2005-01-18 adamugly hacks to accomodate Apple's buggy AWT implementation
2005-01-17 adammove LocalStorage from core to plat
2005-01-16 adamfix bug that prevented scar image from loading
2005-01-16 adamStream->Fountain, move Scheduler to Platform, HashMap...
2005-01-15 adamremove[]), JS.getInputStream()
2005-01-15 adamremoved obsolete Stream.put()
2005-01-10 adamimported and butchered SWTs JPEG decoder
2005-01-09 adamreference updates
2005-01-09 adamnew PixelBuffer API (mainly tons of renames)
2005-01-09 adamSurface no longer implements/extends PixelBuffer
2005-01-09 adamPixelBuffer becomes an interface
2005-01-09 adamadded background color option to Font.drawGlyph()
2005-01-09 adamimprovements to
2005-01-09 adamtypo in
2005-01-09 adamchanged four-character Apple Window Identifiers from...
2005-01-09 adamadded Font.getGlyph(char)
2005-01-09 adamadded support for 4,5,7,9-char hex colors
2005-01-09 adamadded bounding box translation functions to Affine...
2005-01-09 adamadded some Apple-JVM specific properties
2005-01-09 adamsplit Java2 into Java2/Java4
2005-01-09 adammerger to harmonize svg patches
2004-05-03 adamadded smoother vectorization to, did some...
2004-05-03 adamadded
2005-01-08 crawshawfix infinite loop
2005-01-08 crawshawfinialise callargs
2005-01-08 crawshawpass correct range to sort()
2005-01-08 crawshawcheck getUri() result for null
2005-01-07 crawshawmake core compile with new js stuff and Task replacemen...
2005-01-07 adampartial update of core for new js stuff
2005-01-04 adamlicensing cleanup (GPLv2)
2004-12-29 adamtemporarily disabled splash screen
2004-12-29 adamfixed tab/space bug in Makefile
2004-12-29 adamswitched from builtin.jar to using util.Encode
2004-12-29 adamadded Makefile.tool
2004-12-29 adamadded a prebuilt copy of MIPSApps.class
2004-12-29 adamimproved debug message
2004-12-29 adamfixed up Stream for new JS API
2004-12-27 adam[re]-merged in Brians stuff
2004-09-23 adamupdated Makefile.common
2004-09-03 adamupdated Makefile.common
2004-07-20 adambugfix in Makefile.common
2004-07-13 adamimported files removed from elsewhere
2004-07-13 adamupdated Makefile.common
2004-07-08 adaminitial checkin of Makefile.common
2004-07-13 brianremove debugging info from BalancedTree
2004-07-13 brianupdate JSReflection
2004-07-13 brianremove debugging info
2004-07-13 brianupdate core for recent js changes
2004-07-13 brianlocal scope vars indexed by number
2004-07-07 brianget rid of JS.BT
2004-07-07 briantrim down public api
2004-07-07 brianuse //#jswitch more
2004-07-07 brianjswitch
2004-07-07 brianmore trap cleanup, brian back putAndTrigger...
2004-07-07 brianmore trap cleanup, properly handle JS.Clones
2004-07-07 briantype in JSArgs stuff
2004-07-06 brianbetter JSArray.sort() exception handling
2004-07-06 brianbetter enumeration, no need for SWAP(n>1)
2004-07-06 brianmore optimal jsfunction calls
2004-07-06 brianstream cleanup
2004-07-06 brianjsstring caching
2004-07-06 brianmore new js api fixes and cleanup
2004-07-06 brianupdate org.ibex.js.Directory for new api
2004-07-06 brianibex.core updates for new api
2004-07-06 brianfixes and additions to new js api
2004-07-06 briannestedvm build fixes
2004-07-06 brianpreliminary core conversion
2004-07-06 briannew js api
2004-07-03 brianmove JS's Hashtable to JS.O
2004-07-03 briancloneable is an interface
2004-07-03 briancleaned up trap handling in
2004-07-03 brianno main() in BalancedTree
2004-07-03 brianorg.ibex.js.Test
2004-06-27 brianbug 247 - bug
2004-06-19 brianfix unary +/- operators (bug 232)
2004-06-15 brianBalancedTree: size[] sanity checking
2004-06-15 brianBalancedTree: show size in printTree
2004-06-15 brianbalanced tree fixes round 1
2004-06-03 briancut down on balancedtree's memory usage
2004-06-02 briancascade bug infinite loop bug
2004-06-02 brianfix npe when putting to cascade in a normal func
2004-06-02 brianjsexn on stack overflow
2004-06-02 briangive an error when trying to trap private variables
2004-05-20 brianfix to fix for property delete problem
2004-05-20 brianjs delete key fix
2004-05-08 brianfix vexi.string
2004-07-03 brianuse JS.toString() everywhere
2004-07-03 adamquasi-temporary hack; reinstate coerceToString()
2004-07-03 adamfixed serious livelock bug in
2004-07-03 adamadded Log.note() and ability to set prefs via properties
2004-06-30 adamtypo in Interpreter
2004-06-30 adamcompensate for lameness from Brian
2004-06-29 adamJSReflection now handles null properly
2004-06-28 adamadded flush method to
2004-06-23 adamadded sorting methods for ints and floats to
2004-06-23 adamfixed nasty livelock bug in LineReader
2004-05-03 adamadded swapFloats to
2004-06-18 adamrenamed method in Vec.Int
2004-06-18 adamadded Vec.Int
2004-05-30 adamupdated org.xwt.mips -> org.ibex.nestedvm