2004-12-07 crawshawextra comments master
2004-12-07 crawshawadd mkdir and replace functions
2004-12-05 crawshawupdate to handle returning old version from put() funct...
2004-12-05 crawshawnew xt shell based on JS transparency layer
2004-12-05 crawshawfix scope bug in transaction handling
2004-11-29 crawshawmove transaction scope management into
2004-11-28 crawshawimprove ls output
2004-11-28 crawshawadd set command and switch completely to . as an object...
2004-11-28 crawshawbugfixes and working rm command
2004-11-28 crawshawgive its own package
2004-11-28 crawshawadd rm command
2004-11-27 crawshawintroduce cd function into shell
2004-11-27 crawshawintroduce a shell command object
2004-11-26 crawshawinitial framwork for xt shell
2004-11-25 crawshawreturn correct content type
2004-11-25 crawshawfix eval bug
2004-11-25 crawshaweval expressions in normal html attributes
2004-11-25 crawshawseperate JSScope and update for new Tree interfaces
2004-11-25 crawshawintroduce global attribute processing
2004-11-25 crawshawtemplate inclusion now works
2004-11-25 crawshawadd redirect tag support
2004-11-24 crawshawintroduce a signalling exception and improve error...
2004-11-24 crawshawfix attribute processing bug, but introduce questionabl...
2004-11-24 crawshawremove unused package imports
2004-11-24 crawshawprocess if attribute on all elements
2004-11-24 crawshawmake session object directly editable
2004-11-24 crawshawpatch for rearrangement of ibex packages
2004-11-24 crawshawmove to org.ibex.xt
2004-11-24 crawshawnewer, better Makefile
2004-11-24 crawshawadd Makefile
2004-11-16 crawshawreorganise imports for new Collections conflict class
2004-11-16 crawshawfixes for moving ibex.js to collections
2004-11-16 crawshawreorganise for new collections
2004-11-16 crawshawinitial support for XML.Document
2004-10-30 adamreenable XML snapshots
2004-10-19 adammajor update to xt
2004-09-27 adamfirst alpha release
2004-09-23 adamimport