change naming: use pred/succ rather than parent/child
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2007-09-09 adamchange naming: use pred/succ rather than parent/child
2007-09-08 adamuse Sequence.Pos rather than Sequence.Position wherever...
2007-05-27 adamupdate copyright date 2006->2007
2007-05-27 adamfactor Pos out of Position in preparation for serialiab...
2007-03-26 adamMAJOR: huge revamp of Sequence, Result, Reduction,...
2007-02-26 adamUse ordinal pre-sorting rather than on-the-fly compares
2007-02-26 adamReduction: remove toString()
2007-02-26 adamauto-enqueue reductions
2007-02-26 adammake some methods static in Reduction
2007-02-26 adamsummary patch for Nov->Jan work