2008-06-09 adambugfix in regarding epsilonForm()
2009-01-11 adamupdates to GrammarAST
2009-01-11 adamadd edu.berkeley.sbp.misc.TestAstGenerator
2009-01-11 adamadd tests/math.g
2009-01-11 adamadd a commented-out line to
2009-01-11 adamadd a regression test from David Crawshaw
2009-01-11 adama few tweaks to the Haskell interface
2008-03-09 adamrename Context
2008-03-04 adamgetFieldName() implementations for other classes
2008-03-04 adamreorganize GrammarAST hierarchy to make clear the disti...
2008-03-04 adamadd LabelNode
2008-03-04 adamadd some commenting to GrammarAST
2008-03-04 adamsome new attempts at a better dead-node collection...
2008-03-04 adamadd profile target to Makefile (for Adam)
2008-03-04 adamoptimizations to
2008-03-04 adamoptimizations to FastSet: make it final again, don...
2008-03-04 adamadd FastSet.first() for quick access to the first eleme...
2008-03-04 adamsome simplifications to GSS, ResultNode, and StateNode
2008-03-04 adamrefactoring of Node class and more stringent checks
2007-11-05 adammore unform naming for add/remove
2007-11-05 adammore refactoring into Node
2007-11-05 adamrefactor predecessor/successor into Node class
2007-11-05 adamrename Node.results to Node.predecessors, add type...
2007-11-05 adamrefactor toInt() and related machinery into Node
2007-11-05 adamrefactor GraphViz into Node
2007-11-05 adamcreate common superclass of ResultNode and StateNode
2007-11-05 adamrename Result->ResultNode
2007-11-05 adamrename Node->StateNode
2007-10-23 adambetter support for \\t
2007-10-23 adamadd some to-do notes
2007-09-09 adamadded performance instrumentation (commented out)
2007-09-09 adamadd test case for reduction node sharing
2007-09-09 adammostly inert shuffling around in Sequence
2007-09-09 adamadd first-class zero-or-more repetitions
2007-09-09 adamadd support for << and >> to CharTopology.toString()
2007-09-09 adamupdate TODO list
2007-09-09 adammajor overhaul to institute optimal GSS sharing
2007-09-09 adamremove Node from GSS.hash when destroyed
2007-09-09 adamadd a second parameter argument to Invokable (two param...
2007-09-09 adamadd IntPairMap.remove()
2007-09-09 adamkeep track of which reduction created each result ...
2007-09-09 adamchange naming: use pred/succ rather than parent/child
2007-09-09 adamadd support for test cases which do not expand their...
2007-09-08 adamadd serialize/deserialize to regression test
2007-09-08 adammake Parser implement Serializable
2007-09-08 adamno longer need to thread a Grammar through Parser.Table
2007-09-08 adamadd slow epsilon-ness checker as static method in Element
2007-09-08 adamuse Sequence.Pos rather than Sequence.Position wherever...
2007-09-08 adamadd a TODO
2007-09-08 adama caretized LiteralNode does not get dropped
2007-09-08 adamchange Edu.Berkeley.Sbp.Haskell.SBP to Edu_Berkeley_Sbp...
2007-05-30 adamadd ImportResolver mechanism
2007-05-28 adamadded draft LaTeX grammar
2007-05-27 adamGrammarAST.BacktickNode
2007-05-27 adamGrammarAST: remove BracedNode, refactor, remove getOwne...
2007-05-27 adamrecompile metagrammar
2007-05-27 adamremove curly braces from metagrammar
2007-05-27 adammake MetaGrammar package-private
2007-05-27 adammove TestCase junk out of GrammarAST
2007-05-27 adammove meta.g into src/, cleanup
2007-05-27 adamupdate SBP.lhs
2007-05-27 adamupdate README, ditch Main.lhs
2007-05-27 adamremove the last of the non-LambdaVM Haskell stuff
2007-05-27 adamcleanup of doc/ subdirectory
2007-05-27 adamremove more crud from test/ subdirectory
2007-05-27 adamupdate copyright date 2006->2007
2007-05-27 adamremove obsolete crud
2007-05-27 adamfactor Pos out of Position in preparation for serialiab...
2007-05-27 adamlots of misc cleanups to GrammarAST
2007-05-27 adamallow lifts on any position
2007-05-27 adamadd Serializable to util classes
2007-05-27 adamuse >> and << for indent/dedent
2007-05-27 adamTODO updates
2007-05-27 adamrebuild MetaGrammar
2007-05-27 adamcleanup of
2007-05-27 adamrename GrammarBuilder -> GrammarAST
2007-05-27 adamadd new regression tests: lifts, epsilon conjunct
2007-05-27 adamdont use sbp.verbose by default in Makefile
2007-05-27 adamremove XTree
2007-04-20 adamadded ~~ operator and tests for ~~ and ... operators
2007-04-20 adamupdate TODO
2007-04-20 adamsupport for left recursion in
2007-04-20 adamsupport for left recursion and ellipses in GrammarBuilder
2007-04-20 adammore accurate positions in CharInput
2007-04-20 adamrecompile metagrammar
2007-04-20 adamadd ellipses to metagrammar
2007-04-20 adamenable blue and green ansi colors
2007-04-20 adamUnwrapLeft, error reporting improvements
2007-04-20 adambetter tracking of locations in GSS
2007-04-20 adamabort if only remaining nodes are doomed
2007-04-20 adambetter reporting of indentation related parse errors
2007-04-20 adamadd IndentingReader
2007-03-28 adamremove HaskellHelper and Tib (part of Wix now)
2007-03-28 adamremove extraneous debug print statement
2007-03-28 adamclean up metagrammar handling of drop and question...
2007-03-27 adamrename edu.berkeley.sbp.Cache to Grammar
2007-03-27 adamcleanups, reorg, and commenting
2007-03-27 adamadd maxLength argument to Input.showRegion()
2007-03-26 adamupdate metagrammar
2007-03-26 adamfix error caused when building error message