2009-12-04 simonpj@microsoft.comUse addToUFM_Acc where appropriate
2009-12-05 Ian LynaghAdd comments to "OPTIONS_GHC -fno-warn-orphans" pragmas
2009-12-05 Ian LynaghAdd some missing exports back for GHC package users...
2009-12-05 Ian LynaghAdd some comments on the alternative layout rule state
2009-12-03 Ian LynaghTweak layout for alternative layout rule
2009-12-04 Ian LynaghLink all dynamic libraries with the correct install_nam...
2009-10-01 Stephen BlackheathDocument the new -dylib-install-name option in the...
2009-09-30 Stephen BlackheathAdd -dylib-install-name option to GHC so the install...
2009-09-28 Stephen BlackheathForce -fPIC when linking against dynamic libraries...
2009-12-04 Simon Marlowevaluate_large: evaluate large objects to bd->dest...
2009-12-04 Simon MarlowCorrection to the allocation stats following earlier...
2009-12-03 Simon Marlowexport g0
2009-12-03 Simon MarlowGC refactoring, remove "steps"
2009-12-02 Simon Marlowfix error message on Windows (fixes rtsflags001)
2009-12-04 Roman LeshchinskiyFix loading of annotations
2009-12-03 Roman LeshchinskiyAdd new ForceSpecConstr annotation
2009-12-03 Roman LeshchinskiyGenerate INLINE pragmas for PA methods
2009-12-03 Ian LynaghAdd a GHC layout extension to the alternative layout...
2009-12-03 Ian LynaghFix HPC column numbers, following the column number...
2009-12-03 Ian LynaghWhitespace only
2009-12-03 Ian LynaghFix column numbers used when highlighting :list output
2009-12-03 Simon Marlowadd a missing lock around allocGroup()
2009-12-02 Simon Marlowremove unused cap->in_gc flag
2009-12-02 Simon MarlowRefactoring only
2009-12-02 Simon Marlowmove sanity checking code from Storage.c to Sanity.c
2009-12-02 Simon Marlowstg_ap_0_fast: sanity-check only the topmost frame...
2009-12-03 Simon MarlowFix profiling build
2009-12-02 simonpj@microsoft.comMore work on the simplifier's inlining strategies
2009-11-30 simonpj@microsoft.comFix Trac #3100: reifyType
2009-11-30 simonpj@microsoft.comFix Trac #3102: pre-matching polytypes
2009-12-02 Simon MarlowthreadStackUnderflow: put the new TSO on the mut list...
2009-12-02 Simon Marlowdon't sanity check the whole stack when switching inter...
2009-12-02 Simon Marlowfix to sanity checking for ThreadRelocated TSOs
2009-12-02 Simon Marlowsanity check the top stack frame, not the whole stack
2009-12-01 Simon MarlowMake allocatePinned use local storage, and other refact...
2009-12-01 Simon MarlowFree full_prog_argv at exit, closing a memory leak
2009-12-01 Simon Marlowfree cap->saved_mut_lists too
2009-12-01 Simon MarlowexitScheduler: move boundTaskExiting call outside ...
2009-12-01 Ian LynaghUse dlltool from the in-tree mingw installation
2009-12-01 Ian LynaghFix Commentary link in the HACKING file; trac #3706
2009-12-01 Ian LynaghAdd an entry fo the ghci command :run to the user guide
2009-12-01 Ian LynaghFix typo in docs
2009-12-01 Ian LynaghDelay expansion of some makefile variables until they...
2009-12-01 Ian LynaghCall $(SED) rather than sed
2009-12-01 Ian LynaghLook for sed as gsed first
2009-12-01 Ian LynaghAvoid running empty for loops; fixes trac #3683
2009-12-01 Simon MarlowFix PS file generation
2009-11-30 Simon MarlowImplement a new heap-tuning option: -H
2009-11-29 Simon MarlowStore a destination step in the block descriptor
2009-11-30 Simon MarlowFix the prof_scc.png image in the profiling section...
