2010-10-10 adamfix ThreadPool bug master
2008-03-01 adamadd
2008-03-01 adamadd printStackTrace() method to
2007-08-08 adamnote to self
2008-11-09 adamremove unnecessary import
2007-07-22 adammake RobustDateParser more robust
2007-07-15 adamThreadPool bugfix
2007-07-08 adamadd toBase64String stub
2007-07-08 adamadd Cron
2007-07-08 adamimprove ThreadPool
2007-07-05 adamadd RobustDateParser
2007-07-05 adamadd Misc.sleep()
2007-03-17 adamadd Hash.dumpkeys() that takes a preallocated array...
2007-01-01 adamcommented out body of STF
2006-12-02 adamadded
2006-09-09 adamuse enumerateKeys()
2006-02-04 adamadded ImmortalThread
2006-01-17 adamcope with null as first argument to Log
2005-07-02 adamadded Hash.vals(); this is a temporary hack to be remov...
2005-05-29 adambugfix on Encode.longToFloat1
2005-06-30 adamadded experimental Signals class
2005-04-11 adamanother bugfix
2005-03-25 adamadded destination option for GetDep
2005-03-18 adamadded Misc class
2005-03-18 adamadded ThreadPool class
2005-02-21 adamadded mail codecs to
2005-02-18 adamfixed David's awful breakage to the pull-parser
2005-02-18 adammade XML.Elem public
2005-02-18 adamadded a convenience constructor to
2005-01-28 adamadd 2float<->long encoder/decoder
2005-02-14 adamadded a FEATURE comment
2005-01-16 adamHash->HashMap, add Basket.Queue
2005-01-15 adamfix the total mess in
2005-01-11 adamstring overflow bugfix
2005-01-08 crawshawmake cache pointer arrays large enough to match hash
2005-01-08 crawshawfix indexmultiple setting
2005-01-07 crawshawexpose double array sort function in Basket.Array
2005-01-06 crawshawreplace Callback with Callable/Pausable
2005-01-07 adamadded Basket.Queue placeholder
2005-01-06 adamadded
2005-01-06 crawshawremake Cache on top of Basket.Hash
2005-01-06 crawshawupdate CAB to use Baskets
2005-01-06 crawshawupdate CachedInputStream
2005-01-06 crawshawrename BrowserLauncher and fix compiler warning
2005-01-06 crawshawupdate Log to use Baskets and remove deprecated API...
2005-01-06 crawshawupdate LineReader to use Baskets
2005-01-06 crawshawupdate XML, introducing abstract tree parsing, DOM...
2005-01-06 crawshawfix compiler warnings in Simplex
2005-01-06 crawshawmerge encoders into
2005-01-04 adamlicensing update to APSL 2.0
2004-12-29 adamadded Encode.JavaSourceCode.decode()
2004-12-29 adamadded org.ibex.util.Encode.JavaSourceCode
2004-09-27 adamUNDO: Adam seriously mangles in the process...
2004-12-27 adamditched Preprocessor
2004-12-27 adamremoved Task (moved to org.ibex.js)
2004-12-27 adamdropped Grammar, removed dependency on org.ibex.js
2004-10-30 adamsmarter logging of exception stack traces
2004-10-30 adammerge Vec
2004-10-30 adamadded smarter exception logging
2004-10-30 adamadded serialversionuid for Hash
2004-10-19 adamhacks ot make Hash serializable
2004-09-27 adamAdam seriously mangles in the process of addin...
2004-09-23 adamimported Brian's updated version of BalancedTree
2004-09-03 adamadded ability to count to Semaphore class
2004-08-16 adammade notebuf (temporarily) public
2004-08-03 adamadded Base64.InputStream
2004-07-20 adamcopyInto() now returns its argument
2004-07-13 adamremoved scheduler
2004-07-13 adamremoved MSPack
2004-07-13 adamremoved NanoGoat
2004-07-13 adamimported Base64
2004-07-13 adamadded multi-input processing to Preprocessor
2004-07-13 adammade independent of gnu.regexp and...
2004-07-08 adaminitial import