remove unproven step1_lemma (it has a proof now)
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2011-03-29 Adam Megaczformatting fixes
2011-03-29 Adam MegaczHaskProofCategory: more work
2011-03-28 Adam Megaczreplace UJudg with Arrange
2011-03-28 Adam Megaczcheckpoint
2011-03-28 Adam Megaczcheckpoint
2011-03-28 Adam MegaczHaskProofCategory: implement more
2011-03-26 Adam Megaczimprovements to ProgrammingLanguage
2011-03-25 Adam MegaczHaskProofCategory: add commented-out-code
2011-03-22 Adam Megaczproofs that Types/Judgments form an enrichment
2011-03-21 Adam Megaczadd HaskXXXXCategory, generalized arrows, and reifications