2009-11-30 Simon Marlowdocument 'recache' command in the help output (#3684)
2009-11-30 Simon MarlowCheck whether the main function is actually exported...
2009-11-30 Simon MarlowAvoid using non-standard GNU tar option --force-local
2009-11-15 Matthias KilianReorder ALL_RTS_LIBS
2009-11-29 Ian LynaghUpdate dependencies
2009-11-29 Ian LynaghFollow Cabal changes
2009-11-29 Ian LynaghTweak layout to work with alternative layout rule
2009-11-29 Ian LynaghTweak the alternative layout rule: {} contains commas
2009-11-29 Ian LynaghCorrect the advanceSrcLoc calculation for tabs
2009-11-29 Ian LynaghTweak alternative layout rule
2009-11-29 Ian LynaghMake the alternative layout rule cope with file pragmas
2009-11-29 Ian LynaghGive more informative error messages
2009-11-28 Ian LynaghTeach advanceSrcLoc about tab characters
2009-11-28 Ian LynaghWhitespace only
2009-11-27 Ian LynaghColumns now start at 1, as lines already did
2009-11-27 Ian LynaghRemove configure tests on tarballs that no longer exist
2009-11-27 Ian LynaghImplement non-decreasing do indentation in the alternat...
2009-11-25 Simon Marlowadd docs for Unicode entities in #2978
2009-09-18 Simon MarlowApply patch from #2978: add more Unicode syntax
2009-11-25 Simon MarlowUse UTF-8 explicitly for InstalledPackageInfo
2009-11-26 simonpj@microsoft.comComments only, esp about RecStmts
2009-11-25 Ian LynaghFix a bug in alternative layout rule
2009-11-25 Ian LynaghFix a bug in alternative layout
2009-11-25 Ian LynaghBug fix for alternative layout rule
2009-11-25 Ian LynaghTweak alternative layout rule
2009-11-25 Ian LynaghAdd unboxed parentheses to the alternative layout rule
2009-11-25 Ian LynaghTweak the warning suppression flags used in Lexer
2009-11-25 Ian LynaghImplement the alternative layout rule
2009-11-24 Ian LynaghFix some warning in Lexer
2009-11-25 Simon MarlowthreadStackOverflow: check whether stack squeezing...
2009-11-25 Simon Marlowadd a comment to TSO_MARKED
2009-11-25 Roman LeshchinskiyPass --no-user-package-conf to ghc-pkg in bindisttest
2009-11-24 David WaernAdd a note saying what Haddock relies on about Instance...
2009-11-24 Ian LynaghTreat () as an enumeration tycon
2009-11-24 Ian LynaghWhitespace only
2009-11-23 Ian Lynaghinline has moved to GHC.Magic
2009-11-20 Ian LynaghUse the ghc-perl tarball on Windows, instead of the...
2009-11-20 Ian LynaghInstall perl on Windows
2009-11-20 simonpj@microsoft.comRemove cprAnalysis directory from hs-source-dirs
2009-11-20 Ian LynaghRemove -fasm from mk/
2009-11-20 Ian LynaghFix some dependencies in bindists
2009-11-19 Ian LynaghAdd a rule to allow us to sdist libraries easily
2009-11-19 Simon MarlowCheck upper/lower bounds on various RTS flags (#3633)
2009-11-19 Simon Marlowdefine HS_WORD_MAX
2009-11-19 Simon MarlowPrint the prog name in errorBelch() even if prog_argv...
2009-11-12 Roman LeshchinskiyRemove dead code
2009-11-19 simonpj@microsoft.comRemove the (very) old strictness analyser
2009-11-19 simonpj@microsoft.comMake INLINE warning more precise
2009-11-19 simonpj@microsoft.comImplement -fexpose-all-unfoldings, and fix a non-termin...
2009-11-19 simonpj@microsoft.comRe-implement the binder-swap stuff in OccurAnal