make Runtime._syscall() protected so it can be overridden from outside the package
[nestedvm.git] / src /
2014-07-11 Adam Megaczmake Runtime._syscall() protected so it can be overridd... master
2012-06-20 Brent BaccalaFix two bugs in UnixRuntime and change Pipe class to...
2012-06-20 Brent BaccalaAdded/updated libraries: zlib, freetype, libpng, libico...
2010-06-08 Adam Megaczclarify licensing
2008-03-13 David Crawshawadd /cygdrive support
2007-06-30 David Crawshawsupport unlink before close (from Joe Wilson)
2007-06-30 David Crawshawavoid file length caching in fstat (from Joe Wilson)
2007-06-19 brianfix some unistd functions
2007-06-17 brianfix the java source compiler
2007-01-07 David Crawshawsupport fsync()
2006-12-17 David Crawshawabstract RandomAccessFile.setLength() for Jdk11 support
2006-12-08 David Crawshawmoving locking code into UnixRuntime and use GlobalScop...
2006-11-27 David Crawshawadd stop()
2006-11-22 David Crawshawsupport utf-8 strings
2006-11-20 David Crawshawimport classgen's Sort utility class, better to replica...
2006-11-18 David Crawshawmake lookupSymbol() publicly accessible
2006-11-18 David Crawshawclose all fcntl locks when a file descriptor for the...
2006-11-18 David Crawshawhave cstring() return null if passed a null pointer
2006-11-18 David Crawshawsupport F_SETLK / F_GETLK commands in the fcntl() syscall
2006-11-18 David Crawshawadd ftruncate() syscall
2006-05-27 brianallow access to every "root" on the host fs (ie other...
2006-05-27 brianfix minor bug in Win32ConsoleIS
2006-05-27 brianadd Platform.listRoots()
2006-05-22 brianautomatically set gp register
2005-12-15 brianremove win32 debuggin
2005-12-15 brianfinally do win32 paths right
2005-12-15 brianset TMPDIR
2005-12-15 brianremove debugging stuff
2005-12-15 brianfix md5sum again
2005-12-15 briantypo in
2005-12-15 brianResourceFS
2005-12-15 brianfind a gnu md5sum
2005-12-15 brianupdate for new classgen api
2005-12-14 brianbetter handling of alignment errors
2005-07-03 brianupdate nestedvm for new classgen api again
2005-07-02 adamUNDO: harmonize nestedvm and latest classgen changes
2005-07-02 adamharmonize nestedvm and latest classgen changes
2005-06-07 brianupdate nestedvm for the new classgen api
2005-06-07 briannew filesystem stuff
2004-08-04 briangetuser
2004-08-04 briancleanup elf stuff
2004-08-04 brianinclude sourcename in runtime compiled binaries, more...
2004-08-04 brianmore syscall stubs
2004-08-04 brianbug in getParentFile()
2004-08-04 brianfew more syscalls
2004-08-04 brianfix for really stupid O_EXCL bug
2005-01-04 adamlicensing update to APSL 2.0
2004-07-01 briangcclass hints (YOU NEED TO UPDATE upstream/build/gcclass)
2004-07-01 brianexec() cleanup
2004-07-01 briannewlib unix patch
2004-07-01 brianuse newlib/libc/unix
2004-07-01 brianmore socket stuff
2004-07-01 brianmove all security policy stuff out of userspace
2004-06-09 brianudp support
2004-06-05 brianone more round of fixes and cleanup
2004-06-05 brianprettier sigsegv error
2004-06-05 briancleanup, more efficient exec, better win32 support
2004-06-04 brianmake nestedvm work under SableVM
2004-06-04 brian-d option, classfilecompiler cleanu
2004-06-01 briansingle-float
2004-06-01 briancut down the public interface of compiler
2004-06-01 briangot a hotel
2004-06-01 brianprememread(true) for S*
2004-06-01 brianinttofloatbits typo
2004-06-01 brianlessconstants support for classfilecompiler
2004-06-01 briancleanup runtime compiler, auto lessconstants
2004-06-01 briannextedvm typo
2004-05-28 brianbugfix for jumpable delay slot
2004-05-27 brianuse option unixruntime for runtime compiler
2004-05-27 briansize check
2004-05-27 brianfixed more fixmes/features
2004-05-27 briannew classgen part 3
2004-05-27 brianmisc test changes
2004-05-27 briannew classgen part 2
2004-05-27 brianimplement truncate and fstat better
2004-05-27 brianadd generic speed test
2004-05-25 brianmore features
2004-05-24 brianimplement util.Sort
2004-05-24 briandevfs fixes
2004-05-23 brianjdk 1.1 part 3
2004-05-23 brianfix indentation
2004-05-23 brianF_DUPFD fix (incorrect return value)
2004-05-23 brianmake jdk 1.1 compliant part 2
2004-05-23 brianmake jdk 1.1 compliant part 1
2004-05-21 brianadd pascalhello.pas
2004-05-21 brianmajor TeX cleanup
2004-05-14 adamUNDO: horrendous hack for TeX... Brian, please forgive me
2004-05-11 adamUNDO: remove memcpy/memset due to double-definition...
2004-05-21 brianmore newlib patches
2004-05-21 briancleaner gcc build process
2004-05-21 brianchdir bug
2004-05-21 brianupdate classfilecompiler for new syscall method
2004-05-20 brianmisc cleanup
2004-05-20 brianuname/sysctl support
2004-05-20 brianbetter networking support
2004-05-14 adamhorrendous hack for TeX... Brian, please forgive me
2004-05-12 brianABS.X fix
2004-05-12 brianspeedtest updates
2004-05-12 brianinputoutputstream fd fix
2004-05-12 brianverify problem in lookupSymbol