remove XTree
[sbp.git] / src /
2007-05-27 adamremove XTree
2007-04-20 adamadded ~~ operator and tests for ~~ and ... operators
2007-04-20 adamsupport for left recursion in
2007-04-20 adamsupport for left recursion and ellipses in GrammarBuilder
2007-04-20 adammore accurate positions in CharInput
2007-04-20 adamrecompile metagrammar
2007-04-20 adamenable blue and green ansi colors
2007-04-20 adamUnwrapLeft, error reporting improvements
2007-04-20 adambetter tracking of locations in GSS
2007-04-20 adamabort if only remaining nodes are doomed
2007-04-20 adambetter reporting of indentation related parse errors
2007-04-20 adamadd IndentingReader
2007-03-28 adamremove HaskellHelper and Tib (part of Wix now)
2007-03-28 adamremove extraneous debug print statement
2007-03-28 adamclean up metagrammar handling of drop and question...
2007-03-27 adamrename edu.berkeley.sbp.Cache to Grammar
2007-03-27 adamcleanups, reorg, and commenting
2007-03-27 adamadd maxLength argument to Input.showRegion()
2007-03-26 adamupdate metagrammar
2007-03-26 adamfix error caused when building error message
2007-03-26 adamfix bug that caused hang when parsing comments in gramm...
2007-03-26 adamreenable XTree
2007-03-26 adamremove obsolete comment
2007-03-26 adamdon't clreol when displaying just the spinner
2007-03-26 adamslow down spinner
2007-03-26 adamclean up HaskellHelper
2007-03-26 adamadjust misc for changes in meta
2007-03-26 adamfix up RegressionTests for new meta
2007-03-26 adamMAJOR: complete rewrite of edu.berkeley.sbp.meta
2007-03-26 adamMAJOR: huge revamp of Sequence, Result, Reduction,...
2007-03-26 adamSequence: cleanup, mostly inert
2007-03-26 adamResult: mostly inert changes
2007-03-26 adamUnion: many cleanups
2007-03-26 adamUnion: convenience constructor
2007-03-26 visibility fixes
2007-03-26 resolve any lifting at Tree-creation time
2007-03-26 adammove>
2007-03-26 adamuse accessors
2007-03-26 adamthrow error when Forest created with head()
2007-03-26 adamadd comment to Element
2007-03-26 adamupdate API in Repeat
2007-03-26 adamremove unused code from CommandLine
2007-03-26 adamremove stale logging code from Cartesian
2007-03-26 adamTib cleanups
2007-03-26 adamadd Input.getName()
2007-03-26 adamminor cleanups to CharInput
2007-03-26 adamimprove Reflection.lub() behavior for nested arrays
2007-03-26 adamchange Invokable from two arguments to 3
2007-03-26 adammake ANSI.clreol()
2007-03-26 adamremove edu.berkeley.sbp.bind
2007-02-26 adammake Result.usedByNonDoomedNode() more efficient
2007-02-26 adammake Result final
2007-02-26 adamharmonize conflict in ParserServlet (again)
2006-10-15 adamresolved some conflicts, added CommandLine
2007-02-26 adamharmonize conflict in ParserServlet
2006-10-13 adamdisable ParserServlet since it requires javax.servlet.jar
2007-02-26 adamadd backslash to braces in metagrammar
2007-02-26 adamadd killing of doomed nodes via Node.check()/Result...
2007-02-26 adamGSS: use PriorityQueue, remove ugly debugging garbage
2007-02-26 adamUse ordinal pre-sorting rather than on-the-fly compares
2007-02-26 adamReduction: remove toString()
2007-02-26 adamadd intermediate result between a Node and the "also...
2007-02-26 adamGSS: add isFrontier(), make next private
2007-02-26 adamfixes to Node.toGraphViz()
2007-02-26 adamauto-enqueue reductions
2007-02-26 adampartition states into doomed and non-doomed
2007-02-26 adamformatting fixes
2007-02-26 adaminclude post-reduction gotos in Parser.Table.toString()
2007-02-26 adammake some methods static in Reduction
2007-02-26 adammake Result implement GraphViz.ToGraphViz
2007-02-26 adamupdate MetaGrammar
2007-02-26 adamadd backslash to braces in metagrammar
2007-02-26 adamfix major bug: create YieldSet2 which does not consider...
2007-02-24 adamremove more Tib junk
2007-02-24 adammake ANSI colors disable-able
2007-02-24 adamremoved TibDoc/Haskell stuff
2007-02-17 adambetter display of tab characters
2007-02-26 adamsummary patch for Nov->Jan work
2006-10-30 adambreak Node out of GSS
2006-10-30 adamadded remove() method to FastSet
2006-10-09 adamcheckpoint
2006-10-07 adamadded pretty-printing and coalescing to SBP.hs
2006-09-21 adambetter error message
2006-09-16 adamquestionable hack to reduce maximum stack depth
2006-09-14 adamcheckpoint
2006-09-10 adamcheckpoint
2006-09-04 adamSBP.hs / HaskellHelper cleanups
2006-09-04 adamtotally hid all the ugly JVM stuff, created a pretty ADT
2006-09-02 adamadd experimental Haskell bindings
2006-08-22 adamtweak javadoc
2006-08-22 adamadded first FAQ
2006-08-06 adamcheckpoint
2006-08-06 adamcheckpoint
2006-08-06 adamcheckpoint
2006-07-29 adamupdated docs
2006-07-29 adamvast improvement in error reporting
2006-07-29 adamvast improvement in error reporting
2006-07-28 adamcheckpoint
2006-07-23 adamcopyright notices/updates
2006-07-23 adamexplain oblique reference to Gottlieb Frege