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last changeSun, 21 Jun 2009 23:43:47 +0000 (23:43 +0000)
2009-06-21 adamquestionable patch: merge of a lot of stuff from the... master
2009-06-21 adamadd Affine.rotateBox(), min(), max()
2009-06-21 adamadd some tests
2009-06-21 adamfix makefiles
2009-06-21 adamsvg leftovers in misc/
2007-01-01 adamadded PCX code (incomplete)
2006-09-09 adamadded somewhat broken simplex code, for posterity
2006-03-11 adamadded back in some x-y positioning code
2006-03-11 adamdisabled clipping code again; it is getting stuck in...
2006-03-11 adamupdated tests
2006-03-11 adamadded some tests
2006-03-07 adamhacks to get things working
2006-03-07 adamtemporarily disabled clipping
2005-10-24 adamfixed incredibly stupid bug that was wacking out the...
2005-07-03 adamorg.ibex.arenaj.Gladiator
2005-07-02 adamdisabled old-style dirty buffer handling in Surface... 01-July-2005
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