-12-27 adamfixed Makefile to deal with unified src/
2004-12-27 adammerged src/java and src/rsc
2004-12-23 crawshawsupport subclasses accessing protected fields
2004-12-09 crawshawimport multiple replacements from ibex core
2004-12-09 crawshawcorrectly output preprocessor errors
2004-12-09 crawshawaccept multiple file source locations and add verbose...
2004-11-24 crawshawminor bug fixes
2004-11-23 crawshawuse binary files as class source if compiling the sourc...
2004-11-23 crawshawoptimise Makefile to reduce build times
2004-11-23 crawshawremove incorrect COPYING file, and revert Preprocessor...
2004-11-23 crawshawonly compile class if source file is newer than binary
2004-11-23 crawshawonly produce warnings if there are no errors
2004-11-23 crawshawimproved error output
2004-11-23 crawshawadd Makefile
2004-11-23 crawshawprocess Preprocessor define property
2004-11-23 crawshawadd debug variable
2004-11-23 crawshawfix multiple bugs and add package support. compiler...
2004-11-23 crawshawmove resource files out of src directory
2004-11-22 crawshawadd constants support to compiler
2004-11-22 crawshawinitial ibex compiler frontend
2004-11-22 crawshawimport eclipse core compiler plugin (version 3.0.1)
2004-11-20 crawshawmove to org.ibex.tool
2004-11-16 crawshawadd #else support to #ifdef
2004-11-16 crawshawremove Makefile
2004-11-07 crawshawadd Makefile
2004-11-07 crawshawadd version and copying files
2004-11-07 crawshawadd ifdef support and initial system properties to...
2004-11-07 crawshawinitial import of Preprocessor