2006-07-10 adamdisable everything that requires extraneous third-party... master
2005-03-25 adampreliminary experiments with a wiki tag
2005-03-25 adamadded Form, other minor changes
2005-03-18 adamtons of changes
2005-02-27 adamadded xt.scope (forgotten earlier)
2005-02-21 adamupgraded xt some more
2005-02-18 adamfinished updating xt for new JS API
2005-02-18 adamadded back in and
2005-02-18 adamupdated org.ibex.xt for new JS
2005-01-04 adamlicensing update to APSL 2.0
2004-10-30 adamreenable XML snapshots
2004-10-19 adammajor update to xt
2004-09-27 adamfirst alpha release
2004-09-23 adamimport