rewrite Haskell parts in Scala
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2011-01-22 Adam Megaczrewrite Haskell parts in Scala
2009-02-05 megaczcopy any files found in the source directory which...
2009-01-28 adamadd
2009-01-28 adamadd unused sources
2009-01-28 adamuse urlify more in Html.lhs
2009-01-28 adamuse urlEscape more often in Doc.lhs
2009-01-28 adamuse nowrap on pre-blocks
2009-01-28 adamjust a comment
2009-01-28 adamhandle LeftArrow and Rightarrow properly in Html
2009-01-28 adamadd imagec and image2 commands (may be removed later)
2009-01-28 adamchange shade of red in warn-boxes
2009-01-28 adamupdate handling of %-escapes in urls
2008-04-10 adamadd copyright notices
2008-04-10 adamupdate metagrammar
2008-04-10 adamadd support for processing directories, checking modifi...
2008-04-10 adamadd support for simple comments
2008-04-10 adamchange visual appearance of links in html
2008-04-10 adamfix handling of ordinals
2008-04-10 adamimprove html escapification in \pre blocks
2008-04-10 adaminline icon images into html files
2008-04-10 adamimprove SBP bindings
2007-05-30 adamget grammarfiles from classloader resources rather...
2007-05-27 adamcheckpoint
2007-05-23 adaminitial release