more refactoring into Node
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2007-11-05 adammore refactoring into Node
2007-11-05 adamrefactor predecessor/successor into Node class
2007-11-05 adamrename Node.results to Node.predecessors, add type...
2007-11-05 adamrefactor toInt() and related machinery into Node
2007-11-05 adamrefactor GraphViz into Node
2007-11-05 adamcreate common superclass of ResultNode and StateNode
2007-11-05 adamrename Node->StateNode
2007-09-09 adammajor overhaul to institute optimal GSS sharing
2007-09-09 adamremove Node from GSS.hash when destroyed
2007-09-09 adamkeep track of which reduction created each result ...
2007-09-09 adamchange naming: use pred/succ rather than parent/child
2007-09-08 adamno longer need to thread a Grammar through Parser.Table
2007-09-08 adamuse Sequence.Pos rather than Sequence.Position wherever...
2007-05-27 adamupdate copyright date 2006->2007
2007-05-27 adamfactor Pos out of Position in preparation for serialiab...
2007-04-20 adamUnwrapLeft, error reporting improvements
2007-03-27 adamcleanups, reorg, and commenting
2007-03-26 adamMAJOR: huge revamp of Sequence, Result, Reduction,...
2007-02-26 adamadd killing of doomed nodes via Node.check()/Result...
2007-02-26 adamadd intermediate result between a Node and the "also...
2007-02-26 adamfixes to Node.toGraphViz()
2007-02-26 adamauto-enqueue reductions
2007-02-26 adamsummary patch for Nov->Jan work
2006-10-30 adambreak Node out of GSS